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Jobs In USA 2022/2023 Application – Apply Now


Jobs In USA 2022/2023 Application Form Portal – How to Apply.

Jobs In USA: United States of America (USA) is a flourishing country in which everyone wants to gain employment because of the promising career progression and attractive salary. See requirements and procedures on how you can start career application in US.

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Jobs In USA

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There are various and numerous job opportunities that you can ever expect and even explore in the USA, now read along and apply for any of the positions that suit you.

US Jobs Description

United States-based companies have the most employees globally, and take note that in most companies, the majority of total employees live and work in other countries.

There are various positions and areas for workers to fill for you can get jobs in various Economic sectors such as the Business sector, Private sector, Public sector, and the Voluntary Sector.

Additional others include the Agricultural (or primary) sector, Industrial (or secondary) sector, Service (or tertiary) sector, Information (or quaternary) sector, and Human (or quinary) sector in the USA.

High Demand Jobs In the USA

There are several opportunities in the USA; however, these are the following sectors/ jobs that need interested candidates to apply for.

These are the high-demand jobs in the next ten years, the most in-demand jobs for the future, jobs that will be in demand in 2025, and even the most in-demand jobs worldwide.

Most Needed Occupations With Attractive SalaryHighest Employing Sector In USA
Registered Nurse Software Engineer Information Security Analyst Occupational Therapist Web Developer Data Scientist Engineers (All types) Economists Operations Manager Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Financial Advisor Physical Therapist Medical Technologist AI Specialist Sales and Marketing TeachersPublic School Hospitals Fast Food Restaurants Office Staffing & Temp Agencies Single Location Full-Service Restaurants Colleges & Universities Professional Employer Organizations Supermarkets & Grocery Stores The Retail Market for Jewelry Federal Government Leisure and Hospitality Manufacturing Sector Telecommunications Finance Oil and Gas Cybersecurity

List of Top Hiring Companies In The USA

All these have been compiled and listed based on their highest number of employees, now, take a look and survey them from below.

  1. Walmart, Inc.
  2. Amazon.com, Inc.
  3. Allied Universal
  4. Accenture
  5. FedEx Corporation
  6. Home Depot
  7. Yum! Brands
  8. Kroger
  9. Berkshire Hathaway
  10. IBM
  11. United Parcel Service
  12. Target Corporation
  13. DHL
  14. Starbucks
  15. Ernst & Young
  16. UnitedHealth Group
  17. Deloitte
  18. Cognizant Technology Solutions
  19. CVS Health
  20. Walgreens Boots Alliance
  21. TJX
  22. PricewaterhouseCoopers
  23. Albertsons
  24. PepsiCo
  25. Bank of America
  26. J.P. Morgan Chase
  27. AT&T
  28. HCA Healthcare
  29. Raytheon Technologies
  30. Synnex

Available Jobs In The USA

There is no job you can’t find in the USA, provided that you have the experience and other qualifications needed for the position.

The most popular jobs within the most popular company in the US will be mentioned below with its application link for you to apply.

Walmart Inc. is an American multinational retail corporation that operates a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores, and grocery stores in the United States, headquartered in Bentonville.

There’s a path for everyone at Walmart (part-time or Full-time) – whether that’s exploring careers in their stores, clubs, corporate, technology, healthcare, distribution, and several others.

They include;

1. Stores & Club

Walnut is an equal employer by choice, and they have several locations in which they have different grocery stores located and clubs as well.

Work with them for they understand, respect, and value diversity- unique styles, experiences, identities, abilities, ideas, and opinions of employees.

They seek several positions to be filled up by interested candidates, and they are listed below;

  • Walmart Store Jobs (29,493 vacancies to be filled) Sam’s Club Jobs (3,799 vacancies to be filled)
  • Support Services (166 vacancies to be filled)

2. Distribution, Fulfillment & Drivers

There are several positions to be filled up, and roles can include Order testing, maintenance, repairs, or replacements for machines.

Overseeing the Transportation of goods from production site to consumer to client. Inventory goods that arrive from the manufacturer, reviewing and approving purchase orders. Develop and implement a logistics process.

They seek several positions to be filled up by interested candidates, and they are listed below;

  • Drivers & Transportation (114 vacancies to be filled)
  • Distribution and Fulfillment Centers (1,507 vacancies to be filled)
  • Fleet Maintenance (4 vacancies to be filled)

3. Healthcare

Healthcare occupations are projected to add more jobs than any other occupational group and are urgently needed at Walnut for different sectors and pharmacies.

The healthcare jobs are for those who are qualified to administer and function effectively in any of the positions given; take note, the salary is very attractive.

They seek several positions to be filled up by interested candidates, and they are listed below;

  • Pharmacy (1217 vacancies to be filled)
  • Walmart Health (116 vacancies to be filled)
  • Optical (1031 vacancies to be filled)
  • Healthcare – Other (62 vacancies to be filled)

4. Technology

Technology jobs seek professionals who will be responsible for installing, maintaining, and repairing hardware & software components of the organization’s computers.

They also support these systems through remote access or site visits as needed by management teams within their company.

They seek several positions to be filled up by interested candidates, and they are listed below;

  • Data Science and Analytics (167 vacancies to be filled)
  • Software Development and Engineering (1188 vacancies to be filled)
  • Cybersecurity (27 vacancies to be filled)
  • Information Technology (5 vacancies to be filled)
  • Project and Program Management – Technology (123 vacancies to be filled)

5. Corporate

These corporate jobs are professional jobs with qualifications needed at Walnut, as some positions will require you to create and implement the strategies that govern the day-to-day operational activities of Walnut.

You may be given a position to manage staff, finances, and resources and oversee all operational activities.

They seek several positions to be filled up by interested candidates, and they are listed below;

  • Accounting and Finance (113 vacancies to be filled)
  • Administrative and Support Services (19 vacancies to be filled)
  • Asset Protection (23 vacancies to be filled)
  • Aviation and Travel (1 vacancy to be filled)
  • Corporate Affairs and Communications (17 vacancies to be filled)
  • Customer Service and Call Center (3182 vacancies to be filled)
  • Engineering (8 vacancies to be filled)
  • Human Resources (43 vacancies to be filled)
  • Global Investigations and Security (19 vacancies to be filled)
  • Installation, Maintenance, and Utilities (980 vacancies to be filled)
  • Legal (14 vacancies to be filled)
  • Marketing and Customer Insights (142 vacancies to be filled)
  • Merchandising and Online Operations (99 vacancies to be filled)
  • Real Estate, Construction, and Realty Execution (47 vacancies to be filled)
  • Project and Program Management – PMO (154vacancies to be filled)
  • Supply Chain and Logistics (538 vacancies to be filled)
  • Data Analytics and Business Intelligence (206 vacancies to be filled)
  • Business Operations (2969 vacancies to be filled)
  • Product Management (247 vacancies to be filled)
  • Ethics and Compliance (40 vacancies to be filled)

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The Salary Of Employees In The USA

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the national average salary in 2020 was $56,310. In 2022 average salary in the US be $53,490 per year.

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