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OCR Exam Timetable 2022/2023 Schedule Update


OCR Examination Timetable 2022/2023 Schedule Update.

OCR Exam Timetable: OCR timetable for the 2022/2023 session will enable you to start preparation towards the upcoming examination that you have enrolled in for the earlier you start studying.

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A study plan with the OCR Exam Timetable will help you split your studying into bite-sized chunks, and Outlining what you need to do every day will help you know exactly what you need to do and when.

OCR Exam Timetable

What Is OCR Exam?

OCR (Oxford, Cambridge, and RSA Examinations) is an examination board that sets examinations and awards qualifications (including GCSEs and A-levels). It is one of England, Wales, and Northern Ireland’s five main examination boards.

OCR delivers GCSE and A-Level examinations in the United Kingdom whereas for other countries, Cambridge Assessment operates the examination board Cambridge International Examinations.

OCR Subjects

  • Administration
  • Advice and guidance
  • Ancient history
  • Art and design
  • Biology
  • Business
  • Career guidance
  • Chemistry
  • Child development
  • Citizenship
  • Classical civilization
  • Classical Greek
  • Classics
  • Computer science and ICT
  • Customer service
  • Design and technology
  • Drama
  • Economics
  • Engineering
  • English
  • Enterprise and marketing
  • Film studies
  • Food preparation and nutrition
  • Geography
  • Health and social care
  • History
  • ICT
  • Languages
  • Latin
  • Law
  • Management and team-leading
  • Mathematics
  • Media and communication
  • Music
  • PE and sport
  • Performing arts
  • Personal and social development
  • Physics
  • Projects
  • Psychology
  • Religious studies
  • Science
  • Sociology
  • Sport
  • Teaching and support
  • Transport management

OCR Key dates and timetables

The key dates and deadlines for general qualifications, including Cambridge Nationals, are given in the following documents:

Final exam timetables

The structure of the exam timetable (pdf) is agreed by all the JCQ awarding bodies and many factors are considered. We do not timetable examinations for weekends, bank holidays or school holidays, and religious festivals are taken into account wherever possible.

We also use ‘clash statistics’ from previous series to avoid major clashes and feedback from centres to identify significant problems. Please note that there are no timetabled general qualification exams in the January series.

June 2022GCSE and Cambridge NationalsTimetableTimetable
June 2022AS and A Level, Core Maths and FSMQTimetableTimetable
November 2022GCSE English Language and MathematicsTimetableTimetable

OCR Examination Timetable

Exam DateQualificationSubjectTitleExam Time & Duration
16/05/2022GCSE(Religious Studies)Religion, philosophy, and ethics in the modern world2h (A.M)
20/05/2022GCSE(Ancient History)The Persian empire1h (P.M)
20/05/2022GCSE(Ancient History)Greek depth study45 mins (P.M)
13/06/2022GCSE(Ancient History)The Foundations of Rome1h (P.M)
13/06/2022GCSE(Ancient History)Roman depth study45 mins (P.M)
18/05/2022GCSE(Classical Civilisation)Myth and religion1h 30mins (P.M)
18/05/2022GCSE(Classical Civilisation)Women in the ancient world1h 30mins (P.M)
10/06/2022GCSE(Classical Civilisation)The Homeric world1h 30mins (P.M)
10/06/2022GCSE(Classical Civilisation)Roman city life1h 30mins (P.M)
10/06/2022GCSE(Classical Civilisation)War and warfare1h 30mins (P.M)
25/05/2022GCSE(Media Studies)Television and promoting media1h 45mins (P.M)
14/06/2022GCSE(Media Studies)Music and news1h 15mins (P.M)
17/05/2022GCSE(Psychology)Studies and applications in psychology 11h 30mins (P.M)
06/06/2022GCSE(Psychology)Studies and applications in psychology 21h 30mins (P.M)
20/05/2022GCSE(Business)Business 1: business activity, marketing, and people1h 30mins (P.M)
13/06/2022GCSE(Business)Business 2:operations, finance, and influences on business1h 30mins (P.M)
18/05/2022GCSE(Economics)Introduction to economics1h 30mins (P.M)
6/06/2022GCSE(Economics)National and international economics1h 30mins (A.M)
17/05/2022GCSE(Biology)Paper 1 (Foundation tier)1h 45mins (A.M)
15/06/2022GCSE(Biology)Paper 2 (Foundation tier)1h 45mins (A.M)
17/05/2022GCSE(Biology)Paper 3 (Higher tier)1h 45mins (A.M)
15/06/2022GCSE(Biology)Paper 4 (Higher tier)1h 45mins (A.M)
27/05/2022GCSE(Chemistry)Paper 1 (Foundation tier)1h 45mins (A.M)
20/06/2022GCSE(Chemistry)Paper 2 (Foundation tier)1h 45mins (A.M)
27/05/2022GCSE(Chemistry)Paper 3 (Higher tier)1h 45mins (A.M)
20/06/2022GCSE(Chemistry)Paper 4 (Higher tier)1h 45mins (A.M)
9/05/2022GCSE(Physics)Paper 1 (Foundation tier)1h 45mins (P.M)
23/06/2022GCSE(Physics)Paper 2 (Foundation tier)1h 45mins (A.M)
9/05/2022GCSE(Physics)Paper 3 (Higher tier)1h 45mins (P.M)
23/06/2022GCSE(Physics)Paper 4 (Higher tier)1h 45mins (A.M)
17/05/2022GCSE(Combined Science)Paper 1 (Biology) (Foundation)1h 10m (A.M)
15/06/2022GCSE(Combined Science)Paper 2 (Biology) (Foundation)1h 10m (A.M)
27/05/2022GCSE(Combined Science)Paper 3 (Chemistry) (Foundation)1h 10m (A.M)
20/06/2022GCSE(Combined Science)Paper 4 (Chemistry) (Foundation)1h 10m (A.M)
9/06/2022GCSE(Combined Science)Paper 5 (Physics) (Foundation)1h 10m (P.M)
23/06/2022GCSE(Combined Science)Paper 6 (Physics) (Foundation)1h 10m (A.M)
17/05/2022GCSE(Combined Science)Paper 7 (Biology) (Higher)1h 10m (A.M)
15/06/2022GCSE(Combined Science)Paper 8 (Biology) (Higher)1h 10m (A.M)
27/05/2022GCSE(Combined Science)Paper 9 (Chemistry) (Higher)1h 10m (A.M)
20/06/2022GCSE(Combined Science)Paper 10 (Chemistry) (Higher)1h 10m (P.M)
9/06/2022GCSE(Combined Science)Paper 11 (Physics) (Higher)1h 10m (A.M)
23/06/2022GCSE(Combined Science)Paper 12 (Physics) (Higher)1h 10m (A.M)
17/05/2022GCSE(Biology)Breadth in biology (Foundation)1h 45mins (A.M)
15/06 2022GCSE(Biology)Depth in biology (Foundation)1h 45mins (A.M)
17/05/2022GCSE(Biology)Breadth in biology (Higher)1h 45mins (A.M)
15/06/2022GCSE(Biology)Depth in biology (Higher)1h 45mins (A.M)
27/05/2022GCSE(Chemistry)Breadth in chemistry (Foundation)1h 45mins (A.M)
20/06/2022GCSE(Chemistry)Depth in chemistry (Foundation)1h 45mins (A.M)
27//05/2022GCSE(Chemistry)Breadth in Chemistry (Higher)1h 45mins (A.M)
20/06/2022GCSE(Chemistry)Depth in Chemistry (Higher)1h 45mins (A.M)
9/06/2022GCSE(Physics)Breadth in Physics (Foundation)1h 45mins (P.M)
23/06/2022GCSE(Physics)Depth in Physics (Foundation)1h 45mins (A.M)
9/06/2022GCSE(Physics)Breadth in Physics(Higher)1h 45mins (P.M)
23/06/2022GCSE(Physics)Depth in Physics (Higher)1h 45mins (A.M)
17/05/2022GCSE(Combined Science)Biology (Foundation)1h 45mins (A.M)
27/05/2022GCSE(Combined Science)Chemistry (Foundation)1h 45mins (A.M)
9/06/2022GCSE(Combined Science)Physics (Foundation)1h 45mins (P.M)
15/06/2022GCSE(Combined Science)Combined Science  (Foundation)1h 45mins (A.M)
17/05/2022GCSE(Combined Science)Biology (Higher)1h 45mins (A.M)
27/05/2022GCSE(Combined Science)Chemistry (Higher)1h 45mins (A.M)
9/06/2022GCSE(Combined Science)Physics (Higher)1h 45mins (P.M)
15/06/2022GCSE(Combined Science)Combined Science (Higher)1h 45mins (A.M)

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Continuation of The OCR Timetable
Exam DateQualificationSubjectTitleExam Time & Duration
23/05/2022GCSE(Citizen Studies)Citizenship In perspective50 mins (P.M)
14/06/2022GCSE(Citizen Studies)Citizenship in action1h 45 mins (P.M)
22/06/2022GCSE(Citizen Studies)our rights, our society, our world1h (P.M)
16/05/2022GCSE(Computer Science)Computer Systems1h 30 mins (P.M)
27/05.2022GCSE(Computer Science)Computational thinking, algorithms, and programming1h 30 mins (P.M)
17/05/2022GCSE(Latin)Language1h 30 mins (P.M)
6/06/2022GCSE(Latin)Prose literature A1h 30 mins (P.M)
6/06/2022GCSE(Latin)Prose literature B1h (A.M)
15/06/2022GCSE(Latin)Verse literature A1h (A.M)
15/06/2022GCSE(Latin)Verse literature B1h (P.M)
21/06/2022GCSE(Latin)Literature and culture1h (P.M)
16/05/2022GCSE(Classical Greek)Language1h 30 mins (P.M)
7/06/2022GCSE(Classical Greek)Prose literature A1h (P.M)
7/06/2022GCSE(Classical Greek)Prose literature B1h (P.M)
16/06/2022GCSE(Classical Greek)Verse literature A1h (P.M)
16/06/2022GCSE(Classical Greek)Verse literature B1h (P.M)
22/06/2022GCSE(Classical Greek)Literature and culture1h (P.M)
20/06/2022GCSE(Food Preparation & Nutrition)Food Preparation & Nutrition1h 30 mins (P.M)
15/06/2022GCSE(Design and Technology)Principles of design and technology2h (P.M)
19/05/2022GCSE(Drama)Drama: Performance & Response1h 30 mins (P.M)
18/005/2022GCSE(English Language)Communicating, information and ideas2h (A.M)
10/06/2022GCSE(English Language)Exploring effects and impacts2h (A.M)
25/05/2022GCSE(English Literature)Modern prose or drama1h 15 mins (A.M)
25/05/2022GCSE(English Literature)19th-century prose50 mins (A.M)
8/06/2022GCSE(English Literature)Poetry across time1h 15 mins (A.M)
8/06/2022GCSE(English Literature)Shakespeare50 mins (A.M)
23/06/2022GCSE(Geography)Living in the UK today1h (A.M)
7/06/2022GCSE(Geography)The world around us45 mins (P.M)
14/06/2022GCSE(Geography)Geographical skills1h 20 mins (A.M)
23/05/2022GCSE(Geography)Our natural world1h (A.M)
7/06/2022GCSE(Geography)People and society1h (P.M)
14/06/2022GCSE(Geography)Geographical exploration1h 30 mins (A.M)
17/05/2022Cambridge National(Information Technologies)Understanding tools, techniques, methods and processes for technological solutions1h 45 mins (P.M)
6/06/2022Cambridge National(Child Development)Health and well-being for child development1h 15 mins (A.M)
16/06/2022Cambridge National(Health & Social Care)Essential values of care for use with individuals in care settings1h (P.M)
24/05/2022Cambridge National(Sport Science)Reducing the risk of sports injuries1h (P.M)
24/05/2022Cambridge National(Sport Studies)Contemporary issues in sport1h (P.M)
25/05/2022Cambridge National(Enterprise & Marketing)Enterprise and marketing concepts1h 30 mins (P.M)
13/06/2022Cambridge National(Creative iMedia)Pre-production skills1h 15 mins (P.M)
6/06/2022Cambridge National(Engineering)Principles in Engineering & Engineering Business: Engineering principles1h (A.M)
16/05/2022Cambridge National(Engineering)Engineering Design: Design briefs, design specifications and user requirements1h (A.M)
14/06/2022Cambridge National(Engineering)Engineering Manufacture: Engineering materials, processes and production1h (P.M)
10/06/2022Cambridge National(Engineering)Systems Control in Engineering: Electronic principles1h (P.M)

OCR Qualifications

  1. The General qualifications – AS and A Level, Core Maths, Entry Level Certificate, FSMQ, GCSE, and Projects
  2. Cambridge Nationals
  3. Cambridge Technicals
  4. CPC
  5. Certificates of Professional Competence
  6. Functional Skills
  7. Other vocational qualifications

Finally, access the OCR official website for more information.

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