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Truck Driver Jobs In Winnipeg 2022/2023 Application -Apply Now


Truck Driver Jobs In Winnipeg 2022/2023 Application Form Portal – Apply Now.

Truck Driver Jobs In Winnipeg: Truck driving involves the transportation of different types of things/commodities (e.g., Agricultural produce, Cars, Finished goods, etc.) from point A to point B with proper safety.

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Truck Driver Jobs In Winnipeg

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Truck driving cause it involves driving large amounts of goods over a long distance, Which puts all responsibility and the safety of the goods on the driver.

Requirements for Truck Driver Jobs

Compulsory training is required for (truck) drivers who want to acquire their driver’s license. As of September 1, 2019, it is mandated that one must complete an approved Mandatory Entry-Level Training(MELT) course before one can be able to obtain a class 1(one) license to drive a semi-trailer ( other existing conditions also apply).

The area of Manitoba introduced this compulsory minimum training requirement, which is implementing mandatory training programs.

Formally, training was not mandated before obtaining a class 1 license. The MELT training takes about 121.5 hours of standardized training that covers the necessary/essential knowledge and skills to operate a semi-trailer truck safely.

This training will ensure the safety of truck drivers and other road users.  Drivers are only required to complete the necessary training once successfully. 

Approved training 

The 244-hour Professional Truck Driver Training course that private institutions are offering in Manitoba(Winnipeg) fulfills the MELT requirements.

Drivers with proof of completing the 244-hour course are eligible to book a road test after and attempt a class 1 license. Any other truck-driver training courses are not recognized as fulfilling MELT.

Other Requirements:

  1. High school diploma 
  2. CDL – Class A or Class B, or Class C
  3. Certificate from an accredited CDL school
  4. >21 years
  5. HAZMAT and Tanker endorsements required
  6. N, P, S, T, or X endorsements preferred
  7. At least six months of OTR experience

Responsibilities Of a Truck Driver 

  • Driving and operating trucks.
  • Inspection of the truck before starting the journey.
  • Pick up goods and materials
  • verify loads for accuracy 
  • deliver them as instructed.
  • Load and unload cargo, Etc

The average salary of a truck driver in Winnipeg is between CA47k76k per year.


According to job bank Canada, the truck driving jobs available in Winnipeg are specified below. 

  1.  Transport truck drivers
  2.  Delivery Truck driver

Transport truck drivers: A transport truck driver works for a transportation company delivering goods across the country. 

They mainly deliver consumer goods within a local area or criss-cross the country delivering hazardous materials. Irrespective of what they provide or where they drive, transport truck drivers need excellent driving skills.

SALARY: CA $48k to $79k

Delivery Truck Drivers: They Deliver food products to residential and commercial addresses with good driving records. They take orders for customers, Deliver customer orders at an appointed time.

SALARY: CA $33k to $66k

Other types of TRUCK driving are as follows:

  • Fuel truck driver/helper
  • Recycling truck driver/help
  • Sprinkling truck driver/help- public work, ETC.

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