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Part-time Jobs In Barcelona 2022/2023 Application -Apply Now


Part-time Jobs In Barcelona 2022/2023 Application Form Portal – Apply Now.

Part-time Jobs In Barcelona: Part-Time Jobs In Barcelona will surface here during this post no matter whether you’re a foreigner riding or reaching to migrate to Madrid.

Are you searching for part time jobs in barcelona near me, part time jobs in barcelona for international students, part time job barcelona english, barcelona jobs for foreigners, part time job salary in spain, and Parttime Jobs In Barcelona? then this article is for you, we will discuss everything you need to know about Part time program Jobs In Barcelona, spain.

Part-time Jobs In Barcelona

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This part-time job gives basic information that helps you schedule between your leisure and your working time, for it also offers potential benefits to you economically and emotionally.

It is advised for candidates to submit the particular credentials or documents during and after the registering process to incur the decision of mistakes.

Part-time Jobs In Barcelona Registration

While registering for the Part-Time job application, it is convenient for applicants to bring in authentic credentials and requirements while applying for the job.

As I said above, this article will surface or discuss the job (Part-time) and showcase the crucial components (requirements, salary, benefits, and most importantly, the application website).

On this page, the following application website procedures or steps about Part-time Jobs will be available for you as the candidates or applicants.

Some Things To Do While Coming To Barcelona To Work

Planning to spend some time in Barcelona and looking for work before you arrive, you have the employment options that require more planning.

If you know that you will be coming to Barcelona to look for work, it is worth doing some research before you arrive And remember, searching for a job can be an excellent way to get to know Barcelona.

You will need to get out and meet people and become familiar with the city to find work – which can be an enjoyable experience.

I have put together a list of the most important things to take into consideration while looking for work in Barcelona.

Working As In Part-Time Job In Barcelona

Barcelona is established as a truly international city; I have lived here for over a year and am still amazed by the number of people from all over the world constantly coming in and out of the city.

It can also make it a transitory place to be – students come here for one year to study, travelers come here to settle for a period before moving on, and immigrants come here to give the city a shot as their new home.

All of this can make finding a part-time or temporary job quite difficult in such a small place; with this in mind, you should go about looking for work in Barcelona.

Not with a sense of failure before you have begun, but with a determination and tirelessness that will ensure that the search doesn’t defeat you.

Part-time Job In Barcelona

Working Part-time in Barcelona is also a safe and reliable option for you, and it creates time for you to do other things in your life.

You will need to get out and meet people and become familiar with the city to find work – which can be an enjoyable experience even when working.

Part-Time Teacher – Barcelona

Part-time teachers work with students to educate them on various subjects; unlike full-time teachers, part-time teachers work job 22,50 hours/week (mornings or afternoons shifts) in Barcelona.

They sometimes split classroom duties and hours with another part-time teacher; job duties for part-time teachers vary, depending on the grade they teach and their specialty.

From grades kindergarten through twelfth grade, part-time teachers continue students’ educational progression through grammar and history, as well as life skills, which prepares students for college and the workplace.


Becoming a part-time teacher has many benefits, which are:

  1. It can be a rewarding and fulfilling career choice for those who enjoy working with kids and helping them to learn and understand academic subjects and social lessons
  2. Satisfaction from knowing that they are shaping the lives of future generations
  3. Very flexible than full-time teachers; those who split a weekly shift with another part-time teacher can often switch which days or hours they work with the other teacher
  4. They also are usually not expected to create lesson plans or develop an entire curriculum
  5. Sometimes support the full-time teachers they work with, meaning a less stressful career


  1. Teaching English to our students from beginner to advanced levels
  2. Plan, prepare, and deliver lesson plans
  3. Instructional materials that facilitate active learning
  4. Develops schemes of work, and lesson plans
  5. Tests that are following established procedures.

Other Benefits

  1. Steady job
  2. PART-TIME job 22,50 hours/week (mornings or afternoons shifts)
  3. Salary 827€ gross/month
  4. Wonderful working environment
  5. Career and development opportunities


  1. Have a native level of English and Spanish
  2. Have a passion for teaching adults.
  3. Be social, active, and energetic
  4. Be extrovert and open-minded
  5. Willing to participate with students in social events
  6. Be adaptable and empathetic
  7. Have a nice presence
  8. Available immediately
  9. CELTA/TEFL/TESOL or similar qualification.

Apply Now

Lists Of Available Part-time Job In Barcelona

These are the following available part-time jobs below:

  1. Onsite Clinical Research Assistants / Clinical Trial Assistants
  2. English Language Assistant-Part-time
  3. Barcelona Part-time ( after-school) English nanny ( native level)
  4. Part-Time Voice Over
  5. French-speaking Customer Support in Barcelona, Spain (part-time)
  6. Sales Assistant – Part-Time
  7. Parttime Junior Advertising Sales Executive
  8. Norwegian Part-Time Content Moderator
  9. Part-time Executive Assistant Offshore Wind
  10. Office Manager Barcelona – Part-time
  11. Full Stack Engineer & Instructor Part-time
  12. Part-Time Lead Generator
  13. Part-Time Fieldworker for the Project
  14. Comercial IT Netgear Part-Time
  15. Team Lead, Building & Facility (Part-time)
  16. Finance Intern Part-Time
  17. Radiologist Part-time.

Average Salary Of Part-Time Jobs In Barcelona

The average salary for a Part-Time job is €508 per month in Barcelona, while the average salary for a Part-Time job is salary Barcelona € 1000 per month.

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