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World’s Top University Scholarships for International Students Application Portal 2022


World’s Top University Scholarships for International Students Application Portal 2022.

Worlds Top University Scholarships for International Students: Apply world’s top university scholarships for international and domestic students 2022. Check scholarships Requirement and how to apply.

Worlds Top University Scholarships for International Students

Best World’s Top University Scholarships for International Students Application Form Portal is now open, and is available online for eligible student.

What Makes A Scholarship Program A The World’s Top University Scholarship?

When categorizing a group of scholarships among the world’s top university scholarships, what does it mean? By the top university scholarships, it means scholarships offered by the top-ranked universities in the world. As it were, there are mainly two (2) bodies that publish the annual world university rankings.

They include the Times Higher Education (THE), and the Quacquarelli Symonds (QS). You could visit their website through this link for the World University rankings, and this link for the QS world university rankings.

From the above, our list of the top university scholarships in the world 2021 will follow from the top university rankings by these two bodies. It is, therefore, important to note that because a scholarship is offered by a higher-ranked university, it means it is the best scholarship program for you.

A scholarship might be offered by a lowly ranked university yet it is of greater value and less competitive than the ones offered by higher-ranked institutions. Nonetheless, this list will inform you not only of the top university scholarships but also of the scholarships which are not limited to one nationality only.

List of World’s Top University Scholarships for International Students 2022

For the sake of being clear, these scholarship programs are all fully funded scholarship awards. They attract no outstanding application fees, and some have no need for IELTS qualifications.

In order to make the list more precise and easily understood, the universities will be categorized under their countries of location or origin. The following is the list of the world’s top university scholarships for international students 2022.

Country: United States of America (USA)

Havard University Scholarship for International Students 

Havard University is currently ranked among the top three universities in the World by the QS World University Rankings. However, the school still finds itself among the Top 7 universities in THE world university rankings.

The scholarship is not available to students of all nationalities. Still, most countries in western Europe and some parts of Asia, as well as Canada, are eligible for the scholarship.

Stanford University Graduate Aid Program 

Stanford University is ranked in the top 4 of the highest-ranked universities by THE, and it is in the top 2 in the QS list. The scholarship, as the name implies, provides financial aid to undergraduates both international and undocumented students. The link above should direct you to the full information.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Student Financial Services 

MIT is ranked number 1 by the QS as the top university in the world. But it finds itself in the top5 of THE rankings. The scholarship program offered to international students at MIT offers financial services to a certain category of students. These are students with excellent academic records and those who fulfil other salient conditions wet by the scholarship board.

Great Britain (United Kingdom)

Oxford University Fees and Funding Programs  

Oxford University is ranked number 1 by the Times Higher Education ranking. On the flip side, the popular institution is ranked in the top 4 highest ranked world universities by the QS ranking system.

The scholarship gives an opportunity to a certain class of students to be rewarded for meeting a set standard in their academics and general deportment in the school.

Cambridge University Postgraduate Students Fund 

Cambridge University is ranked among the top 3 by the Times Higher Education and it is ranked in the top 7 by the QS university rankings. The school spends 100 million Pounds every year on postgraduate student funds. These funds, as such, are only applicable to international and British students studying the school of their postgraduate degrees.

Imperial College London scholarships and non-imperial scholarships

The Imperial College London is situated among the top 10 ranked universities in THE’s list. The school, however, is ranked among the top 9 by the QS.

This link will lead you to the scholarship programs which are operational at the Imperial College for Home students, EU, as well as non-EU students. The major factor which decides which one you might be eligible to apply for is your course of study.


University of Toronto

The institution is ranked in the top 18 by the Times Higher Education rankings and in the top 29 in the QS ranking list. The school has a series of scholarship programs for international students. The major ones are the University of Toronto University Scholars program  and President’s Scholars of Excellence Program 


ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

The QS world university rankings place the school in the top 6 of the highest-ranked universities. On THE world university ranking list, it is ranked among the top 13. There are basically two scholarships opportunities for international students here.

There is the Excellence Scholarships and Opportunity Program (ESOP), as well as the ETH-D scholarship. The latter provides special scholarship packages to students. The scholarship covers full tuition fees and living costs for the entire duration of the studies.

It is only available to Masters Students. The other program is a partial funding program. It stipulates the payment of stipends to awardees with a payment of CHF 7,500 to the benefiting students every semester as well as a degree of tuition waivers.


University of Melbourne Student Grants 

The University of Melbourne is ranked in the top 32 in THE World University Rankings and top 38 by the QS. The institution is widely regarded as the most liberal and generous in Australia. It has various scholarships and funding programs for its students.

Aside from recognizing academic excellence, the school equally pays attention to those whose socio-economic backgrounds put them at a disadvantage.

The student grant is just one of such funding programs. For more, visit the school’s official website and locate the scholarship listings to learn of all the scholarship programs in the school and their eligibility criteria.


Tsinghua University

China is not mentioned often when discussing scholarship programs for international students. But the Tsinghua University has a good number of such programs for students and prospective students to explore.

The school is ranked among the top 23 universities in the world by The Times Higher Education and in the top 16 by the QS. Among the scholarship opportunities available at Tsinghua University is the Schwartzman Scholars Program. This is the latest among the programs.

The scholarship is meant for both Chinese and overseas students who have proven to be among the brightest and best in the world. It is exclusively for Masters studies. It is a fully-funded scholarship program that covers the duration of the studies (1 year).

The program of study must, however, be related to public policy, International Studies, Economy, and Business. And it is only available to students studying in the school. Do well to visit the school’s website to find out more about this scholarship and other programs as well.


University of Tokyo Scholarships

The school is ranked among the top 36 and top 22 by THE and the QS respectively. Japan is another study location that most developing nations hardly recognize for scholarship offers and opportunities.

This has been wrong thinking all along. For a fact, the University of Tokyo offers a variety of scholarship opportunities to international students. One of the opportunities is the University of Tokyo Fellowships.

The fellowship provides grants targeted at research projects proposed by students with excellent academic performances evidenced in their records. Recipients of the award are paid monthly stipends which differ depending on the study periods.


National University of Singapore

The university is ranked in the prestigious top 11 universities in the QS world university rankings. It also reserves a good standing in THE list being placed among the top 25.

It is important to note that the above does not cover all the world’s top university scholarships information. However, it has been able to cover the top scholarships available in different universities in various parts of the world.

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