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Popular Job Sectors in Germany (STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) | www.bundesregierung.de.

Popular Job Sectors in Germany: This article is about the Popular Jobs Sectors in Germany. Germany commonly referred to as the ‘Land of Ideas,’ is a developed economy with a robust national income, a steady growth rate, and strong industrial output. Read More below.

Popular Job Sectors in Germany

The largest economy of the Eurozone and the fifth largest in the world, is also the biggest exporter of heavy and light machinery, chemicals and vehicles. While the world knows about German Cars (think BMW, Mercedes, and so on), the German Economy is interspersed with small and medium manufacturing units.

Top Job Sectors in Germany

Below are the top job sectors in Germany and what professionals qualify for them.

While trying to find a place in the Medical programs in Germany is very tough, on the other hand, finding a job in the health sector is relatively easy. The acute shortage of medical doctors in the country has created a wide gap in the sector, which seeks about 5,000 individuals on a yearly basis to meet their health targets. Though the volume of contribution for this sector continues to be nominal as compared to others, this sector is by far the most lucrative sector in terms of extensive demand.

Health Sector

So, if you are thinking about taking up medicine from Germany, believe that finding a job after you complete your program would be very easy. All you would need, however, is a brilliant grasp of the German Language.

Mechanical and Automotive Sector

We think cars…we think Germany and with good reason. Germany continues to be a leading exporter of automobiles in the world. Marked by innovation, excellent safety parameters, German Engineering is a hallmark unto itself when it comes to cars. As one of the top exporters of the product, there is a constant requirement of technical talent in the domain. Apart from the flourishing automotive sector, the country also boasts of excellent numbers of small and medium family-run manufacturing units.

These units, due to the decaying population of Germany, continue to require fresh talent, creating a steady demand for professionals in the domain. In fact, while Germany does require medical professionals, it is a continuously brimming opportunity centre for engineers.

To find a job in this sector, the companies usually look for engineering professionals with a master’s degree in Mechanical or Automotive Engineering. Remember, while automotive is a great demand sector, Mechanical Engineers are required too. The Mechanical and Plant Engineering Sector is a billion-dollar sector in Germany – the leader in the world. So, if you are not so lucky as to get a place in the automotive sector, there are plenty of opportunities available for specialized mechanical engineers.


Electrical and Electronics Industry

Closely following the mechanical sector, the electrical and electronics industry is the second largest contributor to the country’s GDP. What is interesting to note about this sector is that it continues to be a robust exporter and exports to industrial nations across the world. The newer trade tie-ups continue to add promise to the sector. Also, remember that this sector continues to seek research professionals from across the world. The thriving Nanotechnology sector, as well as embedded systems and chip production, form a large chunk of the electrical sector at large.

Hence, if you are an electrical engineer planning for a master’s or better still, a PhD from Germany, then you have good prospects of finding a suitable job.

Building & Construction Sector

The cornerstone of any development is infrastructure. No wonder then that the building and construction sector continues to be the largest employer of the country with a total of over 1.9 million workers. The sector provides the backbone to every other sector. With as many as 80,000 medium and small enterprises employed in main construction trades and another 300,000 in the finishing and interiors trade, the sector has great promise. Incidentally, it is also a sector that comprises 82 per cent of engineers.

So, if you are planning to specialize in civil engineering or construction management or even look towards research in the energy efficiency of buildings and construction, then Germany has ample opportunities. The high number of interior and finishing companies also calls out for exceptional creative talents in the domain.

Information Technology and Telecommunications

One sector which is surprisingly less famous is the IT and Telecommunications sector. Though the USA continues to be a leader followed closely by Japan in technology-driven innovations, Germany holds its key share in the sector as well.

Its industry contributes significantly to the worldwide ICT turnover and strong research in the domain continues to drive growth in the sector. German companies also contribute to patent applications filed in the sector. Furthermore, the country’s sharp focus on digitization promises further expansion.

What one needs to understand is that while the country continues to be known for its industrial excellence, a major chunk of its GDP comes from the Service Sector, of which the IT and Telecommunications sector forms a big part. So, if IT or Telecom is your choice, do not second-guess the possibilities Germany holds for you.

In short, professionals with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) continue to have a high demand in the country, making MS Colleges in Germany the top choice for students planning to study in Germany.

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