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PNPACAT Entrance Exams 2022 Online Application – Apply For PNPA Exams Now


Philippine National Police Academy (PNPACAT) 2022 Online Application – www.pnpa.edu.ph.

PNPA Entrance Exam Reviewer Schedule Guide: The PNPACAT online application is now open. As per Philippine National Police Academy, the 2022 PNPA Cadet Admission Test is tentatively scheduled in December 2022 subject to the approval of the Chief PNP and the IATF. The online application for the PNPACAT 2022 is now open.

PNPA Entrance Exam

The Philippine National Police Academy is the premier public safety institution that hones the future leaders of the PNP, BJMP, and the BFP. Created by Section 19 of the Presidential Decree 1184, it was established for the training and education of the members of the tri-bureau services of the Department of Interior and Local Government.

Admitted cadets will undergo the PNPA Cadetship Program, a government-sponsored 4-year tertiary education course. Upon entry to the Academy, the PNPA cadets will receive monthly pay and allowances for their training and education expenses. After graduation from the program, they will be granted a Bachelor of Science in Public Safety (BSPS) degree. Moreover, graduates are automatically appointed as Police Lieutenant of the PNP, as a Jail Inspector of the BJMP, or as a Fire Inspector of the BFP.

PNPACAT Schedule For 2022

As per PNPA, the 2022 PNPA Cadet Admission Test is tentatively scheduled in December 2021 subject to the approval of the Chief PNP and the IATF. The online application for the PNPACAT 2022 is now open.

Applicants may now register in the PNPA’s Online Application System and can access the online application portal on PNPA’s official website www.pnpa.edu.ph.

How to Apply for PNPA Entrance Exam 2022

The PNPACAT online application requires the applicant to upload the following documentary requirements:

  • Scanned copy of PSA Birth Certificate (keep your official receipt because you may need this in other phases in case you passed the exam);
  • Scanned copy of PNPA BMI form signed by a licensed Physician (government or private);
  • A scanned copy of one (1) passport-sized (4.5cm x 3.5cm) ID picture with name tag.

Please be reminded that these files should not exceed 20 MB in file size. Reduce the image size before uploading.

Once you have all the necessary documents, follow these simple steps to register:

  1. On a computer with a good internet connection, go to PNPA’s Official website (link will be posted soon)  then provide the necessary information.
  2. Supply your personal email address and password. These information are your log-in details when getting into the application system.
  3. Fill up the online application form, upload the needed documents then click submit. Check the encoded data for any errors then click the Submit button.
  4. Upon clicking “submit,” system-generated Notice of Examination (NOE) with QR Code shall be sent to the applicant’s registered email address; and
  5. Applicants should secure a copy and print out of their NOE as the same shall be presented to the proctor/examiner and further scanning of QR Code during the actual PNPACAT;
  6. Applicants shall register only ONCE after confirmation and approval of their online application in the link provided in the official website and QR Code;

Initial Requirements

To be able to take the PNPACAT, an aspiring cadet must possess the following criteria listed below. We advise our readers to read this part. Please, do not submit your application if you are not qualified, you’ll just waste your time.

NOTE: Unlike the previous PNPACAT, those senior high school graduates with Highest Honors as well as college graduates with Latin awards are no longer exempted from taking the PNPACAT.

  • The interested applicant must be a natural-born Filipino citizen;
  • Must not be more than 22 years old or less than 18 years old upon admission. Those applicants who will be 23 years old or have not reached 18 years old by June 1, 2022 are disqualified;
  • Single and no child to support;
  • At least Senior High School graduate upon admission. Those senior high school students who will graduate beyond June 1, 2022 are now allowed to apply. Similarly, those ALS Certified applicants (with SHS equivalent or enrolled in college) are allowed to take the PNPACAT 2021 ;
  • Pursuant to Republic Act (RA) 11549, male and female aspirants with 5’2” and 5’0 in height, respectively may now apply for the PNPACAT 2021. No need for a height waiver.
  • With a weight that corresponds to the applicant’s height, gender, and age in reference to Body Mass Index (BMI);
  • Physically and mentally fit to undergo rigorous training;
  • With good moral character (no criminal, administrative and civil derogatory record;
  • With no pending complaint and/or case in court involving moral turpitude and other cases against the State;
  • Not a former cadet of PNPA, or other service academies (PMA, PMMA, MAAP); and
  • Never been dismissed from any private employment or government position for a cause;


Failure to meet just one of these initial requirements means disqualification from taking the PNPACAT and admission to the PNPA. Likewise, applicants who have any of the medical and dental conditions listed below are also disqualified:

  • Under height and overweight or obese;
  • Defective Visual Perception (e.g. color blindness, near-sighted/far-sighted with corrective eyeglasses or lens, nystagmus);
  • Any physical deformities like bow-leggedness, missing or extra fingers/toes, and other birth defects;
  • Hearing problems due to a perforated eardrum;
  • Chronic sinusitis, bleeding tendencies, hemorrhoids, hernia (if not treated), varicocele, extensive skin disorders;
  • History of heart disease, hypertension, asthma, active PTB, kidney and liver diseases, epileptic seizure disorders, major operations; communicable diseases (such as AIDS, Hepatitis, VD etc.);
  • Full dentures, upper and lower, cleft lip and palate, malocclusion, deformities of the face, open bite, tongue-tied, missing of four (4) anterior or front teeth, and missing of six (6) posterior/molar teeth;
  • Tattoos or other brotherhood marks;
  • Ear piercing for male and multiple ear piercing for female;
  • For Females:  Goiter; a history of pregnancy; the presence of breast mass; painful menstruation; and
  • Any other similar defects which may affect the performance of the cadet in the program.

Next Steps

Successful examinees who passed the PNPACAT shall qualify for the next stage of screening which as follows:

  1. Physical Agility Test:
 Pull-ups 3 N/A
 Full Arms Hanging N/A 45 seconds
 2-Minute Push-Ups 25 25
 2-Minute Sit-Ups 40 40
 100-Meter Dash 18 seconds 20 seconds
 3-Km Run 24 minutes 27 minutes
  1. Psychological and Psychiatric Examination (PPE);
  2. Physical, Medical and Dental Examination (PMDE); and,
  3. Panel Interview.

The applicant must pass the early stages of the screening as the said testing is sequential. Applicants who fail at an earlier stage will not be allowed to proceed to the next stage. Those who managed to pass all stages of admission will be appointed as PNPA cadets not later than May 1, 2022, as a member of Batch 2026.

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