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Wearable UV-C Air Purifier – Breathe Virus-Free Air Anywhere & Everytime


Wearable UV-C Air Purifier | How to use it | Quality | Price and How to Get the Innovative Wearable UV-C Air Purifier

Fresh, disinfected air is now breathable in this era of COVID-19 or even Covid Delta. You can breathe safe, air anywhere with the Respiray Wearable Air Purifier. This advance air purifier is worn around the neck and it destroys 99% of viruses and bacteria in the air.

The Respiray Wearable Air Purifier gets rid of 99% of bacteria and viruses floating in the air. You can Stay healthy in surrounded areas like offices, grocery stores, and small shops with the wearable UV-C air purifier. This can be done without covering your face.

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UV-C Light Causes Mayhem to Viruses

Virus-killing potential of UV-C light is known by people for over a century. Because the Earth’s ozone layer blocks UV-C light from the sun, almost no viruses or bacteria have built a resistance to it. And therein lies the advantage.

Once those irritating pathogens are exposed to UV-C at 260–265 nm, their DNA and RNA are damaged and can no longer multiply and cause harm to humans.

A UV-C Module Inactivates DNA and RNA of Viruses

This wearable UV-C air purifier takes in unfiltered air and sends it through a UV-C module where viruses and bacteria are subjected to the same kinds of rays. Then, the device sends the disinfected air in front of your nose and mouth. That way, the device provides you with treated air, lowering your risk for infection.

Its an amazing thing to know that the Respiray Wearable Air Purifier cleans up to 54.9 liters of air per minute. According to the company, that’s 4 times more than the average person breathes. So, your respiratory health is safe with this innovative air purifier.

These UV-C LEDs Don’t Produce Ozone

What’s more, the UV-C LEDs in this gadget are quite eco-friendly. That’s because they run on a narrow range of UV-C light at 265 nm, which produces no ozone. Also, the patent-pending UV-C disinfection module is fully light sealed, so the UV light can’t escape. So the Respiray Wearable Air Purifier has your health as well as the Earth’s health in mind.

The UV-WEARABLE UV-C Does’nt Cover Your Face

With the Wearable UV-C around your neck, you dont need to over your face. If you work in a profession like teaching, healthcare, and retail, you know how wearing a face mask hampers your ability to do your job. Students, patients, and customers can’t see your facial expressions, and subtle cues get missed.

Luckily, this wearable UV-C air purifier allows you to show your face. Its open design lets you communicate at work and socialize in any situation, whether it’s at a coffee shop with friends or in the board room with your team.

Wearable Air Purifier Battery Life

Out of 24hours in a day, this health facility features a rechargeable Li-ion battery which gives you up to 8 hours of use from just one charge.

That’s right; this wearable UV-C air purifier lasts about a full workday. And if you stay at the office a little later, you can charge it up to 50% in just an hour and a half.

Wearable Air Attachable face shield

The Respiray Wearable Air Purifier provides that, too, thanks to the 2 attachable face shields. They give you an extra barrier against direct coughs and sneezes.

Protection Against Foggy Glasses

Tired of fog accumulating on your glasses when you wear a face mask? The Respiray Wearable Air Purifier actually lets you wear your glasses without any steam buildup. So no more blocked vision on rainy and cold days. This impressive air purifier lets you go about your day seamlessly.

WEARABLE UV-C  Air Purifier is Environment

According to the company, about 1.5 billion face masks made their way into the oceans in 2020. That’s a huge amount of waste. Luckily, this health gadget can help because it’s reusable. So you can wear it day after day, and year after year. As a result, less waste ends up in waterways.

Wearable Air Purifier High Quality LEDs

The company uses premium quality Crystal IS Klaran LEDs in the Wearable Air Purifier.  Created by the famous Asahi Kasei Group. Meanwhile, the Respiray team boasts over 15 years of experience with UV-C technology. So this is a product with the right materials and experience behind it.

The Respiray Wearable Air Purifier makes it easier to saty safe in your environment. It cleans the air around you using UV-C technology in a safe, effective way. And, best of all, it eliminates the need to wear face masks. Protect yourself and breathe comfortably with this wearable UV-C air purifier.

Wearable UV-C Air Purifier Price

The Respiray Wearable Air Purifier costs $329.81, and you can buy it on the official website. What are your favorite gadgets for staying safe and healthy? Let us know about your discoveries in the comments.

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