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Penn State University Acceptance Rate 2022/2025 Class Admission Profile


Penn State Acceptance Rate 2022/2025 Class Admission Profile.

Penn State University Acceptance Rate: Penn State University admission rate 2022 and statistics for last year, it was recorded that the PSU acceptance rate was 49.1%. This simply means that out of every 1000 applicants, about 490 are admitted.

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Penn State University Acceptance Rate

Penn State Acceptance rate 2021: According to the Penn State University admission rate 2021 and statistics for last year, it was recorded that the PSU acceptance rate was 49.1%. This simply means that out of every 1000 applicants, about 490 are admitted.

The university was formerly known as farmers’ High School of Pennsylvania and it was established in 1855. The Penn State University runs a semester academic calendar.

What is Penn State University Acceptance rate 2022 (The class of 2025)

What will we analyze here? From here henceforth, I will be analyzing and giving the Penn State acceptance rate for 2022 and the complete Penn State University Admission Rate and statistics.

So, if you wish to know the Pennsylvania State University acceptance rate for in-state, out-of-state, transfer, freshman and international, early action, early decision, and undergraduate applicants for 2021 admission for the class of 2025, then read further.

Detailed PSU acceptance rate for the past 5 years:

  • 2015 Acceptance rate (53%),
  • 2016 (56%), 2017 (no date)
  • 2018 (no data)
  • 2019 (49.1%)
  • 2020 (No data)
  • 2021 Acceptance Rate: 50% (Estimated)

The Pennsylvania State University admission is selective. From the analysis above, the acceptance rate for Penn State University is almost the same for every year. The acceptance rate is almost on average every year.

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More information on the Penn admission statistics, average ACT Score or SAT Score, GPA and grade requirements,  how to apply, and the application fee, with the complete admission distribution by gender and region will be seen below.

Penn State (PSU) Admission Statistics/Admission Rate

This is the Penn State University admission statistics and admission rate by resident, ethnicity, and race from past admission years.

Penn State admission rate by gender    

  • Female:46%
  • Male: 54%

PSU admission percentage by Residents (2018/2019 stats) Pennsylvania Residents:

  • University-wide: 65%, University Park: 57%, commonwealth campuses: 82%


  • University-wide: 35%, University Park: 42%, commonwealth campuses: 18%

Penn State University admission rate by ethnicity/race (in percentage for 2018/2019 stats

  • Black American: 5.65%
  • Asian-America: 6.12%
  • Latino: 7.31%
  • Alaskan: 0.14%
  • Hawaiian/Islander: 0.12%
  • The Whites: 65.60%
  • Other Races: 3.36%
  • Undeclared races: 2.36%
  • International Students: 9.34%

Pennsylvania State University ACT/ACT and GPA Requirements

From last year’s admission statistics, students admitted at PSU who submitted SAT Scores had an average SAT score of 1160 to 1360 while those who submitted ACT scores had an average ACT score of 25 to 30.

Average SAT Scores Range per subject for 25th & 75th Percentile

  • Math: 25th Percentile 580, 75th Percentile: 700.
  • Reading and Writing: 25th Percentile: 580, 75th Percentile: 670.
  • Composite: 25th Percentile: 1160 , 75th Percentile: 1370.

PSU Average ACT Scores Range per subjects for 25th & 75th Percentile

  • English: 25th Percentile 25, 75th Percentile: 33.
  • Maths: 25th Percentile 25, 75th Percentile: 30.
  • Writing: 25th Percentile: 8, 75th Percentile: 9.

Penn State’s average GPA requirements: The average Penn State University GPA is 3.58.

Other documents required for admission:

  • GPA
  • High School Rank: Optional
  • Transcript
  • Prep courses
  • SAT/ACT: Optional
  • Recommendations: Optional

How to Apply for Admission

The Penn Application comes on as:

  • Early Decision
  • Early Action
  • Application Fee: $65
  • Penn State application portal: http://admissions.psu.edu/apply/
  • Application method: common and the coalition app.

Admission chances: Only qualified applicants will be admitted. Admission at Penn state is free and fair and follows a holistic process.


  • Tuition and Fees for in-state:
  • Before aid: $36,962
  • After aid: $30,996
  • Out-of-state tuition and fees: $35,514.
  • Room and Board fee: $11,884

The above tuition and fees are estimated, gotten from last year’s record. The actual fee will be communicated to admitted students.

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