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10 Ways to Make Money in Nigeria Through the Internet


10 Ways to Make Money in Nigeria Through the Internet and All You Need to Know.

10 Ways to Make Money in Nigeria Through the Internet: Are you considering ways to earn more money? If the answer is yes, you’re on the correct path to realizing your dream. One of the safest and most reliable ways to earn extra money each day is through the internet. This essay will outline 10 trustworthy online income opportunities for Nigerians.

Ways to Make Money in Nigeria

There are options for you to generate money in Nigeria through the internet whether you are an experienced worker or a recent graduate looking for work, an employed person or a nursing mother, an active employee or a retired worker.

The world of business today has undergone a sea change because to the internet. It has had such a profound effect on business that everyone with access to the internet and a personal computer or smart phone may, depending on their skills, make some money online.

Top 10 Best Ways to Make Money in Nigeria

1., Get yourself a Good PC or Smart Phone:

Owning a PC, ideally a laptop, or a smart phone is the first requirement for making money online in Nigeria or anywhere else in the world. It is in your best interest to get both devices if you can.

Once you have these two gadgets, you still need to spend money on a reliable internet connection so that you can perform whatever type of business you choose online without interruption.

2. Invest in Data:

One of the popular telecom companies in the country used to run a TV Commercial, ‘data is life’. The phrase is true as long as internet business is concerned. Thus, if you intend to make money in Nigeria through the internet, you have to invest in data, and also stay online for longer hours.

Network providers have made data connection in the country very affordable these days. Unlike before that one had to invest huge sums of money to access the internet, now you can actually afford 1 – 2 weeks and 1 – 6 months’ worth of data between ₦500 – ₦5000.

To be on the safe side however, it is advisable to buy between 1 – 3 months subscription so that there will be no interruption when you are surfing the net.

3. Conduct Research:

It is one thing to have interest in making money in Nigeria through the internet, and another to know the right online business that suits your skills, experience and goals.

The right thing to do therefore before you venture into any business online is to conduct research to know what business pays on the web. As the master strategist Sun Tzu said, ‘’chasing game without a guide leads one into the bush’’.

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Research is like a search light that help you figure out how things work when it comes to making money in Nigeria through the internet. Thus, it pays to research the sector and find out from experience internet entrepreneurs, who have been there before you and are successful in their efforts in making money in Nigeria through the internet.

4. Create Your Own Website: 

Website has proven to be the centre of every internet business activities around the world. Therefore, to make money in Nigeria through the internet, you should have a website which serves as the headquarters of all your internet business activities or adventures.

Moreover, a personal or business website makes your online presence credible.  A website is like a shop where people visit and make purchase to your product or patronize your service.

When customers or prospects see the ads placements, they may be convinced to convert and become buyers. Even though they do not buy instantly, you can hold their interests as prospects until they do.

But before you start earning money on your website, you must have a large traffic, visiting the site on daily basis. To achieve this, you must offer something valuable. It is the value you offer that will attract and convert your site visitors to paying customers.

5. Start a Blog:

The difference between a website and a blog is that a website is a static platform where you upload content or products and make sells when people visit. while a blog is a continuous publishing site where you are required to publish quality content consistently. The higher the quality of the content you publish, the loyal your audience will be; thus determining how much money you will make on the internet through your blog. 

However, you have to promote your blog by adopting various strategies such as social media participation, investing in paid ads. This will increase your chances of making money in Nigeria through the internet.

6. Join and Sell Products on E-commerce Websites: 

E-commerce websites such as Konga.com,  Jumia, Expedia, Payporte e.t.c. offer opportunities for online businessmen and entrepreneurs to list and sell their products.

You just need to list your product to any of the above websites, and the site automatically promotes it to the world through its large audience that you cannot reach on your own. When people purchase your product, a little percentage of commission goes to the site managers while you make your own money.

7. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing involves promoting other people’s or organizations’ products or services on your own website and get commission whenever someone makes a purchase. You can run affiliate marketing on your blog and make money in Nigeria through the internet. One good thing about affiliate marketing is that you do not need to own the service or product. You only need to convincingly introduce the product or service to buyers and make your money through commission.

Most affiliate marketers tend to be those who have used the product  or service.

8. Join Freelance Websites:

With the level of your education, experience and skills, you can make money in Nigeria through the internet on freelance websites such as fevre, upwork, and many others. You can sign up with these websites and start submitting proposals.

Luckily you might find your first project within days, few weeks or months. Becoming a freelancer in whatever you can do, be it writing, photography, graphic design, web design, mobile app development e.t.c. can surely be a source to make money in Nigeria through the internet.

9. Build a Large Social Media Following:

In the internet business world, number is a form of power. The greater the number of your followers on social media, the higher the influence you can wield, which is an important factor in social media marketing. Build your following across the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, Google, LinkedIn e.t.c.

The number of followers you have on the social media can determine your ability to convince people to purchase a product, patronize a service or support an idea or join a campaign. That is the power of the social media and if done the right way, you can use it to make money on the internet in Nigeria.

10. Add Value:

Whatever you do online, try to ensure that it add specific value to your audience. In the online world, the value your product or service add to your audience determines how much you will make through the internet in Nigeria.

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