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Ranking the 5 Cheapest Cell Phone Plans


Top 5 Ranking Cheapest Cell Phone Plans in US, UK, and Canada.

Ranking Cheapest Cell Phone Plans: Do you have a monthly cell phone plan that costs you thousands of dollars? That is equivalent to dining out for a whole year over the course of a year. It costs the same as a MacBook Pro over the course of two years.

Ranking Cheapest Cell Phone Plans

1 Due to these exorbitant prices, intelligent customers are using internet comparison shopping to cut their cell phone bills in half.

You don’t have to stick with your existing provider if your cell phone plan is too expensive. There are cheaper, superior solutions available. Just be aware of where to look. Therefore, be sure to begin your web search right away.

Top 5 Best Ranking Cheapest Cell Phone Plans

Below are some of the most affordable cell phone plans currently offered, listed by monthly cost, as a service:

1. Mint Mobile, 4GB, $15

Mint Mobile markets itself as the stress-free cell phone provider. It’s easy to see why: plans offer unlimited talk and text, with nationwide coverage. What’s more, Mint Mobile does not charge you for exceeding the monthly data allowance. Instead, data speeds reduce.

If you’re looking for a low-cost cell phone plan, with flexible data, Mint Mobile’s three-month 4GB plan is hard to beat.

Exclusive to new customers, the plan costs $15 per month. After three months, you can renew the plan for 12 months, which works out to $180 for the year. Otherwise, customers can renew for six months at $20 per month. Or, if flexibility is a priority, choose three months at $25 per month.

In terms of features, MintMobile’s three-month 4GB plan offers:

  • Unlimited calls and texts nationwide;
  • 4GB of 5G or 4G LTE per month;
  • Free international calls to Mexico and Canada;
  • Mobile hotspots;
  • Wi-Fi calls and texts, and;
  • Unlimited data after 4GB with reduced data speeds.2

2. Tello, 1GB, $10

Thanks to the ability to build your own plan, Tello offers customers an incredible amount of flexibility in price and features. You can build yourself a barebones plan for as little as $5 per month or get unlimited everything for as much as $29 per month. Tello lets you mix and match to your heart’s content.

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If you’re looking for a good mix of affordable price and solid features, it’s hard to beat Tello’s ready-made Economy plan. At $10 a month, consumers can enjoy:

  • 1GB of 5G/4G LTE per month;
  • No charge for exceeding the monthly data allowance;
  • Free unlimited texts;
  • Free unlimited minutes;
  • Free tethering, and;
  • Wi-Fi calling.

However, Tello will charge a one-off additional fee of $2 to cover the 4G LTE/5G-compatible SIM.

Better yet, Tello operates a no contract and no fees policy, offering maximum freedom. As such, customers can change or cancel plans at any time through the online portal. Otherwise, plans renew automatically every 30 days.

Moreover, if international calls are a priority, the company offers free calls and texts to over 60 countries, which is game-changing.4

3. Connect by T-Mobile, 3GB, $15

All new and existing customers are eligible for any Connect by T-Mobile plan. The best deal available is the 3GB prepaid plan. It offers:

  • Unlimited calls and texts nationwide;
  • 3GB data per month;
  • Video speeds up to 2.5mbps, and;
  • 100MB data roaming per month.

This plan just $15 per month. However, potential buyers should read the fine print because a range of additional fees and taxes apply, including $10 for a SIM starter kit.

A cool feature of Connect by T-Mobile is that consumers can fix their monthly charge to $15 per month all the way until March 2025. Plus, receive an additional 500MB of monthly data each year until March 2025.

4. Verizon, 15GB, $45

For a hefty data offering for entire the family, look no further than Verizon’s 15GB plan. This plan features:

  • 15GB of Nationwide 5G;
  • DVD-quality data speed;
  • Mobile hotspot;
  • Unlimited calls nationwide;
  • Unlimited calls to Mexico and Canada;
  • Unlimited text to 200 international destinations, and;
  • Family sharing for up to 10 smartphones, tablets, and Verizon Jetpacks.

The longer you stay on this 15GB plan, the cheaper it will become. While it may start at $50 for the first three months, you will receive a $5 discount after three months, dropping the monthly charge to $45. After six more months, Verizon will apply an additional monthly discount of $5, slicing the cost down to $40 per month. Overall, the plan averages out to $45 per month over one year.

5. Visible Unlimited, Unlimited, $40

Owned by Verizon, all-digital wireless carrier Visible offers single customers valuable savings through their Unlimited plan. A single-line plan boasts:

  • No annual contract;
  • Unlimited 5G/4G data nationwide;
  • Unlimited calls and texts nationwide;
  • Unlimited mobile hotspot;
  • Unlimited mobile tethering;
  • Unlimited calls to Mexico and Canada, and;
  • The ability to bring your own phone and number.

All these features come to a total of $40 per month. Moreover, new customers can add an Apple Watch Series 7 for $5 per month.7

Right now, you can sign up for a 15-day free trial.8 And if you recommend the deal to a friend, both of you will enjoy a $20 discount.9

Reduce the Cost of Your Cell Phone Plan Now

Are you tired of spending thousands of dollars each year on your cell phone plan? To slice your monthly bills, you can simply switch to one of these low-cost cell phone deals today. Rather than wasting money on your cell phone service, you can save hundreds.

Don’t forget that providers are always changing their packages and prices. If you’re interested in saving money on your cell phone plan, you can shop around for discounts. Savings can be made if you’re happy to switch your cell phone plan regularly, as new customers often get superior deals. However, always make sure you do your research.

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