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Satire Essay Examples S Guide, to A Perfect Satire Essay 2022


Satire Essay Examples 2022 S Guide to A Perfect Satire Essay.

Satire Essay Examples: A satire essay is one best example of a highly entertaining essay. We will guide you through writing a perfect satire essay; as well as giving you some of the best satire essay examples.

Satire Essay Examples

What is a Satire Essay?

Merriam-Webster defines satire as a literary work that uses wit, irony, or sarcasm to expose and ridicule human vices or foolishness.

Satire is most prevalent in literary works like books, poems, essays, songs, and even in films. Using satire is a literary piece is one way of showing one’s humor creatively.

It is also one way of putting a subtle constructive criticism to the shortcomings of a certain topic that an author is discussing (may it be related to politics, social change, celebrities, etc).

Satirical essays are meant to write factual information about a certain topic but twist it to make it appear comical. Your readers will be more engrossed in reading satire essays since not only they will be entertained they will also gain more knowledge about a certain topic.


Examples of satire present in the literature include:

  • Jonathan Swift’s essay called “A Modest Proposal” talks about the societal and political issues in Ireland. The Irish are suffering from famine and the government is unable to solve this problem. Swift then cheekily suggested that in order to resolve the famine, a new form of human breeding is the solution for the economic recovery in Ireland. When deliberating his essay, Swift’s suggestion may seem horrendous but his point is to sarcastically suggest an impossible suggestion to make fun of the shortcoming of Ireland’s government.
  • The Rape of Lock by Alexander Pope satirized the upper middle class of the 18th century England. Most people who belonged in this class were vain and narcissistic. Most young men and women were fashionable, self-absorbed, and superficial.
  • “Whether the nymph shall break Diana’s law, or some frail china jar receives a flaw or stain her honor, or her new brocade…”. An excerpt from Pope’s poem describes a young woman called Belinda who lost a lock of her hair seemed to her that she lost a valuable virtue of their class in this particular era. The lost lock of hair is almost similar like a precious frail china jar that cracked.

Other Forms of Satire


Satirizing politicians, celebrities, or other prominent people are most commonly spoofed in the media. Parodies are used to make fun of these people by exaggerating their chosen subject’s behavior or characteristics.

Some even impersonate these people and exaggerate their looks. Parodies are prevalent in films, television, and music.

One example is the parody band called the Rutles. Established in the late ’70s, this band satirizes the Beatles and their avid supporters. They dressed up like the Beatles and poked fun of their songs by making a similar song by the Beatles.

One example is the song “Get Up and Go” by the Rutles which is a parody from the song “Get Back” by the Beatles. Here is an excerpt of “Get Up and Go”:

Cruising down the highway doing sixty-five
in the middle of the double white line
His foot down on the gas and his head in the clouds
He didn’t see the one-way sign
Get up and go
Get up and go back home


Sarcasm is of course prevalent in satire. It is what makes satire engaging and entertaining. Sarcasm as defined in the Cambridge dictionary is making remarks that mean the opposite of what the person is supposed to say in order to criticize something or someone in a humorous way.  Some examples of sarcastic quotes are:

“We are all both ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.” Benjamin Franklin

“Never argue with stupid people. They will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.” Mark Twain

“All men are the same. They have different faces so that women differentiate them.” Marilyn Monroe

Satire Essay Examples 2022 S Guide to A Perfect Satire Essay

How to Write a Satire Essay?

1. Familiarize First How to Write a Satire Essay

When writing a satire essay, it is important to know that you have a strong motive to address your own views and opinion over a specific issue you care about.

Even if it is opinionated in its form, you can put your own perspective of this certain issue and spin it to make it funny, don’t forget to always provide the factual information of the topic you are writing about.

2. Choose the Right Topic to Write

In choosing a topic to write about, it’s best to know what topic are you want to write about. It must be something that you are highly interested in.

Otherwise, if you choose a topic you are not really into it or not familiar with, you get bored in writing halfway to it. Another key point to consider is to choose a topic or an issue that is relevant to society and is relatable to everyone.

The best examples of topics to choose from are:

  • politics
  • current events
  • health or environmental issues
  • celebrities
  • human vices
  • holiday celebrations
  • social media

It is also helpful to familiarize yourself with these topics by watching or reading the news. These kinds of topics are what people mostly have their own stand, so it’s best to choose it as you will get reactions from your readers.

Don’t forget the point of writing essays is for the readers to read them. Getting reactions, whether favorable or not, means you have successfully done your job.

3. Get to the Point

Finally, after poring and musing and deciding the topic you want to discuss, it’s time to figure out, what is the point of this essay I am writing about? 

The things you want to consider are: What is your stand on this certain topic? Do you rule favor or not?, How can you make this topic ironic? Once you have figured out your point, you have a clear and strong idea of what will you write about.

4. Know Your Audience

It’s crucial for you as a writer to know who is a audience you are writing to. Are you writing for professional readers? Or the students?

These different groups of people have their own preferences or style of writing.

The professionals might want a formal style of writing or the students might want a casual style.

The point is, by identifying your readers, it’s better to be more relatable towards them. To help you adjust your style of writing to your specific audience, here are the questions you need to answer:

How do you write in a casual or formal style of writing? How do you write this essay if you are writing for young people?

5. Now it’s Time to Write

Now you already have a gist on writing a satire essay. You already know what topic you will discuss and what will be your main point, and you already identified who will be your audience.

Now it’s time to write down your outstanding essay. Of course, in order for it to be outstanding, you need some tips in order to make your essay interesting to read.

Familiarize yourself with the figures of speech to use when writing a satire essay to make it more engaging to your readers. Examples of figures of speech you can use are:

Hyperbole: The use of exaggerated words for heightened effect on the reader.

My high-heeled shoes are killing me!

Irony: It is the use of words used to convey the opposite of its literal meaning.

A person looking out at his window while it was raining hard. He exclaims, “What beautiful weather we are having today.”

Metaphor: A figure of speech that implied comparison between two dissimilar things that have something in common.

You have a heart of stone.

Pun: This is described as a play on words. Its structure can be on different senses of the same word or sometimes on the similar sense or sound of different words.

“Now is the winter of our discontent Made glorious summer by this sun of York…” an excerpt from William Shakespeare Richard III (Act 1 scene 1). The context of this statement by the character Richard III is that he was the son of the Duke of York.

Understatement: This type of figure of speech is when a speaker intentionally makes a situation or a person less important than it is.

“It was rather a serious evening, you know.” Shipwreck survivor Sir Cosmo Duff Gordon, as he described the sinking of the Titanic.

Satire Essay Examples

Example 1

Diversity of any kind is something that should be celebrated whether it is about race, gender, religion or sexual orientation. However, even in the 21st century, Asian men and women are still often being neglected and overly stereotyped in Hollywood and especially in American sitcoms.

The roles in which Asians are cast, depict dated characteristics. Stereotypical Asian roles narrowly lie at opposite ends of the spectrum from being nerds to being prostitutes.

The idea of Asians being inarticulate in English or not understanding the nuances of Western culture is popularly used for over-the-top comedic purposes.

Behind the laughter brings the realization that Asian people still are not taken seriously but rather for others’ entertainment because being put on a pedestal as the center of the joke makes us insecure about the way we are being presented.

Asians are a big part of the new diverse America and its culture but it doesn’t show as evidence of the lack of representation.

By breaking down the way Asian characters are presented in the two popular early 2000’s sitcoms 2 Broke Girls and Gilmore Girls, the essay aims to analyze the ways in which Asians are, and have always been, depicted in Hollywood visually and linguistically.

Furthermore this essay aims to see how far America has really come to accept and embrace Asian identity in its said culturally diverse country. The paradigm of television is a very influential tool in the way that it informs how we perceive the world and shapes our knowledge on certain groups of people

Continue Reading…

When there are no or close to no portrayals of Asians on TV and the only portrayals are stereotypes being repeated over and over again, Asians are restricted to a handful of expectations being shown by the media that are not representative of their racial identity or culture.

American sitcoms are examples of how Hollywood utilizes Asians as a stepping stone to make up a show’s punch lines rather than giving them a platform to expose their culture to educate the oblivious Western mass. Seen as a breakthrough series for its mainly women-led cast, Gilmore Girls was progressive for female representation but their take on Asians received mixed reactions.

One of the main characters, Mrs. Kim, took on characteristics that shine a negative light on the way Asian parents raise their children by showing a huge contrast with the main Western family when it comes to parental controls.

In more recent times, the early 2010’s sitcom 2 Broke Girls saw the character Han Lee, a Korean-American diner owner, portraying the stereotypical characteristics Western media loves to recycle; from an immigrant’s broken English to the idea of Asian men having low sexual appeal.

Hollywood has had a long history when it comes to wrongly portraying Asians on-screen and stereotypes aren’t the only way they do it.

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