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True Wireless Earphones You Can Buy in India | Quality | Prices & How to Get Them


True Wireless Earphones You Can Buy in India | check the Component of all and How to get the Best True Airpods.

How can you get the Best true wireless (TWS) earphones in India? First of all, your budget must be within the ranges of Rs. 15,000, Rs. 10,000, because that is the price range for the best.

Recently, some interesting trends in the true wireless earphones space, particularly with active noise cancellation and its availability on more affordable headsets has been noticed. New launches from Realme have shaken up the affordable space, while some popular premium products have also seen price cuts that have made them impressive options to consider from a value perspective. In this article, we are going to see the addition of new true wireless earphones from Realme and Sony in our list of top picks.

There are some observable changes, like the reductions in prices for some. This includes the Samsung Galaxy Buds+, which is now on sale for well below its original launch price, making it incredible value for money.
Below is a list of the Best True Wireless Earphones You Can Buy in India:

Apple AirPods Pro

Apple AirPods Pro is one of our favourite true wireless headset you can buy today. Yes, it’s expensive at ₹ 24,900. However, for that price. The features, sound quality, are unmatched in the segment. The AirPods Pro is a big improvement over previous AirPods and competing headsets, it comes with one big feature – active noise cancellation. This makes the headset a lot more useful than most other true wireless options, and improves your ability to hear the sound even in the noisiest of environments. There’s also Transparency mode, which lets in outside and ambient sound in the most natural sounding way we’ve heard on any earphones.

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Sony WF-1000XM3

The lauch price was at Rs. 20,000, but the available price for Sony WF-1000XM3 is now Rs. 14,990, which makes it a top pick at Rs. 15,000. With this price, you get excellent app support, flagship-level active noise cancellation, and very good sound quality. Although there is no support for advanced Bluetooth codecs, the quality of the tuning makes this among the best-sounding pairs of true wireless earphones you can buy right now.

The bass is calculated, soundstage is spacious, and battery life is also decent given the size and form factor of the earphones. It has a large size of the earpieces and the quality of the active noise cancellation makes up for the shortcomings.

Oppo Enco X

Oppo is really known for its smartphones, but recently, Oppo is quietly growing into a capable maker of audio products as well. Oppo has recently launched the Oppo Enco X, its most premium true wireless headset available in India which is priced at Rs. 9,990. For that price, Oppo is offering quite an impressive product, with a dual-driver setup developed in collaboration with Dynaudio, active noise cancellation, and a wireless charging case.

Although there is support for the LHDC advanced Bluetooth codec, most users will have to stick to the SBC and AAC Bluetooth codecs when using the Oppo Enco X. However, this doesn’t hold the earphones back too much; this is an enjoyable true wireless headset to listen to with detailed and immersive sound. Good active noise cancellation tops things off, and the overall experience is excellent for Rs. 10,000.

Samsung Galaxy Buds+

The small size of the earphones makes it hard to put large enough batteries into them. However, Samsung appears to have made some progress on this front with the Galaxy Buds+.
The successor to last year’s Galaxy Buds, these earphones also happen to be a very good option to buy if you own a recent Samsung smartphone, this airpod comes with support for the Scalable Bluetooth codec. Improvements in the drivers make this an excellent sounding headset, and all the best part is, you can get this earphones for Rs. 6,000 right now, which makes it an excellent value-for-money option.

Also, earbuds offers an impressive 11 hours of use per charge in our testing, the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ is the only headset in our list capable of true all-day, uninterrupted listening. The charging case offers just one additional top-up to the earphones. Price

Realme Buds Q2

Realme Buds Q2 is among the best value-for-money options you can buy right now, with The Rs. 2,499. While the ANC performance is basic, it’s functional and does make a reasonable difference that helps make listening a bit easier in all kinds of environments. There’s also app support through the Realme Link app, making this a feature-filled pair of earphones for the price.

Sound quality and battery life, while not exceptional, are decent enough, and the earphones look good thanks to the reflective touch sensitive area on the outer sides of the earpieces. While we found the low-latency mode a bit underwhelming and the sound stage a bit closed, this is still easily the best pair of true wireless earphones you can buy at under Rs. 3,000 when it comes to features and capabilities.

Apart from the earphones themselves, the charging cases that come with these options usually offer additional battery backup, and also make for a convenient and safe way to carry your earphones when not in use.

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