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How To Join The Canadian Army As A Foreigner 2022/2023 -Apply Now


How To Join The Canadian Army As A Foreigner 2022/2023 Application Form Portal.

How To Join The Canadian Army As A Foreigner: As stated by the Canadian Army Forces, “If you are committed to Canada, if you have only recently moved here and you genuinely understand what Canada is about and you really want to serve this country, then you are permitted to serve them.

How To Join The Canadian Army As A Foreigner

It is feasible to be recruited into the Canadian Army as a Foreigner, thus I can guarantee you that you have come to the right place if you have questions about doing so.

Become A Part Of The Canadian Army Even As A Foreigner

  • If you are interested in joining or enlisting in the Canadian Army as a foreigner, you first must become a Canadian citizen.
  • Once you obtain citizenship, complete the online application, and mail in the required documents.
  • You’ll then pair with an Army recruiter, who will help you complete additional forms and examinations, prepare for your interview, and enroll in the Canadian Armed Forces.
  • With some patience and dedication, you can become part of the Canadian Army even if you weren’t born in Canada.

Criteria For Foreigner Application To The Canadian Army

Citizenship –
  1. It is a number one pre-requisite that you become a citizen of Canada before you are recruited into the Canadian Army
  2. To become a citizen, you must legally live in Canada for 3 consecutive years.
  3. Then, you can apply online, copy the required documents, pay the immigration fee, and mail in your completed application.
  4. When approved, take a citizenship test, interview, take your citizenship oath, and receive your citizenship!
Age Rank
  1. You can apply from the age of 18 years or
  2. You can also apply at the age of 17 if you have a parental consent
  3. Also apply at the age of 16 with parent consent so as to be enrolled as a full-time high school student to join the Reserve Force.
Educational Requirement

Have completed at least Grade 10 or Secondaire IV in Québec (some jobs need higher levels of education)

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Steps / Process Into The Canadian Army

  • Make sure that before you apply you must be prepared to provide all required documents in a timely manner after getting your citizenship card.
  • Go to the Application site to apply – https://forces.ca/en/apply-now/
  • After which you will tested on a reliability screening which will be submitted
  • You will take an aptitude test based on verbal skills, spatial ability and problem solving to check the most suitable job for you.
  • You will also complete a personality inventory which provides information on your personal characteristics and qualities.
  • After these processes, you will proceed to taking of the medical exam to check your medical history and physical features like height, weight, vision, color perception and hearing.
  • You will be invited to an interview with the panel asking you about your previous employment history and so much more
  • It is highly required that applicants should be fully prepared before attending the interview
  • At the end of the interview, applicants will be notified of their result.

Documents To Be Prepared For The Canadian Army Application

  1. You will then need to present original copies of all these
  2. Birth certificate,
  3. Government issued photo ID,
  4. Transcripts from your highest level of education,
  5. Proof of trade qualifications and professional licenses, and any additional forms required for the trade or job you selected.
  6. All overseas education must be presented with a Canadian equivalency from Alliance of Credential Evaluation Services of Canada

Salary/Benefits Of The Canadian Army

  • As a recruit you will earn from the range of $35,820 – $62,424 annually while you complete basic training.
  • Once you are fully trained for your chosen occupation, your salary will continue to increase based on your time in the military, rank and acquired skills.
  • You and your family will receive health and dental coverage throughout your career.
  • As a full-time member, you will start with 20 paid vacation days per year
  • There is Maternity and Parental Leave
  • There is also a retirement plan with fully funded pensions.

Online Employment Application Maintenance

The Canadian Armed Forces Recruiting application system is undergoing systems upgrades and will be unavailable from Friday, March 25th, 2022 at 8:00pm to Monday, March 28th, 2022 at 8:00am (EDT).

During this time you will be unable to submit an application.

Joining the Canadian Armed Forces website also have information on entry options, positions, the enrollment process, and basic training, in particular, take a look at the questions that deal with eligibility, starting your career and life in the Forces.

Review the requirements on the Canadian Armed Forces – Apply Now website. Their web page on Careers has information on the various occupations available in the Forces.

You can complete an online application, or visit your local Recruiting Centre. You therefore have no limitation as as regarding you being a foreigner from applying for the Canadian Army.

The application website gives crucial information related to the How To Join The Canadian Army As A Foreigner for candidates to start applying now.

If you have any questions concerning How To Join The Canadian Army As A Foreigner, please feel free to use the comment box below and ask us your question. We will be very pleased to answer you.

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