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Check BSNL 3G Balance, Data and Usage 2022


How to Check BSNL 3G Balance; Data and Usage 2022 Update.

How to Check BSNL 3G Balance, Data and Usage: If you are using BSNL Mobile network, then this article is for you, We have list all method on How to Check BSNL 3G Balance, Data and Usage Plan. BSNL is one of the most popular and largest telecommunication companies in India.

How to Check BSNL 3G Balance, Data and Usage

What is BSNL Balance Check Code?

BSNL USSD Codes are a prepaid callback Sim service that provides USSD based information stored in the system. You don’t need to go anywhere or make a call to BSNL customer care to get BSNL USSD related information.

These USSD codes are very common and used by every BSNL customer to know prepaid number balance & usage detail.

We have prepared a list of all BSNL USSD codes that will help to check any BSNL service with the help of these codes.

How to Check BSNL Net Balance with BSNL USSD Codes

Using BSNL net balance check code is the simplest way to know and find your BSNL net balance. Learn how to check the BSNL data balance below.

Dial *123*10# and a pop up will appear on the screen displaying your data balance.

How to check BSNL Balance with the BSNL App

Another way to check the BSNL internet balance is by using the BSNL App. Know how to check BSNL net pack balance using the BSNL App below:

Step 1: Download the BSNL app from Google Play Store or iTunes

Step 2: Open the app and log in to your account

Also, Step 3: In the home screen of the app, you can see the Usage tab where it will display your data usage.

How to Activate 3G Data Packs Via SMS

To activate 3G data plans via SMS, send the following message- ACT<space>DSTV(amount of pack) to the number- 51505.

For example, to activate a 3G data pack worth 17 rupees, send SMS- ACT DSTV17 to the number 51505. After activation, you’ll get a confirmation message from BSNL.

How to Know BSNL Balance Online

This method involves the use of either the BSNL Mobile App or using the official BSNL website online. The process is all the same as the first I have stated above.

1. log in to BSNL App or website after visiting the App or website to check the BSNL balance

2. Scroll down or click the MENU by the top left

3. Click on Support desk or Help support

4. Select prepaid mobile and you will be given a free answer

How to Check BSNL Unlimited Data Balance

If you found yourself lucky to be using the BSNL unlimited data activated on your Sim, learn how to check your balance here. Checking of BSNL unlimited data balance with code is a new thing, and the code is easy to use.

The simple guide I have put down below show helps you archive checking BSNL  unlimited data. Simply open your dialler and press *124*2# and wait, shortly you will receive a pulp up notifying you of your balance and validity.

How to Check BSNL Data Balance 2G&3G Data

It is good for you to understand BSNL 2G and 3G data balance are two separate balances. But to know the account balance of the BSNL balance 2G or 3G, the codes are the same.

How to Know BSNL Number with BSNL USSD Code

Below is a simple guide to recharge your account with the USSD code and check the BSNL balance account.

1. Open your phone

2. Dial *222# or call BSNL customer care (Note it is a toll-free line so you will not be charged).

3. Listen to the voice operator and select Recharge of Credit in the options given.

4. After the selection, type the twelve-digit recharge number from the backside of the coupon on your keyboard, followed by (#) sign

5. Then wait for the confirmation of the successful recharge.

How to Get BSNL Internet Settings Via SMS

To get internet settings via SMS, send the message- ‘NET’ to the number 58355. If that doesn’t work, send the message- ‘BSNL’ to 58355.

Settings will be sent to the user’s phone, which the user has to save and install.

How to Get Internet Settings Via Phone Call

Users may also get internet settings by making a phone  call to customer care. Call 1503 to get the settings.

How to Check BSNL Balance, Plan, Validity, and Latest Offers

These BSNL Balance Check Online USSD codes are very helpful for every user to understand their account data balance. So under I listed all of the codes and methods to check balance.

Are you a BSNL customer and wish to know codes on the best way to check the BSNL balance online or using your phone shortcode?

If you would like your mobile balance, data/internet balance,  and SMS balance online, you need to download the BSNL Mobile application.

To download the BSNL Mobile application, you can find the link below and if you would like to download, you can do this using the Google Play store.

After you will download the Bharti BSNL Mobile application, you want to log in there with your BSNL Mobile number.

FAQ’s on How to Check BSNL Net Balance

1. How to Check BSNL Balance (Main)?

You can check BSNL main balance by dialling *123*1#. This will show you your BSNL account balance and validity.

2. What is the BSNL Data Balance Enquiry Number/Code?

You can use *234# to enquire about your BSNL data balance.

3. How to check BSNL data balance 2G/3G?

To check your BSNL internet balance for 2G & 3G, you can use the same BSNL balance check codes & Numbers mentioned above.

BSNL offers give discounts on prepaid recharges. Avail them to save extra on every recharge.

If you have any questions concerning How to Check BSNL 3G Balance, Data and Usage, please feel free to use the comment box below and ask us your question. We will be very pleased to answer you.

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