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Lexis for Law Schools And Everything You Need to Know.

Lexis for Law Schools: For lawyers with foreign education, law school offers an advanced degree in law. You are able to enroll in any of the top law schools and obtain your LL.M. Apply Right Away to Focus Your Studies.

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Lexis for Law Schools

Online sources of U.S. federal and state law, as well as sources of international law and the laws of an increasing number of other jurisdictions, are all accessible through Lexis+.

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Constitutions, laws, laws’ histories, statutory codes, regulations, regulatory materials, cases, case digests, citators, public records, law reviews, treatises, and general and legal news are some examples of sources that differ by jurisdiction.

Requesting Access to Lexis

Our Lexis+ licensing only permits us to provide access to HLS employees, HLS students, and HLS professors (including visiting faculty) who are presently registered in HLS courses or an HLS-sponsored Harvard joint-degree program.

Visitors at HLS, such as visiting scholars, researchers, and fellows, as well as students who are cross-enrolled in an HLS course, may be given access at Lexis’ exclusive discretion.

Research assistants for HLS faculty who are neither HLS students or employees will often be given access to Lexis.

Lexis for Law Schools – Harvard Law School

HLS Students:

New HLS students are provided registration codes to access Lexis+ at the beginning of the fall semester. Returning students should continue using their Lexis+ accounts from the previous year. Please stop by or contact the Reference Desk (617-495-4516) if you have not received or cannot find this information.

HLS Faculty, visiting Faculty, and Staff:

HLS faculty (including visiting faculty) and HLS staff may request access to Lexis+ by emailing the Reference Desk from their HLS email account. Please include your full name and current position in the text of your message.


At its discretion, Lexis may grant access to Lexis+ to certain HLS visitors (e.g., visiting scholars, researchers, fellows, and non-HLS students who are cross-enrolled in an HLS course). Lexis will generally grant access to HLS faculty research assistants who are not current HLS students or staff. Such individuals should email their access request directly to Lexis and include the following information:

  • Name, telephone number, HLS email address (if you do not have an HLS email account, please explain why)
  • Position at HLS (e.g., Visiting Scholar, Visiting Researcher, Fellow, Cross-enrolled Student, Faculty Research Assistant, etc.)
  • Dates you will be at HLS, including start and end dates (month/year)
  • If you are a research assistant for an HLS faculty member but you are not currently an HLS student or staff, please identify the HLS faculty member for whom you work. If you are a cross-enrolled student, please identify the HLS course in which you are enrolled.

Registering and Creating Your Lexis+ Custom ID & Password:

To register your new Lexis+ account, please go to: Account registration. As part of registration, you will be prompted to create your own personal Custom ID and Password.

Lexis+ Training:

The Library sponsors Lexis+ introductory, refresher, and advanced training sessions throughout the academic year for students who would like hands-on instruction. The sessions are taught by a Lexis+ Research Attorney. Session dates, times, locations, and sign-ups are available at the HLS Library’s Legal Research Training Calendar.

Contacting Lexis+:

Lexis+ Customer Support is available at: 1-800-455-3947

Our Lexis Advance Research Attorney is: Stacy E. Sanchez, stacy.sanchez@lexisnexis.com

Help with Lexis+:

The Lexis home page offers a number of useful materials and services, including reference literature, research guides, tutorials, product tours, study aids, and outlines.

Please visit or contact the Reference Desk (617-495-4516) if you have any questions.

Lexis for Law Schools Application

The LexisNexis® for Law Schools Home Page appears when you sign in to either of the two Law Schools URLs:

The first time you visit a Law Schools URL, you see a guest page prompting you to sign in or register.

Click LexisNexis® for Law Schools (located at the top of every page) to return to the home page of the Law Schools website.

The tabs at the top of the page are:


Below the top options you can find links to the following features or products:

  • Interaction Citation Workstation

The Lexis Representative and student representative information displays at the bottom of the page along with upcoming training and announcements.

Take the following steps to sign out of the Law Schools Home Page:

  1. Click your initials in the upper right hand side of the screen.
  2. Click SIGN OUT.

If you have any questions concerning Lexis for Law Schools, please feel free to use the comment box below and ask us your question. We will be very pleased to answer you.

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