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SACE Past Exams Biology 2022/2023 – Guidelines


SACE Past Examination Biology 2022/2023 – Guidelines and Requirements.

SACE Past Exams Biology: SACE biology is the study of life in all its forms, and in this subject, you will explore and explain everyday observations, find solutions to biological problems, understand how biological science affects your life, society, and the environment, and evaluate the impact of human activity on the natural world.

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SACE Past Exams Biology

Biology subject is essentially vital for any science student to choose as a crucial subject to undertake in the Exam and also make sure to ace this essential subject as well. A standard performance in your SACE Biology exam proves the performance of your learning either at stage 1 or stage 2.

SACE Past Exams Biology

Stage 1 Biology Outline

Stage 1 Biology is a 10-credit subject or a 20-credit subject, and the three strands of science to be integrated throughout student learning are:

  1. Science inquiry skills
  2. Science as a human endeavor
  3. Science understanding

The topics include

  • Topic 1: Cells and microorganisms
  • Topic 2: Infectious disease
  • Topic 3: Multicellular organisms
  • Topic 4: Biodiversity and ecosystem dynamics

Stage 2 Biology Outline

Stage 2 Biology is a 20-credit subject, and the three strands of science to be integrated throughout student learning are:

  1. Science inquiry skills
  2. Science as a human endeavor
  3. Science understanding

The topics in Stage 2 are:

  • Topic 1: DNA and proteins
  • Topic 2: Cells as the basis of life
  • Topic 3: Homeostasis
  • Topic 4: Evolution

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The stage 2 topics are outlined below with their subtopics in the SACE syllable

DNA & ProteinsCells As The Basis Of LifeHomeostasisEvolution
DNA Structure and Function  DNA Structure and Function – Practice Questions Protein Synthesis – Notes Protein Synthesis – Practice Questions Protein Structure and Function – Notes Protein Structure – Practice Questions Gene Expressions and Mutations – Notes Gene Expressions and Mutations – Practice Questions Biotechnology – Notes Biotechnology – Practice Questions DNA and Proteins – Tests DNA and Proteins – Anki Cards1. Cells – Notes 2. Cells – Practice Questions 3. Energy – Notes 4. Energy – Practice Questions 5. Membrane Transport – Notes 6. Membrane Transport – Practice Questions 7. Cell Metabolism – Notes 8. Cell Division – Notes 9. Cell division – Practice questions 10. Control of the Cell Cycle – Notes 11. Cell cycle – Practice questions 12. Cells – Tests 13. Cells – Anki Cards1. Introduction to Homeostasis – Notes 2. The Nervous and Endocrine Systems – Notes 3. Systems Working Together – Notes 4. Homeostasis – Tests 5. Homeostasis – Anki Cards1. The Origin of Life, Comparative Genomics – Notes 2. Origin of life, Comparative genomics – Practice questions 3. Species and Natural Selection – Notes 4. Species and natural selection – Practice questions 5. Speciation, Succession, and Human Impact – Notes 6. Speciation, Succession, and Human impact – Practice questions 7. Evolution – Anki Cards

SACE Past Exams Biology

The SACE past exam on biology is provided below so that you can gain access to them and make use of them to practice for your upcoming Exam on biology.

I should be able to guarantee you that with consistent practicing of these past exam questions then, you will be able to ace your biology past questions.

YearsPast Exam Links
The year 2013Biology past question
The year 2014Biology past question
The year 2015Biology past question (CNA)
The year 2016Biology past question (CNA)
The year 2017Biology past question (CNA)
The year 2018Biology past question bk 1  Biology past question bk 2
The year 2019Biology past question
The year 2020Biology past question (CNA)
The year 2021Biology past question

CNA – means currently not available

The SACE Past Exams Biology is of great importance to the student to undertake and start practicing so as to be successful in the biology exam.

Practice with these SACE past questions and answers on Biology to improve your chances of scoring high in Biology and overall this year.

If you have any questions concerning SACE Past Exams Biology, Wishes And Prayer For September , please feel free to use the comment box below and ask us your question. We will be very pleased to answer you

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