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650 Gender-Neutral Baby Names 2022 and Meaning


Check 650 Gender-Neutral Baby Names 2022 and Meaning.

Gender Neutral Baby Names: Do you know that Gender-Neutral baby names are commonly known as unisex names?, This means that you can pretty much give it to your baby girl or a boy. at such, some unisex names like Avery and Kennedy are always traditionally last names that are turned into first names…Keep reading below.

Gender Neutral Baby Names

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Don’t make any mistake in give your child unaccepted name that has no meaning. Names such as; Dana and Leslie which have been used for only boys are more commonly given to girls nowadays.

You will like the perception of a gender-fluid or non-binary name as you get to learn more from this page.

Whatever may be the reason behind gender-neutral baby names, many families are hoping toward using gender-neutral names for their lovely babies.

Also, while there was a time when it appears a little odd to make use of the last name as a first name instead or to take a typically male name and use it for a girl, it has now become more rampant.

Therefore, if you decide on this type of name for your child, he or she will also get to know other kids with unisex names as well.

Gender Neutral Names – Unisex Baby Names

Gender Neutral Baby Names

Below are the few famous and unique gender-neutral names alongside their meanings, origins, and other interesting information you may like to know as well.

1. Addison

Origin: Old English

Meaning: Child of Adam

Alternative Spellings & Variations: Ad, Addie, Addis, Addisen, Addisson, Addisyn, Addy, Addysen, Addyson, Adis, Adisa, Adisen, Adison, Adisynne, Adysen, Adyson

Famous Namesakes: American actress Addison Riecke, American professional baseball player Addison Wayne Russell, American singer and songwriter Addison Scott, American actress Addison Jayne Timlin White

Peak Popularity: Addison was a much more common name for boys than girls before the 1990s. It started to gain popularity as a girl’s name in the mid-90s and has been seen to impart tremendous growth since then.

The name reaches its peak in the years 2007 and 2010 but continues to be one of the very trendy gender-neutral baby names, especially for girls.

2. Adrian

Origin: Latin, Greek

Meaning: Of the sea, dark one, or from Hadria

Alternative Spellings & Variations: Ade, Adrean, Adreeyan, Adriann, Adrianne, Adriano, Adrien, Adrienne, Adrin, Adrion, Adryan, Ady, Aidrian, Aydrien, Aydrienne, Hadrian

Famous Namesakes: American NFL player Adrian Jarrard Arrington, American musician Adrian Belew, American basketball player Adrian Delano Dantley, Mexican-American baseball player Adrián González Savín, American actor and musician Adrian Grenier, American jazz musician Adrian Rollini, American musician Adrian Samuel Young

Peak Popularity: Adrian has continued to become a fairly popular boys’ name. It became famous as a girls name in 1983, but drastically fell out of the top 1000 in the year 1998 before emerging popularity in 2000 and again falling off the list again in the year 2001 from the gender-neutral baby names.

3. Aiden

Origin: Irish, Celtic

Meaning: Fiery one

Alternative Spellings & Variations: Adan, Aden, Ady, Adyan, Adyen, Adyn, Aedan, Aid, Aidan, Aidyn, Aydan, Ayden, Aydin

Famous Namesakes: American actor Aidan Gould, English singer-songwriter Aiden Samuel Grimshaw, son of actress Tracey Gold – Aiden Michael Marshall, American child actor Aiden Reid Medina, Irish-American actor Aidan Quinn, son of musician Rod Stewart – Aiden Patrick Stewart, British model, and actor Aiden John Turner

Peak Popularity: Aiden is a much more popular name for boys than for girls. It became famous as one of the very trendy gender-neutral baby names for boys in 2010 and 2011 and still proceed to top the charts.

Gender Neutral Names – Unisex Baby Names

Below are the few famous and unique gender-neutral names alongside their meanings, origins, and other interesting information you may like to know as well.

Gender Neutral Baby Names

1. Addison

Origin: Old English

Meaning: Child of Adam

Alternative Spellings & Variations: Ad, Addie, Addis, Addisen, Addisson, Addisyn, Addy, Addysen, Addyson, Adis, Adisa, Adisen, Adison, Adisynne, Adysen, Adyson

Famous Namesakes: American actress Addison Riecke, American professional baseball player Addison Wayne Russell, American singer and songwriter Addison Scott, American actress Addison Jayne Timlin White

Peak Popularity: Addison was a much more common name for boys than girls before the 1990s. It started to gain popularity as a girl’s name in the mid-90s and has been seen to impart tremendous growth since then.

The name reaches its peak in the years 2007 and 2010 but continues to be one of the very trendy gender-neutral baby names, especially for girls.

2. Adrian

Origin: Latin, Greek

Meaning: Of the sea, dark one, or from Hadria

Alternative Spellings & Variations: Ade, Adrean, Adreeyan, Adriann, Adrianne, Adriano, Adrien, Adrienne, Adrin, Adrion, Adryan, Ady, Aidrian, Aydrien, Aydrienne, Hadrian

Famous Namesakes: American NFL player Adrian Jarrard Arrington, American musician Adrian Belew, American basketball player Adrian Delano Dantley, Mexican-American baseball player Adrián González Savín, American actor and musician Adrian Grenier, American jazz musician Adrian Rollini, American musician Adrian Samuel Young

Peak Popularity: Adrian has continued to become a fairly popular boys’ name. It became famous as a girls name in 1983, but drastically fell out of the top 1000 in the year 1998 before emerging popularity in 2000 and again falling off the list again in the year 2001 from the gender-neutral baby names.

3. Aiden

Origin: Irish, Celtic

Meaning: Fiery one

Alternative Spellings & Variations: Adan, Aden, Ady, Adyan, Adyen, Adyn, Aedan, Aid, Aidan, Aidyn, Aydan, Ayden, Aydin

Famous Namesakes: American actor Aidan Gould, English singer-songwriter Aiden Samuel Grimshaw, son of actress Tracey Gold – Aiden Michael Marshall, American child actor Aiden Reid Medina, Irish-American actor Aidan Quinn, son of musician Rod Stewart – Aiden Patrick Stewart, British model, and actor Aiden John Turner

Peak Popularity: Aiden is a much more popular name for boys than for girls. It became famous as one of the very trendy gender-neutral baby names for boys in 2010 and 2011 and still proceed to top the charts.

4. Alex

Origin: English and Greek

Meaning: Defender or protector of humankind

Alternative Spellings & Variations: Alecs, Aleix, Alek, Aleks, Alexe, Alexx, Alik, Alix, Alleks, Allex, Allexx, Allix, Alyx, Lex, Olek

Famous Namesakes: American actress Alexandra Hetherington “Alex” Breckenridge, English actress Alexandra Elizabeth “Alex” Kingston, Baseball player Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez (“A-Rod”), Canadian-American television personality George Alexander “Alex” Trebek

Peak Popularity: Alex has been famous for a long time and has continued to be a popular name for boys. The name reaches a peak for girls in the year 1995.  Since then, it has been seen as one of the steady decline from the gender-neutral baby names, although Alexandra was at number 137 in 2020.

5. Andy

Origin: French, Greek

Meaning: “strong and manly”

Alternative Spellings & Variations: Andee, Andi, Andie

Famous Namesakes: American model Andie Arthur, American pop singer and songwriter Andie Case, American comedian and actor Andrew “Andy” Roane Dick, American actor and comedian Andy Samuel Griffith, American actress and fashion model Rosalie Anderson “Andie” MacDowell, American actor, and comedian David A.J. “ Andy” Samberg, American artist Andrew “Andy” Warhol

Peak Popularity: Andy has gained steady popularity for boys over the decades with its outstanding popularity in the year 1964. Though the name has also been given to girls but is much less popular as one of the very trendy gender-neutral baby names nowadays.

6. Angel

Origin: Latin and Greek

Meaning: Messenger of God

Alternative Spellings & Variations: Anela, Ang, Angele, Angell, Angelle, Angelo, Angie, Angil, Anjel

Famous Namesakes: English actress Angel Leonie Coulby, American basketball player Angel Lajuane McCoughtry, American singer Angel Marie Faith, American NFL football player Angel Rubio

Peak Popularity: Angel is a popular name for girls among English-speaking parents and much more popular for boys among Spanish-speaking parents. The name reaches its peak in the year 2001 for the girls while the peak year for the boys was in the year 2006.

7. Archer

Origin: English

Meaning: One who uses a bow and arrow

Alternative Spellings & Variations: Archar, Archie, Archor, Archur, Archyr

Famous Namesakes: American diplomat and academic Archer Kent Blood, American historian and philanthropist Archer Milton Huntington, American actor and producer Archer King, English chemist and winner of the Nobel Prize Archer John Porter Martin

Peak Popularity: Archer is not a new name, but its popularity is only now rising. It has been on the top 1,000 list for boys since 2009 and ranked 160 in 2020. It is not as popular for girls as one of the very trendy gender-neutral baby names.

8. Ashton

Origin: English

Meaning: From the town of ash trees

Alternative Spellings & Variations: Ashe, Ashetin, Asheton, Ashetun, Ashten, Ashtin, Ashtine, Ashtun, Ashtyn, Ashtynne

Famous Namesakes: Australian musician Ashton Fletcher Irwin, American actor and entrepreneur (Christopher) Ashton Kutcher, American gymnast Ashton Taylor Locklear, American singer Ashton Delilah Shepherd

Peak Popularity: Ashton was on the top 1,000 list of boys’ names in the early 1900s. Since then, it has been on the top 200 names for boys in 2002 thus, reaching its highest rank of 76 in 2004.

Ashton showed up on the top 1,000 girls list in the year 1986. It attended a peak of 260 in the year 1989 but drastically dropped off from the gender-neutral baby names from the top 1,000 list for girls in the year 2006.

9. Aspen

Origin: English

Meaning: A type of tree with leaves that flutter in the slightest wind or trembling and fluttering like the leaves of the aspen tree. It is one of the very trendy gender-neutral baby names nowadays.

Alternative Spellings & Variations: Aspin, Aspyn

Famous Namesakes: Daughter of NFL player Michael Boulware – Aspen Boulware, American Broadway actress and voice actress Aspen Miller, American child actress Aspen K. Somers

Peak Popularity: Aspen is just gaining popularity nowadays. Although it was much more common among girls than for boys in the year 2020 which was its most successful year.

10. August

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Revered, distinguished, deserving of respect; majestic

Alternative Spellings & Variations: Augie, Auguste, Augustus, Gus, Gussie, Gust

Famous Namesakes: Daughter of singer Garth Brooks – August Anna Brooks, American author and film executive (father of Nicolas Cage) August Floyd Coppola, son of actors Mariska Hargitay and Peter Hermann – August Miklos Friedrich Hermann, son of singer Dave Matthews – August Oliver Matthews.

Other famous namesakes include the American child actor August Maturo, son of actress Jeanne Tripplehorn and Leland Orser – August Tripplehorn Orser, daughter of actress Charlize Theron – August Theron, American playwright August Wilson, daughter of Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan – August Zuckerberg

Peak Popularity: August reached a popularity peak for boys in the early 1900s. Nowadays, it has now again gained popularity for both boys and girls thus, ranking in the top 1000 as one of the very trendy gender-neutral baby names nowadays.

11. Avery

Origin: English or French

Meaning: Ruler of elves

Alternative Spellings & Variations: Aivree, Avari, Avarie, Avary, Ave, Averee, Averey, Averi, Averie, Avi, Avori, Avory, Avry

Famous Namesakes: American NBA basketball player Avery Antonio Bradley Jr., American actor and director, Avery Franklin Brooks, American basketball coach Avery DeWitt Johnson, American actor, and comedian Avery Lawrence Schreiber

Peak Popularity: Avery is a last name that is now used as a first name. It is at its peak in popularity nowadays. Its popular year for girls was in the year 2013 at number 12 in ranking Its most popular year for boys was noted to be in the year 2017 ranking at number 181. The good news is that it is now continuing to increase as a favorite name for both sexes.

12. Bailey

Origin: English, French

Meaning: A public officer of justice, a bailiff

Alternative Spellings & Variations: Bail, Bailee, Baileigh, Bailie, Baillie, Baily, Bay, Bayle, Bayleah, Baylee, Bayleigh, Bayley, Baylie, Bayly

Famous Namesakes: Canadian ice hockey player Bailey Bram, American actor Bailey Chase (Luetgert), daughter of singer Melissa Etheridge and Julie Cypher – Bailey Jean Cypher, son of actress Tracey Gold – Bailey Vincent Marshall.

Other famous namesakes include the American actress Bailey Ryon, daughter of designer Stella McCartney and Alasdhair Willis – Bailey Linda Olwyn Willis, American actress, and dancer Bailey Marie De Young

Peak Popularity: Bailey gained popularity for both boys and girls in the late 1990s. Since then, it has continued to be fashionable for girls. Unfortunately, its popularity for boys is declining as one of the very trendy gender-neutral baby names recently.

13. Blair

Origin: English, Scottish, Celtic

Meaning: Child of the plains, field, or battlefield

Alternative Spellings & Variations: Blaire, Blare, Blayr, Blayre

Famous Namesakes: Son of TV journalist Amelia Adams – Charlton Blair Adams, American actress (Bonnie) Blair Brown, American comedian Blair Butler, TV personality and golfer Blair O’Neal, American actor (David) Blair Redford, American actor Blair Erwin Underwood

Peak Popularity: Blair is a much more specific and friendly name. It reach its peak for boys in the year 1953 and in 1988 for girls.

The name has emerged for girls thus, ranking 432 as one of the very trendy gender-neutral baby names in the year 2018 very close to its previous ranking of 423 in the year 1988.

14. Blake

Origin: English

Meaning: Dark and attractive

Alternative Spellings & Variations: Blaike, Blaque, Blayke

Famous Namesakes: American actor and comedian Blake Clark, American pop singer Blake Colin Lewis, American actress Blake Ellender Lively, British memoirist and poet (Philip) Blake Morrison, American country music singer Blake Tollison Shelton

Peak Popularity: Blake has been continuously popular among boys since the year 1945. However, it was a top 100 name for boys from 1989 through the year 2015 making it to number 72 in 2012.

As a girl’s name, Blake has been reported to hit the top 1,000 list in the year 1990-1997 and then drastically fell off and revived later in the year 2011. Its popularity is outstanding even now, thus ranking number 269 as one of the very trendy gender-neutral baby names in the year 2017.

15. Brett

Origin: Celtic, English, Latin, Scottish

Meaning: A Breton or someone from Brittany, France

Alternative Spellings & Variations: Bret, Bret, Brette, Bretton, Brit, Briton, Britt, Britte

Famous Male Namesakes: American singer Brett Elizabeth Anderson, American actress and comedienne Brett Butler, American actor Brett Patrick Dalton, American football player Brett Lorenzo Favre, American musician Brett Allen Scallions

Peak Popularity: Brett is more common for boys than girls. It peaked in popularity for both genders in 1986 (the only year it was in the top 1,000 for girls) as one of the very trendy gender-neutral baby names.

16. Cameron

Origin: Scottish, Celtic

Meaning: Having a crooked nose

Alternative Spellings & Variations: Cam, Camaeron, Camaran, Camaron, Cameran, Camerin, Camerron, Cameryn, Camey, Camie, Camira, Camiran, Camiron, Cammeron, Camran, Camren, Camrin, Camron, Camry, Camryn, Kam, Kamerin, Kameron, Kamran, Kamren, Kamrin, Kamron, Kamryn

Famous Namesakes: Son of singer Jimmy Buffett – Cameron Marley Buffett, American film director and producer Cameron Bruce Crowe, American actress Cameron Michelle Diaz, American actor Cameron Morrell Douglas (son of actor Michael Douglas), American musician Cameron Matthew Followill, American actress and model Cameron Richardson

Peak Popularity: Cameron is more well-known for boys than girls. It has been a top 100 name for boys since 1987. Its highest rank was number 31 in the year 2000. It made the top 1,000 list as one of the very trendy gender-neutral baby names for girls in 1980 with 1999 as its most popular year.

17. Carson

Origin: Scottish, English, Irish

Meaning: Carr’s son or dweller of the marsh

Alternative Spellings & Variations: Carrson, Carsan, Carsen, Carsin, Carsyn, Karsen, Karsin, Karson, Karsyn

Famous Namesakes: American TV host Carson Jones Daly, American artist, and illustrator Carson Friedman Ellis, American fashion critic Carson Lee Kressley, American football player Carson Hilton Palmer

Peak Popularity: Carson is currently very trendy for boys, and it had a great year in 2018, with a new high at number 70. It started rising in popularity as a girl’s name in the 1990s with most girls receiving it in 1999 as one of the very trendy gender-neutral baby names.

18. Cassidy

Origin: Irish, Celtic

Meaning: Having curly hair; clever

Alternative Spellings & Variations: Caiside, Casadee, Casadi, Casadie, Casidee, Casidi, Casidy, Cassaday, Cassadee, Cassadey, Cassadi, Cassadie, Cassadina, Cassady, Cassandre, Cassandri, Cassandry, Cassaundra, Casseday, Cassedy, Cassi, Cassiddy, Cassidee, Cassidey, Cassidi, Cassidie, Cassie, Cassity, Cassondra, Kasidy, Kassadey, Kassidi, Kassidy, Kassodey

Famous Namesakes: American actress Cassidy Freeman, American actress Cassidy Erin Gifford (daughter of Kathie Lee and Frank Gifford), American singer-songwriter Cassidy Hugaert Haley

Peak Popularity: Cassidy is more common for girls than boys. It peaked for boys in 1984 and for girls in 1999 as one of the very trendy gender-neutral baby names.

19. Charlie

Origin: German, English

Meaning: Man, or free man; strong

Alternative Spellings & Variations: Charle, Charlee, Charleigh, Charley, Charli, Charly, Chatty, Sharli, Sharlie

Famous Namesakes: Son of actor David Arquette – Charlie West Arquette, English actor, and director Sir Charles Spencer “Charlie” Chaplin, American musician Charles Edward “Charlie” Daniels, American actor Charles Peckham “Charlie” Day.

Other famous namesakes include the American actor Charlie Heaton, American jazz musician Charles “Charile” Parker, Jr., American journalist and TV host Charles Peete “Charlie” Rose, Jr., American actor Charlie Sheen (born Carlos Irwin Estévez), son of golfer Tiger Woods – Charlie Axel Woods

Peak Popularity: Charlie has maintained steady popularity as a boy’s name for over 100 years. It is growing for girls with 2018 being its most popular year at 152.

20. Dakota

Origin: Native American

Meaning: Friendly, allies

Alternative Spellings & Variations: Daccota, Dacotah, Dakkota, Dakoda, Dakodah, Dakodah, Dakoeta, Dakotah, Dakote, Dekohta, Dekota, Dekowta

Famous Namesakes: American country music singer Dakota Bradley, American actress (Hannah) Dakota Fanning, son of actress Melissa Gilbert, Dakota Paul Brinkman, American actress Dakota Mayi Johnson (daughter of actor Don Johnson), daughter of Rosie O’Donnell and Michelle Rounds – Dakota O’Donnell

Peak Popularity: Dakota reached a peak for boys in 1995, and remains a popular boys name. It is equally liked for girls with outstanding popularity in the year 2006 as one of the very trendy gender-neutral baby names. 

21. Dallas

Origin: Celtic, Scottish, irish

Meaning: Living in the field

Alternative Spellings & Variations: Dal, Dalis, Dalise, Dalisha, Dalisse, Dalles, Dallis, Dallous

Famous Namesakes: American musician and producer Dallas Austin, son of American singer Fantasia Barrino – Dallas Xavier Barrino, American NFL football player Dallas Dean Clark, son of American musician Fred Durst – Dallas Frederick Durst.

Other famous namesakes include the American actress Bryce Dallas Howard (daughter of actor and producer Ron Howard), American professional basketball player Dallas Lauderdale, son of celebrity chefs Jamie and Jools Oliver – River Rocket Blue Dallas Oliver, American TV meteorologist Dallas Raines, American NFL football player Dallas Reynolds, American actor Dallas Mark Roberts

Peak Popularity: Dallas is more frequently a boy’s name. It reached a high for boys in 1995 but continues to rank in popularity. Its best year for girls as one of the very trendy gender-neutral baby names was in the year 1994.

If you are just putting to birth and you are confused about the kind of unisex name to give to your lovely baby, the following names below will impress you very much as it will get to find a solution for your doubt:

22. Dana

Origin: English

Meaning: God is the judge or a Dane from Denmark

Alternative Spellings & Variations: Danna, Daina, Dayna, Danah, Danae, Danula, Danalee, Dainna, Danacia, Danette, Daynah, Danuta, Danka

Famous Namesakes: American actor Carver Dana Andrews, American journalist and CNN correspondent Dana Bash, American film producer Dana Brunetti, American actor and comedian Dana Thomas Carvey, American actress Dana Welles Delany, American singer, and actress Aaliyah Dana Haughton.

Other famous namesakes include the American singer and talk show host Dana Elaine Owens (professionally known as Queen Latifah), American political pundit Dana Marie Perino, American actress and model Dana Michelle Plato, American swimmer, and Olympic Gold Medalist Dana Vollmer

Peak Popularity: While Dana is still a strong name for boys, it has become a much more common girl’s name in recent years. It was most popular for boys in 1954 and for girls in the year 1971 as one of the very trendy gender-neutral baby names.

23. Devon

Origin: English

Meaning: A poet

Alternative Spellings & Variations: Daven, Davin, Davion, Davon, Deaven, Devan, Devann, Devaughn, Devaun, Devawn, Deven, Devin, Devinne, Devona, Devonn, Devonne, Devvon, Devyn

Famous Namesake: American musician Devon Lane Allman (son of musician Greg Allman), American actress and model Devon Edwenna Aoki, American director, and author DeVon Franklin.

Other famous namesakes include the American actress Devon Odessa, daughter of American musician Joe Don Rooney and model Tiffany Fallon – Devon Olivia Rooney, American football player Devon Joshua Still, American actor and singer-songwriter Devon Werkheiser, American model Devon Windsor, American football player Devon Wylie

Peak Popularity: The name Devon is much more given to boys than to girls. It became the most popular as one of the very trendy gender-neutral baby names for boys in the year 1994 and for girls in the year 1991.

24. Dylan

Origin: Welsh

Meaning: Great tide, the sea

Alternative Spellings & Variations: Dillan, Dillen, Dillon, Dilon, Diloyn, Dylahn, Dylann, Dylen, Dylin, Dyllan, Dyllen, Dyllon, Dylon, Dylonn, Dylun, Dylynn

Famous Namesake: American actor Dylan Baker, son of actor Pierce Brosnan – Dylan Thomas Brosnan, son of actors Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones – Dylan Michael Douglas, actress Dylan O’Sullivan Farrow (daughter of Mia Farrow).

Other famous namesakes include the American actress Dylan Nicole Gelula, American businesswoman Dylan Lauren (daughter of designer Ralph Lauren), son of singer Tommy Lee and model/actress Pamela Anderson – Dylan Lee, Irish comedian Dylan Moran, American actor Dylan O’Brien, model Dylan Frances Penn (daughter of actors Robin Wright and Sean Penn)

Peak Popularity: Dylan has long been popular for boys, reaching 19 in 2003 and 2004. It entered the top 1000 for girls in 1993 and had a high at number 353 as one of the very trendy gender-neutral baby names in 2017.

25. Evan

Origin: Irish, Celtic, Hebrew

Meaning: God is a gracious or young warrior

Alternative Spellings & Variations: Euan, Euen, Evane, Evann, Evans, Even, Evin, Evyn, Ewen, Eyvind, Owen

Famous Namesake: Son of actress & model Jenny McCarthy – Evan Joseph Asher, American ice dancer Evan Bates, American actor Evan Handler, daughter of American actor and producer Jon Heder – Evan Jane Heder, American NFL football player.

Other famous namesakes include Evan Blake Smith, son of American singer Bruce Springsteen – Evan James Springsteen, son of American guitarist and vocalist Paul Stanley – Evan Shane Stanley, American actress Evan Rachel Wood

Peak Popularity: Evan has been a top 100 boy’s name since 1983 reaching number 35 in 2009. While it is also a girl’s name, it is much less common and has not made it into the top 1,000 names for girls as one of the very trendy gender-neutral baby names in the last 100 years.

26. Emerson

Origin: English, German

Meaning: Child of Emery

Alternative Spellings & Variations: Emersen, Emersyn, Emmerson

Famous Namesake: Canadian hockey player Emerson Clark, American actor and producer Emerson Collins, American professional hockey player Emerson Albert Spratlen Etem, son of actress Courtney Thorne-Smith.

Other famous namesakes also include Jacob Emerson Fishman, Canadian baseball player Emerson Frostad, American singer Emerson Hart, daughter of producer-director Shonda Rhimes – Emerson Pearl Rhimes, American guitarist Emerson Swinford, Actress Emerson Rose Tenney (daughter of actress Teri Hatcher and Jon Tenney)

Peak Popularity: Emerson was a more common boys’ name in the early 20th century.

It dramatically dropped for a while and then began to gain popularity from the year 2000 with its popular year being 2018, thus ranking at number 143 as one of the very trendy gender-neutral baby names.

It made the top 1,000 list for girls in 2002 and is consistently rising in the ranks. It also had its top year in 2017.

27. Finley

Origin: Irish, Celtic, Gaeilic

Meaning: A hero or battle warrior with fair skin

Alternative Spellings & Variations: Findlay, Findley, Finlay, Finlea, Finleah, Finlee, Finleigh, Finli, Finlie, Finly, Finn, Finnlea, Finnley, Fynley, Fynlie, Lee, Leigh, Phynley

Famous Namesake: Daughter of actor Daniel Baldwin – Finley Rae Martineau Baldwin , German astronomer Erwin Finlay-Freundlich.

It also include the famous American actor Finley Jacobsen, daughter of singer Lisa Marie Presle – Finley Aaron Love Lockwood (granddaughter of Elvis Presley), son of actor Chris O’Donnell – Finley O’Donnell, Scottish musician Finley Quaye, daughter of actors Angie Harmon and Jason Sehorn – Finly Faith Sehorn

Peak Popularity: Finley is equally trendy for boys and girls. It has seen a steady increase in use since 2006. Its most popular year for girls was 2017 as one of the very trendy gender-neutral baby names, while it continued to rise for boys in 2018.

28. Frankie

Origin: French, Teutonic, Latin, English

Meaning: Freeman or from the tribe of Franks in France

Alternative Spellings & Variations: Frankea, Frankee, Frankey, Franki, Frankkie, Franky

Famous Namesake: American singer Frankie Avalon (born Francis Thomas Avallone), daughter of actress Amanda Peet – Frances Pen “Frankie” Benioff, daughter of actress Mia Farrow – Frankie-Minh Farrow, daughter of an actress.

it also includes Drew Barrymore and Chanel heir Will Kopelman – Frankie Barrymore Kopelman, American actress Frankie Shaw, daughter of American Musician Nikki Sixx and mode/actress Donna D’Errico – Frankie-Jean Sixx, American singer Frankie Valli (born Francesco Stephen Castelluccio)

Peak Popularity: Frankie’s popularity reached a high for girls as one of the very trendy gender-neutral baby names in 1933 and 1936 and boys in 1945. 

29. Grayson

Origin: English

Meaning: Child of the one with gray (grey) hair; bailiff’s son

Alternative Spellings & Variations: Gracen, Gracyn, Gray, Graydon, Graysen, Grey, Greydon, Greysen, Greyson, Greysun

Famous Namesakes: American actress Grayson Hall, American singer-songwriter Grayson Hugh, American actor Grayson Russell

Peak Popularity: Grayson has seen a steady rise as a boy’s name since 1984. It ranked highest in 2018 reaching number 32. It has not made the top 1,000 list for girls yet as one of the very trendy gender-neutral baby names.

30. Greer

Origin: Latin, Scottish

Meaning: A watchful, vigilant guardian

Alternative Spellings & Variations: Grear, Grier

Famous Namesakes: British-American Actress Eileen Evelyn Greer Garson, American fantasy novelist Greer Ilene Gilman, American actress Kandace “Greer” Grammer (daughter of actor Kelsey Grammer)

Peak Popularity: Greer is a great name for a boy or a girl. It’s also unique since it is not on the list of the top 1,000 names for either sex.

31. Hayden

Origin: English

Meaning: Hedged valley; heather-grown hill

Alternative Spellings & Variations: Hadan, Haden, Hadin, Hadon, Hadun, Hadyn, Haidan, Haiden, Haidin, Haidon, Haidun, Haidyn, Haydan, Haydin, Haydn, Haydon, Haydun, Haydyn

Famous Namesakes: American actor Hayden Byerly, American poet, and literary critic Hayden Carruth, Canadian-American actor and producer Hayden Christensen, American NFL football player Hayden Scott Epstein, American actress and singer Hayden Lesley Panettiere

Peak Popularity: Hayden is a typical boys’ name. It has also been even more popular since 1990 up till now. It started gaining traction for girls in 1998, thus reaching a peak as one of the very trendy gender-neutral baby names in 2008. It continues to be fashionable for both sexes.

32. Hunter

Origin: English

Meaning: A Huntsman or provider

Alternative Spellings & Variations: Hunt, Huntar, Huntley, Huntor, Huntter, Huntur, Huntyr

Famous Namesakes: Scottish journalist and author (Edward) Hunter Davies, son of TV chef Guy Fieri – Hunter Fieri, American theatre actor Hunter Foster, American golfer Hunter Myles Mahan, American actor, and singer.

Other famous namesakes also extend to include Hunter Parrish Tharp, American baseball player Hunter Andrew Pence, American football player Hunter Dwight Smith, American journalist and author Hunter Stockton Thompson, American guitarist Hunter Thomsen, American actress, and author Hunter Tylo

Peak Popularity: Hunter has traditionally been a name for boys. It began to see a rise in popularity in the late 1970s and has been the top 100 boys’ name as one of the very trendy gender-neutral baby names for the last 25 years reaching number 35 in 2000.

It hit the top 1,000 list of girls’ names in 1993 and reached number 305 in 1998. It continues to be a more popular name for boys than girls nowadays even more as one of the very trendy gender-neutral baby names.

33. Jayden

Origin: Hebrew, American

Meaning: Thankful to God, or God has heard

Alternative Spellings & Variations: Jade, Jadeen, Jaden, Jadena, Jadene, Jadeyn, Jadin, Jadine, Jadon, Jadrien, Jadyn, Jaeden, Jaedon, Jaiden, Jaidyn, Jaidynn, Jay, Jayden, Jaydin, Jaydon, Jaydyn, Jaydynn

Famous Namesake: Son of professional tennis players Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf – Jaden Gil Agassi, American actor Jaden Isaiah Betts, American pop singer Jaden Michaels, American actor Jaden Piner, son of actor Christian Slater – Jaden Christopher Haddon-Slater, American actor and rapper Jaden Christopher Syre Smith (son of actors Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith)

Peak Popularity: Jayden first made it to the top 1,000 names for boys in 1994 and has risen steadily. It was a top 10 boys’ name from 2009 to 2013 reaching number 4 in 2010 and 2011.

It made the top 1,000 charts for girls as one of the very trendy gender-neutral baby names in 1998 topping out at a rank of 172 in 2007.

34. Jackie

Origin: Hebrew, American

Meaning: Supplanter; God is gracious, son of God

Alternative Spellings & Variations: Jack, Jackee, Jackey, Jacki, Jacky, Jacqui, Jacquie, Jaqui, Jaquie

Famous Namesake: Hong Kong martial artist and actor Jackie Chan, English novelist Jacqueline “Jackie” Collins, American Olympic heptathlete Jacqueline “Jackie” Joyner-Kersee, Former first lady of the U.S. Jacqueline Lee “Jackie” Bouvier Kennedy Onassis, American baseball player Jack Roosevelt “Jackie” Robinson, American actress (wife of Adam Sandler) Jacqueline Samantha “Jackie” Sandler, American actress Jacklyn (Jackie) Zeman

Peak Popularity: Jackie has been a top 1,000 name for both genders for about 100 years now. It reached its highest popularity rank for boys as one of the very trendy gender-neutral baby names in the year 1935 and for girls in the year 1961.

35. Jaime

Origin: English, Spanish, Hebrew

Meaning: One who comes after or replaces; supplanter

bChago, Haime, Jaimee, Jaimelynn, Jaimey, Jaimi, Jaimie, Jaimito, Jaimy, Jamee, James, Jamey, Jami, Jamia, Jamie, Jamilyn, Jay, Jaymay, Jayme, Jaymee, Jaymie

Famous Namesake: American actress and singer Jaime Lyn Beatty, American comedian and actor Eric Marlon Bishop (a.k.a. Jaime Foxx), son of American singer and songwriter Chester Bennington – Jaime Bennington, American actress.

Moreover, they also include Jamie Lee Curtis, American rapper Jaime Luis Gomez (a.k.a. “Taboo), American model and actress Jaime King, English actress Jaime Murray, American actress Jaime Elizabeth Pressly

Peak Popularity: Jaime saw a peak for boys in 1980 and for girls in 1976 as one of the very trendy gender-neutral baby names. In recent years, it has gone down a little in the ranks for both sexes.

36. Jesse

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Wealthy, or God’s gift

Alternative Spellings & Variations: Jescie, Jese, Jesee, Jesi, Jess, Jessee, Jessey, Jessi, Jessie, Jessy, Jessye, Yishai

Famous Namesake: American actor Jesse Bradford, American singer Jessie James Decker, American actor Jesse Adam Eisenberg, American actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson, American civil rights activist and politician.

Moreover, it also includes Jesse Louis Jackson, Sr., American outlaw Jesse Woodson James, American actor Jesse Eden Metcalfe, American Olympic athlete and civil rights icon James Cleveland “Jesse” Owens, American politician and author Jesse Ventura (born James George Janos)

Peak Popularity: Jesse has been in the top 200 names for boys for over 100 years as one of the very trendy gender-neutral baby names. It reached number 37 in 1981. Although it’s more often a boy’s name, as a girl’s name, it achieved a rank of 518, also in 1981.

37. Jo

Origin: American, French

Meaning: Jehovah increases

Alternative Spellings & Variations: Joey, Jojo

Famous Namesakes: English nanny and TV personality Joanne “Jo” Frost, America singer Janet Damita Jo Jackson, American singer Jo Elizabeth Stafford

Peak Popularity: In 1900, Joe ranked number 22 as one of the very trendy gender-neutral baby names for boys. It remained a top 100 name as one of the very trendy gender-neutral baby names until 1971.

However, there’s been a steady decline since then. It is less common for girls, Jo peaked in 1947 at 51 and fell off the top 1000 list of girls’ names after 1985.

38. Jody

Origin: English, Hebrew

Meaning: Praised; “God is gracious”; “Jehovah increases”

Alternative Spellings & Variations: Jodee, Jodey, Jodi, Jodie, Jodiha, Joedy

Famous Namesakes: American golfer Jody Rosenthal Anschutz, American composer and performer Jody Diamond, American actress Alicia Christian “Jodie” Foster, Film producer Jody Hamilton (daughter of comedian Carol Burnett), American singer Myrna Joy “Jody” Miller, American singer Jody Vanessa Watley

Peak Popularity: Jody was a popular boy’s name in the 1960s and 1970s. It has seen a steady decline and has not made the top 1,000 list for boys since 1996.

Jody was also one of the popular gender-neutral baby names for girls from the 1950s until the 1980s when it began to fall out of one of the very trendy gender-neutral baby names. It dropped off the top 1,000 list for girls in 1991.

39. Jordan

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Flowing down, descending

Alternative Spellings & Variations: Jardan, Johrdan, Jordain, Jordaine, Jordani, Jordanio, Jordanka, Jordann, Jordanna, Jordanny, Jordano, Jordany, Jordayne, Jorden, Jordena, Jordenn, Jordian, Jordie, Jordin, Jordo, Jordon, Jordun, Jordy, Jordyn, Jordynn, Jori, Jorie, Jorry, Jory, Jourdan, Jud, Judd, Yardena

Famous Namesake: Former infamous felon and previous stockbroker, now a motivational speaker and author, Jordan Ross Belfort, American basketball player Jordan Robert Farmar, daughter of dancer Kevin Federline – Jordan Kay Federline, American actor, and singer.

Moreover, they also include Jordan William Fisher, daughter of American TV host Leeza Gibbons – Jordan Alexandra “Lexi” Gibbons, Irish-American inventor and vocalist Jordan Hewson (daughter of singer Bono), American basketball player.

Moreso, famous namesakes include Jordan Craig Hill, British actress Jordan Loughran, American actor, and comedian Jordan Haworth Peele, American singer Jordin Brianna Sparks, American golfer Jordan Alexander Spieth

Peak Popularity: Jordan has been a top 1,000 boy name for over 100 years. It became a top 100 boys’ name in 1982 reaching the number 26 spot in 1997.

It continues to be a top 100 name for boys as one of the very trendy gender-neutral baby names. Jordan hit the top 1,000 for girls in 1978. It peaked at number 40 in 1997 and has been on a slight decline ever since.

40. Journey

Origin: English, Latin

Meaning: A traveler or adventurer

Alternative Spellings & Variations: Jerney, Journee, Journi, Journie, Journy, Journye, Jurnee

Famous Namesake: Son of actors Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green – Journey River Green, son of musician Jamie Luis Gimez (“Taboo”) – Journey Jameson Gomez

Peak Popularity: Journey is more popular for girls than for boys. It made the top 1,000 list of girl names in the year 1999 as one of the very trendy gender-neutral baby names, thus reaching a rank of 231 in 2018. It is not yet on the top 1,000 list for boys.

41. Justice

Origin: Latin, American, Middle English

Meaning: Honest and fair

Alternative Spellings & Variations: Justic, Justis, Justiss, Justisse, Justiz, Justus, Justyc, Justyce, Justys, Juztice

Famous Namesakes: Daughter of actors Justin and Lindsay Hartley (Korman) – Isabella Justice Hartley, son of actor Steven Seagal – Kentaro Justice Seagal, American actor and pro wrestler Jesse “Justice” Smith Jr.

Peak Popularity: Justice showed up as on the top 1,000 list of boy names in 1992. It had its most popular year in 1996.

As a girl’s name Justice has been consistently in the top 600 names since it made the top 1,000 charts in 1994. Its most popular year was 1995 when it ranked at 261 as one of the very trendy gender-neutral baby names.

42. Kai

Origin: Hawaiian, Indian, German, Welsh

Meaning: Of the sea; keeper of the keys

Alternative Spellings & Variations: Kaj, Kaja, Keh, Kei, Ky, Kye

Famous Namesakes: American actor Kai Alexander, American Pulitzer Prize-winning author Kai Bird, American actor Kai Caster, American actor Kai Chapman, American football player Kai August Forbath, American actor and professional skateboarder Kai Hillebrand.

Other famous namesakes include the American actor Kai Lennox, American NFL player Kaimana (Kai) Nacua, American radio journalist Kai Ryssdal, American musician, and producer Kai Wachi, American musician and film score composer Kai Welch, Danish-American jazz musician Kai Chresten Winding

Peak Popularity: Kai has been constantly increasing in popularity since it arrived at the top 1,000 names for boys in the year 1979. Its top year was reported to be in the year 2018 when it ranked 113 as one of the very trendy gender-neutral baby names on the list.

It’s a fairly new top 1,000 names for girls showing up on the list in 2010. It also saw its most popular year in 2017 at 808.

43. Keaton

Origin: English

Meaning: From the town of hawks or the shed town

Alternative Spellings & Variations: Keatan, Keaten, Keatin, Keatton, Keatun, Keatyn, Keeton, Keeton, Keetun, Keyton, Keytun

Famous Namesakes: American actor and singer Keaton Nigel Cooke, English singer-songwriter Keaton Henson, American singer-songwriter Keaton Simons, American actress Keaton Nicole Tyndall

Peak Popularity: Keaton made it on the boy’s top 1,000 list in 1985 and hit its highest rank in 2000 at 353 as one of the very trendy gender-neutral baby names. 

44. Keegan

Origin: Irish, Celtic

Meaning: Small fiery one

Alternative Spellings & Variations: Keagan, Keagen, Keegen, Keeghan, Keegon, Keegun, Kegan, Keigan

Famous Namesakes: American actor and writer Keegan Phillip Allen, American professional golfer Keegan Hansen Bradley, American composer and actor Keegan DeWitt, American pastry chef and TV host Keegan Gerhard, American actor, and comedian Keegan-Michael Key

Peak Popularity: Keegan is more often a boy’s name than a girl’s name. It hit the top 1,000 list of boy names in 1979 and peaked in 2007 as one of the very trendy gender-neutral baby names. For girls, Keegan hasn’t yet made the top 1,000 list.

45. Kelsey

Origin: English, Celtic, Irish

Meaning: Ship victory or from the fierce island

Alternative Spellings & Variations: Kelcey, Kelci, Kelcie, Kelcy, Kelda, Kellsee, Kellsei, Kellsey, Kellsie, Kellsy, Kelsay, Kelsea, Kelsee, Kelsei, Kelseigh, Kelsi, Kelsie, Kelso, Kelsy, Kelsye

Famous Namesakes: American pop singer Kelsey Bahiyyih Bulkin, American actress Kelsey Asbille Chow, American soccer player Kelsey Laine Davis, American actor Kelsey Grammer, American actress Kelsey Keel, American TV chef Kelsey Nixon, American basketball player Kelsey Christine Plum

Peak Popularity: Kelsey had a peak in popularity for boys between 1970 and 1996 with its most popular year being 1989.

It has declined since. The name became popular among girls beginning in the year 1977. It became a top 100 girls’ name from the year 1987 through 2001 and then continued to become much more popular till date.

Non Binary Gender Neutral Names

The following are much more lovely gender-neutral baby names ideas that you can consider for your baby. check them out below:

Gender Neutral Baby Names

46. Kendall

Origin: English, Celtic

Meaning: From the valley of the River Kent

Alternative Spellings & Variations: Kendahl, Kendal, Kendalla, Kendalle, Kendel, Kendell, Kendelle, Kendera, Kendia, Kendyl, Kendyll, Kinda, Kindall, Kindi, Kindle, Kynda, Kyndal, Kyndel

Famous Namesakes: American basketball player and television sports analyst Kendall Cedric Gill, American model, and TV personality Kendall Nicole Jenner, American news anchor Kendall Diane Morris, American NFL football player (Henry Alexander) Kendall Simmons, American singer and actor Kendall Schmidt

Peak Popularity: Kendall has been pretty popular for boys throughout the last 100 years, although it has seen a decline since 2014. It began to rise for girls in the 1960s and reached number 116 in 2012.

47. Kennedy

Origin: Scottish, Irish, Celtic

Meaning: Helmet-wearing chief

Alternative Spellings & Variations: Canaday, Canady, Kenedee, Kenedi, Kenedie, Kenedy, Kenidi, Kenidie, Kenidy, Kennadee, Kennadi, Kennadie, Kennady, Kennedee, Kennedey, Kennedi, Kennedie, Kennidee, Kennidi, Kennidy, Kynnedi

Famous Namesakes: American fashion journalist and essayist Kennedy Fraser, American political satirist and radio/TV personality Lisa Kennedy Montgomery (known as “Kennedy”), American actress and model Kennedy Trawick

Peak Popularity: Kennedy is much more given to a girl than to a boy. For boys, it reached a brief bump in popularity in the year 1960s and again spring from the year 1994 to 2005.

For girls, it has been very famous since the year 1994. It has been reported to become a top 100 name for girls since the year 2011 and ranking tremendously at number 54 in the year 2014.

48. Kieran

Origin: Scottish, Irish, Celtic, Gaelic

Meaning: Having dark hair, little and dark

Alternative Spellings & Variations: Ciara, Ciaran, Keimon, Keiran, Keiren, Keiron, Kiaran, Kiaron, Kiarron, Kier, Kieren, Kierian, Kierien, Kierin, Kiernan, Kieron, Kierr, Kierre, Kierron, Kiren, Kyran

Famous Namesakes: American actor Kieran Kyle Culkin, son of American actress Julianna Margulies – Kieran Lindsay Lieberthal , American actor Kieran Mulroney, American novelist Kieran Scott

Peak Popularity: Kieran had increased in popularity as a boy’s name since the year 1992. Its most popular year was reported to be in the year 2011. However, this name is not common for girls.

49. Lane

Origin: English

Meaning: From the narrow road or one who takes the narrow path

Alternative Spellings & Variations: Laen, Lain, Laina, Laine, Lainey, Laney, Lanie, Layn, Layne, Laynee

Famous Namesakes: American singer Lane Brody, American actor and producer Lane Carlson, American actor Lane Davies, American actor Lane Edward Garrison, American football coach Lane Monte Kiffin

Peak Popularity: Lane is more common for boys than girls. It has been a top 1000 boys’ name since 1929 with a peak in 1995. It is not on the top 1,000 list for girls.

50. Leighton

Origin: English

Meaning: From the town near the meadow

Alternative Spellings & Variations: Lay, Layten, Layton, Laytun, Leigh, Leighten, Leightun, Leyton

Famous Namesakes: American football player Leighton Vander Esch, American politician Leighton A. Hope, American actress Leighton Marissa Meester, American politician Leighton Paul Schubert

Peak Popularity: Leighton has traditionally been a name given to handsome boys. It made the top 1,000 names for boys more than 14 times between the years 1908 and 2018. It appeared on the top 1,000 names for girls in 2009, and its popularity is on the rise.

51. Ballantine: It’s an unusual name with a grand sound and spelling. The Scottish surname meaning “worship place” is traditionally a boys-only choice, but we love it for a baby of any gender. 

52. Cameron: This one has a quirky meaning—“crooked nose”—but if you can get past that, it’s got potential as a cool gender-neutral name choice from the Scotts. 

53. Finley: Alternatively spelled Finlay, this popular gender-neutral Scottish and Irish baby name means “fair-haired hero,” making it an apt pick for a blonde baby or any little love. Nickname choices include Finn for a boy and Lea, or Lili, for a girl.

54. Firth: The Scottish nature name meaning “arm of the sea” has a refined feeling and easy spelling for a one-syllable stunner that’s sure to carry them well through life. 

55. Greer: If you caught any of Reign on The CW (or Netflix), this ancient Scottish baby name might have grabbed your attention. It’s a powerful pick for a baby girl or boy, meaning “alert” or “watchful.”

56. Rory: Rory is just one of those baby names that make you go, “Aw!” The short and sweet, gender-neutral Scottish name means “red king.”

57. Sinclair: This one is just so cool. Is it that hint of edge that comes from the first three letters or its smooth finish? We’re not quite sure, but one thing we do know is that this fab gender-neutral place name from Scotland is a solid contender. 

58. Skye: The Scottish place name is about as pretty as it is popular, and it works well for a little boy or girl. If you prefer a longer version, Schuyler or Skylar work.  

59. Addison: A popular old English name and can be written in many ways such as Adyson, Adison, Addysen, etc.

The name means Son of Adam. Therefore, there are many towns and places named as same in the United States.

60. Ashton: A popular and unique English unisex name came from the name of a town that means Ash tree

Gender Neutral Baby Names

These names can also be written as Asheton, Ashtun, Ashtin, and Ashtyn.

61. Angel:  A unique and classic choice of name, which means “God’s Messenger.”

62. Ash: A trendy short and cute name that has been introduced as a name in recent years. It means to be happy always.

63. Arden: It is a cool English name that means “The valley of the eagle”. It also has origins in Hebrew as a word for the garden of Eden.

64. Alex:  A cool Greek English name means protector of humanity.

65. Arrow:  A positive choice of name for your daughter or your son. This name represents as capable of finding the right way or hitting the target.

66. Andy/Andrew: The most commonly used name means ‘Brave’.

67. Billie: A cute English name with the meaning of “Resolute protector.”

68. Bobby: It is a typical German/English name. The names mean bright and famed.

69. Brooke: An uncommon name means small stream.

70. Bailey: A unisex English name means a bailiff or a public officer of justice.

71. Blake: The name itself means attractive and dark. There are a singer and actress with the same name

72. Brett: A French name that represents someone from Brittany, France, or a Breton.

73. Cameron: It is a Scottish-originated baby name. It means ‘Bent or Crooked Nose.’

74. Charlie: A traditional adaptation of the name ‘Charles’. Charlie is a short name for ‘Charlotte’ also, so it is perfect for both.

75. Cassady: A cool name with a perfect meaning of ingenious, bright to represent a person’s character.

76. Casey: An Irish baby name that means watchful or observant.

77. Carter: An old-aged English name which means cart driver.

77. Clayton: A person from the Clay town or estate. It is among the top popular names.

78. Cypress: A Greek name that means adaptable and long-lived.

79. Dallas: An English cool name represents living in the field

80. Darrel: It’s a cute baby name that means ‘darling’.

81. Denver: An old and popular English name means Valley.

82. Devon: A gender-neutral names represent a ‘Poet’.

83. Drew: Wise is the meaning of the word. It is a Welsh-originated name and modern used the unisex word.

84. Darby: An English surname probably sourced from Derby, it’s thought to mean ‘deer town’ in Old Norse

85. Easton: An English name with the meaning of ‘east town’, this has always been a popular unisex name.

86. Elian:  A Dutch name that connects to several names that start with Eli, it is a simple unisex name.

87. Emerson: An English name meaning ‘brave and powerful.”

88. Ellis: An old English name that has been derived from Elijah.

89. Evan: It is a common unisex name with a meaning of “God is gracious or Youth”.

90. Emery: It means to England by the Normans people. This unisex name is rarely used, and therefore it is an unusual choice word for your child.

91. Frankie: A cool French name means “Free one or a Frenchman”. It can also be used as ‘Franky or Franchy’.

92. Finley: An Irish word represents a Fair-haired warrior.

This name can also be written as Finlee or Finleigh. This word looks quite feminine but it’s found that there is a man too with the same surname.

93. Flynn: The name means ‘Child of the red-haired man’. An Irish surname that was more popular boys’ name, however, there have been several parents choosing the same name for their baby girls.

94. Fox: An Irish surname that was more popular boys’ name, however, there have been many parents choosing the same name for their baby girls.

95. Gabriel An English name means ‘Hero of God’. The name has become a trademark in the Bible and in the 21st century, it was a strongly charting pick.

96. Gene: The word Gene means Well Made and originates in English.

97. Gentry:  The name Gentry means Nobility by birth and originates in English. In other terms, it also means aristocracy.

98. Gillian: An English descent name and it means “youthful.” Gillian is a common name nowadays used both for girls and boys.

99. Glen: It’s a unique baby name originating from the Gaelic word Gleana, which means river or the secluded valley. It can also be written as Glenn or Glyn.

100. Gray/Grey: This name is very trendy and cool. It doesn’t have a precise meaning, and it represents ‘grey hair’

101. Halo: It is a Greek English word. This name means ‘Divine aura’.

102. Haskell: A modern English unisex word with a powerful meaning. The word represents ‘Wisdom’.

103. Haven: An English word, a noun meaning “a place of safety or security”. The term haven denotes a port or harbor.

104. Isabel: This name can also be written as Isabelle or Isabella.

It is a Spanish-origin name that means “God of Plenty” or “Pledges to God”.

105. Indigo: As a colour, this means deep and royal Blue, so the same be used as baby names.

106. Jackie:  An English name which means ‘God is gracious. It is a unique and modern name, also written as Jacqui.

107. Jean: The word means ‘Gift from God’. This name is short and have deep meaning and is used by girls and boys.

108. Jesse: A popular worldwide English name that means ‘Wealthy’. Baby girls can write it as Jessie or Jessica.

109. Jody:  Initially a pet form of Judy and Judith, which ultimately comes from the Hebrew Yehudit (praise). Jody is now assigned an independent name.

110. Jersey:  This word is possibly coming from a Scandinavian nickname, but also a place name from the United States, Jersey is a genderless term you won’t hear too often.

111. Justice:  It is a modern English name. The name itself has a lawful meaning. This means “Rightfulness or Fairness”.

112. Kadin: It is an Arabic word. A unique name refers to ‘Friend’ or ‘Companion’.

113. Kai: This word is an agender neutral Japanese name that represents ‘forgiveness or mercy.

114. Keely: An original Gaelic word that came from Irish means beautiful and graceful.

115. Kennedy: The name means ‘Helmeted head’, and this can be written as Kennedi as well. It is a famous unisex word that both boys and girls can have that term.

116. Kensley: An old English word derived from a place, and it means ‘clear spring’.

117. Kiley:  A cute name with perfect meaning. This name will describe the person as well. It means ‘smart and beautiful’.

118. Kim/Kym: Kim is a perfect unisex name. This is also used as a tag or a diminutive for terms like Brooke, Kimberley,

119. Kimball and Kimiko: The name means ‘Bold family or kin’.

120. Lake: It is an old English word meant for someone who lives by a stream.

121. Landry:  This word is new, and it meant a ‘powerful ruler’. The name can be given to a baby girl or baby boy.

122. Lennon: An Irish Gaelic word means ‘small cloak’. It is a name given to a famous rockstar.

123. Logan: An English and Irish Gaelic word deprived of a Scottish place. This word denotes to small hollow.

124. Lonnie: A German name means ‘ready for battle.’ It is a unique unisex name.

125. Lucian: An Italian word meant as ‘Bringer of light’. It can also be written as Lucy-Ann or Lucianus.

126. Lux: The word comes from the Latin word for ‘light’, and it is a smart and cool name for boys and girls

127. Mackenzie:  A Scottish name means Child of the wise ruler. This name also defines the parent’s personality along with the baby.

128. Max: An Italian cute baby name defined as the Greatest or the Maximus.

129. Memphis:  A regal choice of name that means beautiful and Enduring. This is a Latin word, and there is a place named the same.

130. Monroe: An unconventional Irish name meaning ‘River delta or Red marsh.’ A royal touch to this delicate Unisex name makes it all the more appealing!

131. Morgan:  An adorable Welsh unisex name. The name came from Old Welsh Morcant descendant, likely derived from or (meaning “shore”) and cant (meaning “circle”), meaning “sea chief” or “sea protector”

132. Nevada: A classic Spanish choice of the name means Snowy or Sow covered mountains. It is a Unique and neutral name for both gender babies.

133. Nico: This name can also be used as a nickname, as it was the nickname of Nicholas. A short and cute Greek unisex name which means Victory of the people.

134. Nikita:   Nikita is a Greek and Sanskrit word that means Victorious or goodness of Victory. It is a unique unisex name for babies with a powerful meaning attached to it.

Gender Neutral Baby Names

135. Noel: The Term ‘ Noel ‘ means “a carol for Christmas,” and the letter translates into Christmas. French people wish each other “Joyeux Noël,” and the meaning is “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Christmas” across the sea. This can also be written as Noelle.

136. Oakley:  It is a regal old English word that means ‘from the old oak tree meadow’.

137. Ocean:   The word means the whole water network which covers nearly three-quarters of our planet. If you don’t want to gender this one adding anything at the end (i.e. Oceanus, Oceana, Oceane), it’s all logical and straightforward.

138. Ode: This is a cute and straightforward African Nigerian word that means Born while traveling. It is a short name used for both Girls and Boys.

139. Oswin: A unique and Classic choice of the name which means Divine friend.

140. Owen: A Welsh originated the traditional name, which means “young warrior.” or “well-born,” “noble.” There are well-known actors with the same name. 

141. Parker: A popular old English name that means Park Keeper. It is a common unisex name that is widely used.

142. Peace: A beautiful old English name with a lovely meaning. Peace word means an end of war and freedom from disturbances.

143. Perry: Perrie is a French name that means pear tree. It is also an alternative spelling of the name of French name Perrie which is of the same meaning.

144. Phoenix: A phoenix is a mythical bird that burns itself to ashes every five hundred years and is then raised again, according to ancient myths. It is a Greek word, which means that after they seem to vanish or be killed will return.

145. Quincy: An old French word which means From the estate of the 5th son. It is a trendy and cool unisex name.

146. Quinn: A beautiful name with a heavenly meaning ‘Wise or Clever’.

147. Raleigh: A beautiful name that is considered for unisex babies nowadays. It is an old English word that means “From the deer meadow”.

148. Ramsey: A unique name to match a unique personality baby. It is a Scottish word that means Wild island.

149. Raphael: This is a Hebrew originating word that means God has healed. This word can also be written as  Rafael, Raffael, Raffaello, Raffiel, Raffaele, or Refael.

150. Regan:  A Perfect Irish name for the little one. This word means Little king.

151. Reilly: A unisex Irish name that has its specific importance. This word means a person is Courageous.

152. Rumi: A beautiful gender-neutral Japanese name, its meaning is Beauty or flow.

153. Ryan: Ryan is an Irish name that comes from the surname of Ryan in Ireland. Typically, popular sources suggest that Ryan means “little illustrious King”, even though the name’s original meaning is obscure.

154. Sage: It is a beautiful Latin name that has its own significance. This name is short and adorable, and it means Wise and healthy.

155. Salem: A cool Arabic word with a deeper meaning of peace and complete.

156. Sean: This is an Irish name that represents that the baby is a gift from God. In other terms, the word means ‘God is gracious.

157. Skyler: A Dutch-originated word means Giving shelter. This can also be written as Skylar.

158. Sterling:  A beautiful English name with a beautiful meaning. This word means High quality and pure. This can also be written as Stirling, which has the same meaning.

159. Stevie: A Greek originating word for your precious baby. As babies are a very precious gift. This word means Crown and victorious.

160. Tate: A cool unisex English name. This word means Happy and Healthy.

161. Tatum: An English name means Cheerful bringer of joy.

162. Taylen: A French originating name means Occupation or tailor.

163. Terry: A German unisex name is in trend. This name is sweet and adorable, and it also means Smooth. This can be written as Terrie or Teri.

164. Toby: A Middle-aged English means ‘The goodness of God’. There are many other ways of writing this word which has the same meaning such as Tobey or Tobbie.

165. Tony: A popular English originating word. This word means ‘Worthy of praise’, and parents from all religions have liked this name. This is a widely used unisex name and can also be written as Toni and Tonnie.

166. Umber: The meaning of the word is Shade. This is a French originating word that can define the inner meaning of different shades of life. This is also a gender-neutral word.

167. Unique: The Special word for unlike or being the one is the meaning of Unique and can be used both for girls and boys.

168. Val: Val is the perfect Latin name if you want to keep the short and sweet name. You can also expand it to Valentine or Valerie, which means Strong.

169. Vesper: A Latin-originated word means Evening star or prayer. This is quite a different name with a wonderful meaning.

170. Vick:  A Latin word that means Conqueror. This can also be written as Vicky or Vikkie.

171. Wisdom: A Greek-originated word means Smart or Wise.

172. Wyatt: This is an old-aged French word which is derived from a Fighter and it means Small fighter.

173. Wynne: A Welsh-originated word means Pure and Fair.

174. Xen: A Japanese unisex word that means Tranquil or a variant transcription of Zen.

175. Xoan: A word originated from Hebrew, which means god is great. The best name for the baby if you are looking for the letter ‘X’.

176. Yael: This is a Hebrew name that means Strenght of God. The name also sounds good along with the meaning.

177. Zephyr/Zephyrus: The personified westerly wind, eventually evolved into zephyr, a term for a westerly or gentle breeze, or both. An unconventional Greek word unisex name.

178. Zion: A Hebrew originated word which denotes as Risen up. The last letter of the alphabet shows a strong meaning inside.

179. Ainsley: It was originally a surname derived from towns in England. The name is a combination of the two Old English words Anne (meaning alone or solitary) or Ansetl (meaning hermitage) and Leah (meaning woodland or clearing). This type of image evokes an independent spirit.

180. Alexis: This name has Greek origins and means helper or defender. It has been the name of a Greek comic poet and many saints as well as five Byzantine emperors in the form of Alexius. With a basis in mythology and royalty, it’s a pretty powerful name.

181. Angel: Derived from the masculine Latin name Angelus and the Greek Angelos, both of which means messenger, the name is now sometimes used as a girls’ name in English-speaking countries.

But it’s a popular boy’s name in Spanish-speaking countries. Consider naming your cute little angel Angel.

182. Arden: Originally an English surname is taken from a place name, it’s Celtic in origin and means high. It also has a bit of a classy ring to it.

183. Ashley: Originally an English surname, Ashley derives from a place name that means ash tree clearing. It’s a combination of the Old English words aesc and Leah.

Until about the 1960s, this name was mainly given to boys, but it’s now also commonly given to girls. This is a good, classic choice for your little one’s name.

184. Aubrey: This modern name is the Norman-French version of the German name Alberich. It was common as an English boy’s name during the Middle Ages, and it came back in style in the nineteenth century.

It became a common girls’ name in the 1970s due to its similarity to Audrey. If you’re having twins, you could go with Aubrey and Audrey.

185. Avery: This name is Norman French in origin and based on the names Alberich and Alfred, which mean elf power and elf counsel, respectively. You don’t have to be a fan of legends to choose this unisex name.

186. Brett: This modern-sounding name comes from a Middle English surname meaning Breton — in other words, someone from Brittany, France. This unisex name also appears in literature. If you like the idea of names based in literature, check out these options.

187. Bryn: Welsh in origin, this name means hill or mound. It was originally just a boy’s name but is now given to girls. The name is short, unique, and easy to pronounce.

188. Cameron: This name is based on the Gaelic words cam and means crooked nose. Although your little one’s nose will of course be as cute as a button, you can still choose this modern name if you like the sound of it.

189. Carey: This name comes from the Irish surname O Ciardha, which means descendant of Ciardha. Although the meaning isn’t very interesting, the name sounds equally good for a boy or a girl.

190. Casey: This is an Anglicized version of the Irish surname Cathasach, which means vigilant in Irish. If you think Casey has a cool ring to it, this might be the name for your little one. And you can easily pair Casey with Carey if you’re having twins.

191. Cassidy: This gender-neutral name derives from an Irish surname that means descendant of Caiside. It was also the name of a fictional cowboy, evoking images of the Wild West.

192. Cheyenne: This name comes from the Dakota word shahiyena, which means red speakers, and is the name of an American Indian people of the Western Plains. It’s been used as a given name since the 1950s.

193. Courtney. Originally an aristocratic English surname, Courtney has origins in the French language as the name Curtenus, or the Latin language as the word curtus, or the Norman language in which it means short nose. It became popular as a girls’ name in the 1970s.

194. Dakota: The Dakota people are from the northern Mississippi River valley, and in the Dakota language, this name means allies or friends.

195. Evelyn: This name derives from an English surname. It was first used as a boys’ name in the seventeenth century before it became popular as a girls’ name. In 2018, it was the 10th most popular girls’ name.

196. Finley: This is the English form of Fionnlagh, which means white warrior in Gaelic. Some people shorten this name to Fin, Finn, or Finny. It’s a great option for your little warrior.

197. Gael: The origin of this name is unknown, but linguistically it refers to speakers of the Gaelic language. It’s possibly a variant of Gwenael, which means blessed and generous. The name can be pronounced like Gail, or in the French or Spanish way as Ga-ehl.

198. Hayden: This name is from an English surname that means hay valley in Old English. The meaning is pretty plain, but the name itself has a nice modern ring to it.

199. Hunter: This was originally an occupation-based surname for a hunter, based on the Old English word hunta. It works quite well even in modern times whether hunting is something your family is into or not!

200. Jamie: This unisex name originates from a Lowland Scot diminutive for James, and since the nineteenth century this cute name has also been used for girls.

Gender Neutral Baby Names

201. Jordan: A Hebrew name, Jordan means to descend or flow down. It’s the name for the river that flows through the nations of Israel and Jordan.

The name was revived in the 19th century and became even more popular in the twentieth century. You don’t have to be religious or a basketball fan before you can choose this name.

202. Kim: Nowadays this name is sometimes used as a short form of Kimberly, but in fact, the name Kim predates the use of Kim as a cute nickname. Kim can also sometimes be used as the short form for Kimball.

203. Lennox: This comes from a Scottish surname that was derived from a district in Scotland called Leamhnachd, which means place of elms in Gaelic. Lovers of nature will appreciate this name.

204. Leslie: In Gaelic, this name means garden of holly. Originally, the name was used for a place in Scotland before being u. sed as a surname and then being popularized as a given name in the nineteenth century. What a pretty name with a pretty meaning!

205. Lindsay: In Old English, this name means Lincoln island. The name was originally for a region, and it’s been used as a surname in both England and Scotland before being popularized as a boys’ name in the 1960s and a girls’ name in the 1970s.

206. Madison: The name comes from an English surname that means son of Maud. The modern name is popular today. It also works paired with many other names, like Addison, in case you’re having twins. 207. Morgan: The name comes from the Old Welsh masculine name of Morcant, which translates to sea (more) circle (cant). It became a popular girls’ name as well in the 1980s.

This name would work well for a couple who loves the water and wants to pass that appreciation on to their child.

208. Rowan: This name comes from the Anglicized Irish surname of O Ruadhain, which means descendant of Ruadhan. It’s also the name of a tree.

209. Shelby: A variant of the English surname Selby, which was based on a place, it means willow farm in Old Norse. Shelby is also the name of a famous car designer and some of his creations.

210. Sidney: This name was originally an English surname that was derived from a place, which means wide island in Old English. There are many towns and cities with this name, but why not use it for your child?

211. Skyler: This unique-sounding name is a variant of the Dutch surname Schuyler, which means scholar. If you come from a family of scholars, you might like to pass on that legacy to the new generation with this name.

212. Taylor: Originally an English surname for someone who was a tailor, in Latin it means to cut. It’s quite a common unisex name these days. There are plenty of celebrities with this name, so it might be a good choice for your little star.

213. Whitney: The name means white island in Old English. Although it was originally a masculine name, it became popular as a girls’ name in the 1960s and 1980s. And, if you like, you can nickname your child Whit, which sounds rather cool.

214. Ariel: In Hebrew, this name means lion of God. In the Bible’s Old Testament, it’s used as an alternative name for Jerusalem. It became popular as an English female name in the 1980s. Either way, the name sounds pretty as well as powerful. Get more biblical names here.

215. Ash: This name comes from the ash tree from which, according to mythology, Odin made his spear.

216. Aspen: From American roots, Aspen means “quaking tree.”

217. Bay: This English origin name means “sea inlet.”

218. Blake: This name means “pale blond” or “dark” and is usually associated with the number 4!

219. Bobbie: The meaning of this unisex name is “famed, bright, shining.”

220. Brooklyn: Not to be confused with the famous NYC borough, this name means “broken land” or “pretty brook.”

221. Blair: This Scottish name means “field, meadow.”

222. Cameron: Despite this name meaning “crooked”, this name is a very popular choice for unisex names.

223. Carson: Being the 87th most popular unisex name, this means “of the marsh.”

224. Casey: Derived from the rolling green hills of Ireland, this name means “vigilant.”

225. Charlie: This unisex name means “free” and is of English origin.

226. Corey: Coming from English and German roots, this name means “God’s peace.”

227. Dakota: This American name translates to “friend.”

228. Dallas: This name means “from the meadow” and is of Scottish origin.

229. Drew: This unisex name means “warrior” in Greek.

230. Dagon: In the Bible, this name means “fish.”

231. Darra: If you speak Hebrew, you know this name means “wise.”

232. Emerson: Coming from English roots, this name means “brave, powerful.”

233. Emery: This unisex name means “work ruler.”

234. Easton: The name Easton means “from the East Town.”

235. Eden: With Hebrew and Biblical roots, this name means “paradise.”

236. Eilian: Coming from Spanish origins, this name means “light.”

237. Frankie: With good old American roots, Frankie means “free or truthful.”

238. Fenix: Hailing from the Greek islands, this unisex name means “dark red.”

239. Fernley: From Old English origins, this unisex name means “fern meadow.”

240. Finnegan: This Irish name means “fair.”

241. Flash: This American name means “bright light.”

242. Glenn: If you’re looking for a strong Scottish name, this name means “from the wooded valley.”

243. Galaxy: This cosmic American name means “large system of stars.”

244. Garnet: This name is the Old English word for the ruby red gemstone!

245. Gavyn: Deriving from the Middle Ages name Gawain, this name means “white hawk.”

246. Gemini: Coming from Latin origin, this name means “the twins.”

247. Harper: With solid roots in Ireland, England, and Scotland, this name means “harp player.”

248. Hayden: In Old English, this name means “hedged valley.”

249. Hunter: This English name means “one who hunts.”

250. Haylen: This Scottish name means “fire.”

251. Hao: Hailing from Vietnam, this unisex name means “good, perfect.”

252. James: This classic and traditional Biblical name means “may God protect.”

253. Jesse: In Hebrew, this unisex name means “gift of God.”

254. Jordan: Referring to the river and deriving from Hebrew roots, this name means “flow down.”

255. Jaden: This name has many meanings! In Hebrew, this unisex name means “thankful, God has heard, or he will judge.”

256. Jace: This unisex name means “the Lord is Salvation.”

257. Kai: This name has various origins and meanings in different cultures! In German, this name means “warrior.” In Hebrew, it means “holiness of the land of Israel.” In Hawaiian, it means “ocean or sea.”

258. Karter: Originally a last name in the Middle Ages, this name means “transporter of goods by cart.”

259. Kennedy: This Irish name means “armored head.”

260. Kane: This Celtic name means “battlefield.”

261. Kade: This unisex name means “sturdy” and is from American origin!

262. Lake: With English roots, this baby name means “the body of water runs deep.”

263. Lincoln: Made popular by the 16th president, Lincoln means “from the lake settlement.”

264. Landon: This unisex English name means “from the long hill.”

265. Lyndon: This name means “from the flax hill.”

266. Lyric: This unisex baby name means “words of a song” and hails from the land across the pond, England.

267. Max: This Latin name means “the greatest.”

268. Morgan: This Welsh name means “sea born.”

267. Mckensie: In Gaelic, this name means “comely” or “child of the wise leader.”

268. Makoto: Deriving from Japanese roots, this name means “sincere, honest.”

269. Mani: With Aboriginal origin, this unisex name means “equal.”

270. Nuru: Coming from African origin, this name means “light” in Swahili.

271. Nat: Often short for girl names like Natalie or boy names like Nathanial, this unisex derivative name means “gift of God.”

272. Nell: Once a nickname in Old English, this unique unisex name means “bright, shining one.”

273. Nour: This name means “light” in Arabic.

274. Noe: Relating to the name Noah, this unisex name means “peaceful.”

275. Oakley: This English name means “from the oak tree field.”

276. Ocean: This Greek name means “sea.”

277. Otzar: With Hebrew roots, this name translates to “treasure.”

278. Oakes: If you’re considering unisex names, see if this English name fits! It means “dweller by the oak tree.”

279. Omid: Originating in Old Persia, this name means “hope.”

Gender Neutral Baby Names

280. Parker: Once an occupational surname, this unisex name means “gamekeeper.”

281. Phoenix: This name means “dark red” in Ancient Greek and also has mythological roots.

282. Page: This Old English name means “attendant.”

283. Pax: With old Latin roots, this name means “peace.”

284. Pemberley: With English origin, this unisex baby name means “from the barley hill.”

285. Quest: Look no further than this unisex name for your new baby! This Latin name means “long search.”

286. Quin: In Celtic, this unisex name means “wise.”

287. Quinby: With roots in Old Norse, this unisex name means “estate of the woman.”

288. Quincy: Rooted in Old French, this non-gendered name means “estate of the fifth son.”

289. Quant: This name means “rouge” in Dutch.

290. Reagan: To give your new babe’s name a royal touch with this unisex name meaning “little king” in Gaelic.

291. Remy: This unisex name means “oarsmen” in French.

292. Riley: Hailing from Ireland, this name means “Descendant of Roghallach.”

293. River: With English roots, this name means “stream of water that flows to the sea.”

294. Rory: Adopted from the last high king of Ireland, Rory O’Conor, this name means “red, rust-colored.”

295. Sam: Usually short for Samantha or Samuel, this unisex derivative means “name of God.”

296. Sawyer: Even though it used to be a surname back in Old England, this unique unisex name means “woodcutter.”

297. Skylar: This unisex name means “scolar” and has American roots.

298. Spencer: Having British origin, this name means “steward.”

299. Sydney: With French roots, this name means “contraction of St. Denys.”

300. Tatum: Hailing from the British Isles, this name means “cheerful, full of life.”

301. Tait: Of Old Norse origin, this name means “happy.”

302. Taylor: The Biblical meaning of this unisex name means “one clothed with salvation.”

303. Terrin: This unisex name means “of the Earth.”

304. Teegan: If you’re a literary lover, consider this unisex name! In Gaelic, it means “little poet.”

305. Unique: With American origin, this name means “unlike others.”

306. Umber: With French roots, this name means “shade.”

307. Urban: Having Latin origin, this name means “from the city.”

308. Utah: Deeply rooted in Native American culture, this name means “people of the mountains.”

309. Urbain: This name means “of the city” and has French roots.

310. Vahn: This popular unisex name means “God is gracious.”

311. Valentine: Not to be confused with the mushy feelings you feel on the February holiday, this unisex name means “vigorous and strong.”

312. Valo: With Finnish origin, this name means “light.”

313. Vermont: Not unlike what you see as you drive through the US state of the same name, Vermont means “green mountain.”

314. Vero: With Latin origin, this name means “great hero.”

315. Winter: If your new babe is born between the months of December to February, you may consider naming them this chilling unisex name! This name means “the coldest season of the year.”

316. Walker: This name means “fuller of cloth.”

317. Wallace: This name has English origin and means “foreigner, stranger.”

318. Waneta: With Native American roots, this name means “shapeshifter, charger.”

319. Waverly: This unisex name is of British origin and means “from the Brushwood field.”

320. Xerxes: Give your child a godly-like name with this Greek name meaning “ruler over heroes.”

321. Xia: Deriving from Chinese origin, this name means “glow of the sunrise.”

322. Xen: This unisex name means “form of Buddhism.”

323. Xavi: This name is of Basque origin and means “the new house.”

324. Xu: With Chinese origin, this name means “brilliant rising sun.”

325. Yachin: Of Hebrew origin, this name means “established by Yahweh.”

326. Yae: This unique Japanese unisex name refers to the double folds and the multiple layers in flowers.

327. Yale: Having Welsh and Old English roots, this name means “heights, upland.”

328. Yardley: Coming from the cold and green terrain of England and Wales, this name means “the wood where spars were got.”

329. Yarden: With Arabic and Hebrew origin, this name means “to flow down.”

330. Zane: With roots in the good old USA, this name means “God is gracious.”

331. Zeal: Deriving from English roots, this name means “with passion.”

332. Zealand: This creative unisex name means “from the sea-land.”

333. Zasha: Coming from Russia with love, this name means “defender of the people.”

334. Zene: Deeply rooted in African culture, this name means “beautiful.”

335. Shiloh: Hebrew for “tranquil,” Shiloh has been historically dubbed as a girl’s name for a long time. Though, as of recent, it’s also been used for bb boys!

336. Dakota: One of the top unisex names in the U.S., Dakota originates from the Native American community in the northern Mississippi Valley. It means “a friendly one.”

337. Jamie:
We’ve seen this one commonly used with both boys and girls throughout the years. It still stands as a very popular gender-neutral name.

338. Shawn: This name has English, Irish, and American origins. In English, it means “from the shady grove”. And in Irish and English it means gift from God. It has been popularly used as a boy’s name, but it would be just as cute for a baby girl. It can also be spelled as Sean or Shaun.

339. Leslie: Derived from Scotland, the name Leslie translates to “garden of holly.” Whether you want to name your new boy or girl this, it’s perfect for either. We’ve seen stars like Leslie Mann and Leslie Jordan share the name!

340. James: I think we have Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds to thank for popularizing this rooted boy name for a girl’s one too. They named their daughter and oldest child James and it’s the cutest thing!

341. Cameron: Can’t help but think that maybe Cameron Diaz is the one who changed the game??

342. Billie: The name Billie has an English origin and has been a common name for boys. But girls can 100 percent have the name too! (Hi, Billie Eilish).

343. Quinn: An Irish name meaning “chief leader” or “intelligence,” Quinn has become slightly more popular with girls than boys in recent years. TBD on whether or not Glee had anything to do with that.

344. Finley:
This is one of the few gender-neutral names that are truly unisex, meaning that it doesn’t skew heavily one way for boys or girls.

345.  Marlowe: Marlowe means “driftwood” and has historically been coded as a girl’s name. In recent years, however, it’s also becoming big with baby boys.

346. Kai: This name derives meaning in several different languages—“sea” in Hawaiian and “keeper of the keys” in Welsh—and is super popular right now.

347. Rory: You can immortalize Rory from Gilmore Girls with your baby boy too.

348. Arden: This is an English name meaning “valley of the eagle.” It’s currently being given to both baby boys and girls, although it tends to be almost twice as popular with girls.

349. Riley: It has an Irish origin and means “courageous.” Originally a popular name for boys, Riley for girls has grown so popular that it is the #1 female name starting with “R”.

Gender Neutral Baby Names

350. Alex:
Alex as a nickname for either Alexander or Alexandra has been huge pretty much since the dawn of time. That said, Alex on its own has been seeing a steady rise for both boys and girls over the years.

351. Kendall: Usually a girl’s name, à la Kendall Jenner, Kendall is of British origin meaning “Valley of the river Kent.” It’s been popular with boys too, though (ahem, Succession!).

352. Micah:
Traditionally a boys’ name, Micah is now being given to girls as well—possibly as an alternative to the increasingly popular Michaela. It means “Who is like the Lord.”

353. Rowan:
Rowan, which means “little redhead,” is popular among every gender. One of the most famous Rowans is Mr. Bean himself, British comedian Rowan Atkinson. So your kid will have a great legacy there.

354. Parker: The preppy name, which actually means “park keeper,” is trending higher for boys. For girls, it’s still pretty hot, thanks in part to indie queen Parker Posey.

355. Greer: This name means “watchful” or “vigilant” and derives from Scotland. It’s not the most popular name, but it’s been on the rise since the 90s.

356. Noel: A name with French and Latin origins, Noel has long been a name associated with Christmas, making it an excellent option for parents expecting to deliver during the Winter season.

357. Quinn: Of Irish and English origins, the name Quinn is associated with ‘chief’, ‘leader’ and ‘intelligence’ – impressive terms for any little one, regardless of gender.

358. Rain: A little more unusual, Rain is also one of the gender-neutral baby names whose origins are based in America, where it means ‘abundant blessings from above.

359. Reed: Of English origins, Reed can mean either ‘red haired’ or ‘a reed’. While more commonly known as a boy’s name, Reed can actually be used for any gender and is a unique name to come across.

360. Riley: Hailing from Britain, Riley has roots in Ireland, Scotland, and England and means ‘courageous and brave’ or, more literally, ‘from the rye field. Riley has also remained a consistently popular unisex name for decades.

361. River: Literally meaning ‘stream of water that flows to the sea’, River is a unique and tranquil name of English origins and can be used for any gender.

362. Robin: A name for parents who have hopes their little baby will turn into quite the social butterfly, Robin means ‘bright with fame’ or ‘social’.

363. Rory: A name that means ‘red ruler’ or ‘chief’ in Irish or ‘famous brilliance’ in Gaelic, Rory is a name of epic proportions that is suited to any gender.

364. Rowan: A unique unisex name that has its roots in nature, Rowan is Celtic and Gaelic for ‘little red one’, ‘tree with red berries, and ‘mountain ash’.

365. Sasha: One of the epic gender-neutral baby names, Sasha has Russian origins and means ‘defender of humankind’, a rather inspiring name for any baby to grow up with.

366. Sawyer: A very traditional English name that has been growing in popularity as gender-neutral baby names, Sawyer literally means “a woodcutter”.

367. Sloan: With Celtic origins, Sloan can mean either ‘strong protector’ or ‘warrior’ and ‘invader’ and has proved to be an increasingly popular name for any sex.

368. Tanner: In the same way as Sawyer has become a popular unisex name with origins in English craftsmanship, so too has Tanner. Originally meaning ‘a maker of hide or leather’, Tanner is a strong name for any gender.

369. Taylor: Yet another profession-turned-name, Taylor has English origins and means ‘cloth maker’ and ‘tailor’ and is a very popular unisex name that we love.

Japanese Gender-Neutral Names

If you are just putting to birth and you are confused about the kind of gender-neutral baby names for Japanese language to give to your lovely babies, the following are unisex French names ideas that you can consider for your baby. check them out below:

Gender Neutral Baby Names

370. Asuka: pronounced A-SOO-KA or A-SKA meaning “tomorrow” or “fragrance”.

371. Haruka: pronounced HA-ROO-KA meaning “spring” or “fragrance”.

372. Kaoru: pronounced KA-O-ROO meaning “fragrance”. This name is quite prevalent in pop culture and reasonably popular.

373. Akira: pronounced A-KEE-RA a name meaning “the sunlight”. Predominantly used for boys, this is a unisex Japanese name.

374. Haru: pronounced HAR-OO means “sunshine”. It can also mean “clear weather”.

375. Harumi: pronounced HAH-ROO-MEE, it means “sunny beauty, sunny sea, spring fruit and spring beauty”.

376. Hikari: pronounced KHEE-KA-REE, means “light”.

377. Mitsue: pronounced MEE-TSUU-E means “branch of light”.

378. Mitsuyo: pronounced MIT-SUY-O means “light”. The kanji characters can mean ‘light’ and ‘world’.

379. Hayate: pronounced HA-YA-TEH, meaning “sudden, sound of the wind”.

380. Hazuki: pronounced HAH-ZUU-KEE. meaning “month of the leaves”.

381. Izumi: pronounced EE-ZOO-MEE, meaning “spring” or “fountain” and “truth”.

382. Kurumi: pronounced KUU-ROO-MEE, meaning “walnut”.

383. Masaki: pronounced MA-SA-KEE, meaning “correct” or “tree”. (not very common).

384. Matoi: pronounced MAH-TO-EE meaning “wind” or “wrap around”.

385. Mayumi: pronounced MA-YOO-MEE, meaning “bow” or “spindle tree”.

386. Midori: pronounced MEE-DO-REE, meaning “green”.

387. Mitsuki: pronounced MIT-SU-KI, meaning “full moon”.

388 Nagisa: pronounced NA-GYEE-SA, meaning “beach”.

389. Ren: pronounced REHN, meaning “lotus and love”.

390. Sora: pronounced SO-RA, meaning “sky”.

391. Takemi: pronounced TAH-KEH-MEE, meaning “bamboo”.

392. Yuki: pronounced YOO-KYEE, meaning “happiness” or “snow”.

393. Akimi: pronounced AHKEE-ME, means “autumn fruit”. This is one of the more unique Japanese names for your baby.

394. Chiaki: pronounced CHEE-A-KYEE, means “thousand” or “autumn”. This is one of the more rare Japanese names for your baby.

395. Itsuki: pronounced EE-TSOO-KYEE, means “spring trees”.

396. Natsuki: pronounced NA-TSOO-KYEE means “summer”. This one of the more popular Japanese names.

397. Natsuo: pronounced NAH-TSUU-O means “summer”.

398. Hiro: pronounced HEE-ROH, meaning “generosity”.

399. Ibuki: pronounced EE-BUU-KEE, meaning “brave”.

400. Jun: pronounced JOON, meaning “genuine” or “pure”.

401.Katsumi: pronounced KAHTS-MEE, meaning “excel” or “succeed”.

402. Kayo: pronounced KEY-OH, meaning “congratulate” or “celebrate”.

403. Maiko: pronounced MAI, meaning “dance child”.

404. Masami: pronounced MA-SA-MEE, meaning “considerate” or “beauty”.

405. Masumi: pronounced MA-SOO-ME, meaning “sense of true clarity”.

406. Michiyo: pronounced MEE-CHEE-YO, meaning “thousand generations of beauty”.

407: Mikoto: pronounced MEE-KO-TO, meaning “beauty”.

408. Misao: pronounced MEE-SA-O, meaning “chastity”.

409. Shizuka: pronounced SHEE-ZOO-KA. meaning “quiet”.

410. Tomo: pronounced TO-MO, meaning “friend”.

411. Tomomi: pronounced TO-MO-MEE, meaning “intelligent”.

412. Tsukasa: pronounced TSKA-SA, meaning “chief or manager”.

413. Yoshimi: pronounced YOW-SHIY-MIY, meaning “fondness, beauty, good”.

414. Yu: pronounced, UY, meaning “tenderness” or “evening”.

415. Anri: pronounced AW-N-R-EE means “shining force”.

416. Chihiro: pronounced CHEE-HEE-RO, it means “thousand” or “abundance”.

417. Kazu: pronounced KA-ZOO, it means “harmony” or “peace”.

418. Kou: pronounced KAU-WU, it means “clear”.

419. Maki: pronounced MAH-KEE, it means “true” or “precious”.

420. Makoto: pronounced MA-KO-TO, this name means “sincerity”.

421 Nao: pronounced NA-O, means “honesty”.

422. Naomi: pronounced NAI-OH-MEE, meaning “straight” when used to name a little girl, or “self” when used to name a little boy. Is more commonly in lists for baby names for girls, but is gender neutral.

423. Nozomi: pronounced N-UH-Z-OH-M-EE, meaning “wish” and “hope”.

424. Rei: pronounced REH, meaning “lovely”.

425. Satsuki: pronounced SAT-SU-KEY, meaning “May”.

426. Seiko: pronounced SE-KO, meaning “force and truth”.

427. Tala: pronounced Tah-RA, meaning “reliable” for girls and “Easy” for boys. This is a rare name.

428: Yoshika: YO-SHUH-KAH means “is thanks”.

429. Yuri: pronounced YOO-REE, means “abundant ideals”.

Gender Neutral Dog Names

Apart from human beings, dogs also have unisex names. If you are the type of person that likes playing with dogs and probably having one or more at home, here are a few gender-neutral names you would be much excited to give to your puppies (baby dog) at home.

Gender Neutral Baby Names

430. Adrian: A Latin name meaning “sea” or “water,” this aquatic name is perfect for pups who enjoy a good swim.

431. Alex: Traditionally short for “Alexander” or “Alexandra,” Alex is a time-tested gender-neutral name.

432. Amazon: The world’s largest tropical rainforest is a fitting namesake for outdoorsy pups.

433. Anise: As the main flavor in licorice, Anise is especially befitting of black pups.

434. Annapolis: Home of the United States Naval Academy, the capital of Maryland lends a maritime sensibility.

435. Aspen: This ski town’s moniker is perfect for dogs who love a romp in the snow.

436. Atlas: This unique Greek name means “bearer of the heavens.”

437. August: Channel the “dog days of summer” with August – or “Augie,” for short.

438. Austin: The capital of Texas is well suited for hipster pups.

439. Avery: A popular unisex choice for babies, the name Avery means “wise” in French.

440. Bacon: Boy or girl, every dog loves bacon.

441. Baby: Brand-new puppy or wizened senior, they’ll always be your Baby.

442. Bagel: If you name your dog Bagel, you’re almost obligated to adopt a Cream Cheese, as well.

443. Bailey: This classic dog name suits Good Boys and Good Girls alike.

444. Bambi: Although the name sounds feminine, Disney’s beloved Bambi was actually a male deer.

445. Basil: Meaning “royal” or “kingly,” Basil is an increasingly popular name for girls.

446. Bean: Perfect for petite pups!

447. Bear: Befitting of big buds.

448. Bellamy: This preppy modern moniker means “fine friend.”

449. Bennett: We love “Benny” for short.

450. Bentley: For the posh pup, Bentley is a British surname that also calls to mind luxury cars.

451. Berkeley: Bring on the hippie vibes with this laidback California city.

452. Berlin: The city is a natural fit for German breeds such as Dachshunds, German Shepherds and Weimaraners.

453. Bigfoot: Since no one has been able to verify the gender of Bigfoot, we’re declaring this folklore-inspired name officially unisex.

454. Bijou: A French word for a small, beautiful jewel, Bijou is great for toy breeds.

455. Billie/Billy: From Billie Holiday to Billy Idol, this popular unisex name is a pop culture fixture.

456. Bingo: Fans of the animated series “Bluey” know Bingo works just as well for girl dogs as boy dogs.

457. Biscuit: This cute classic earns two paws up.

458. Blake: Actress Blake Lively proves that this name of English origin is perfect for both male and female puppies.

459. Blizzard: Perfect for fluffy, white, swirling balls of energy.

460. Blue/Blu: This colorful name is common among breeds that have a bluish tint to their fur, such as Australian Cattle Dogs.

461. Bonbon: For the four-legged friend who is sweet, petite and simply irresistible.

462. Bonsai: The tiny tree makes a witty name for Miniature Poodles, Pinschers and Schnauzers.

463. Boo: This affectionate nickname could also be fun for dogs with ghost-white coats.

Gender Neutral Baby Names

464. Boots: For pups with paw markings, try Boots on for size.

465. Bordeaux: Derived from the French word “borde,” which means “small farm,” Bordeaux is a fun twist on traditional country dog names.

466. Boss: Who says you can’t have a #girlboss?

467. Bourbon: Cheers to this spirited name for brunette boys and babes.

468. Bowie: A nod to David Bowie, who made androgyny an art form.

469. Brady: Originally a surname of Irish origin, Brady is now a popular unisex baby name.

470. Brandy: The liquor’s golden, oaky color lends itself well to brown-coated breeds.

471. Brindley: This preppy Old English name is a fun choice for dogs with brindle coat patterns.

472. Bristol: Old English in origin, this bucolic name means “meeting place at the bridge.”

473. Bronte:
Meaning “thunder” in Greek, Bronte has a masculine ring to it. But it’s also a nice reference to literary sisters Emily,

474. Bronx: New York City’s northernmost borough is a trendy name for baby girls and boys alike.

475. Brooklyn: Traditionally a male English name, Brooklyn is now equally popular for girls thanks to celebrities such as model Brooklyn Decker.

476. Brownie: The tasty treat makes a sweet name for chocolate-coated dogs.

477. Bubbles: Saying this bubbly name will always put a smile on your face.

478. Butterscotch: We love this one for honey-hued pups. As a bonus, “Butters” makes for an adorable nickname.

479. Buttons: This cutie will never go out of style.

480. Cadbury: Although the chocolate company’s mascot is a bunny, we think Cadbury works just as well for dogs.

481. Camden: The posh London district is perfect for cosmopolitan canines.

482. Cameron: Actress Cameron Diaz made this male Scottish name a modern option for girls, as well.

483. Cannoli: The log-shaped dessert is fitting for low-rider breeds such as Dachshunds and Corgis.

484. Cappuccino: The coffeehouse classic serves up an adorable nickname – Chino!

485. Caramel: We love this one for caramel-colored sweeties.

486. Carmen: A Spanish name meaning “garden,” Carmen is a traditional gender-neutral moniker.

487. Casey: Although traditionally male in Ireland, Casey became a popular girls’ name once it crossed the pond.

488. Cashew: Have a nutty puppy? Try Cashew on for size!

489. Cassidy: This Irish surname means “curly-haired,” making it a great choice for a Poodle or Puli.

490. Cat: A dog named Cat? If there was ever a time, the time is meow.

491. Cayenne: Perfect for pups with spicy, feisty personalities!

492. Chai: Your go-to latte can be a great name for dogs with creamy brown coloring.

493. Chance: If serendipity brought your BFF into your life, give Chance a chance.

494. Chandler: The most famous Chandler, of course, is Chandler Bing of “Friends” fame. Although, the middle English name which means “candle maker” is traditionally for females.

495. Charleston: The Southern city lends a little old-fashioned charm to dandy dogs.

496. Charlie: Frequently used as a nickname for “Charlotte,” Charlie is more popular than ever thanks to its unisex usage.

497. Checkers: This playful name is especially cute for black-and-white dogs.

498. Cheddar: Boy or girl, there’s nothing cheesy about naming your dog Cheddar.

499. Chestnut: Try this one for breeds with red-brown coats, such as Irish Setters.

500. Chiclet: Tiny and sweet, Chiclets gum is fun inspiration for pint-sized pups.

501. Chocolate: Dogs shouldn’t eat chocolate, but it does make a great name for brunette buds.

502. Cinnamon: We like this one for spicy pups with a sweet side.

503. Cloud: Calling all floofs! Cloud is fitting for fluffy white breeds such as the Great Pyrenees, Maltese, and Samoyed.

504. Clover: If you have a rescue dog, consider the name Clover, which signifies good luck.

505. Cocoa: Short, sweet, and perfect for chocolate-colored cuties.

506. Coconut: This tropical-inspired name boasts “Coco” as a cute, easy nickname.

507. Cody: This spunky alias has a sporty quality that works for both genders.

508. Coffee: Try this caffeinated name for high-energy pups.

509. Colby: Pups will be pleased to know that this preppy unisex moniker is also the name of a type of cheese.

510. Comet: The celestial body is a fun option for out-of-this-world pets.

511. Cookie Monster: The Sesame Street sweet tooth is male, but Cookie has a feminine quality.

512. Corey: Boy or girl, Corey has classic appeal.

513. Corwin: This Gaelic name means “heart’s companion.”

514. Cotton: There’s no better name for your little white fluffball.

515. Cream Puff: You just know Cream Puff is going to be a sweetie.

516. Creek: Short and simple, we recommend this nature-inspired name for water-loving breeds.

517. Cricket: Actor Busy Philipps has a daughter named Cricket, while Disney’s Jiminy Cricket speaks to the name’s boy appeal.

518. Crosby: This Scandinavian surname has become a trendy unisex first name.

519: Crumpet: As for breakfast-inspired names, Crumpet may be the cutest on the menu.

520. Cupcake: “Cupcake” is a word that will always turn heads.

521: Cupid: Cupid was male in classic mythology, but the Valentine-inspired name suits female pups just as well.

522. Curly: Have a curly-coiffed canine? Keep it simple with this descriptive name.

523. Cypress: Consider this arboreal name for nature-loving dogs.

524. Nutella: Perfect for nutty pups who are just as sweet.

525. Nutmeg: Sprinkle this spice name on light brown doggos.

526. Oakley: For more casual use, go with “Oak” for short.

527. Oatmeal: The breakfast staple’s old-fashioned wholesomeness makes it a popular name for man’s best friend.

528. Ocean: The simple seafaring name suits salty dogs with sandy paws.

529. Olive: Olives may be a divisive food, but everyone can agree they make a cute dog name.

530. Onyx: The black-hued stone is thought to offer protection by absorbing and transforming negative energy.

531. Orion: The prominent constellation is home to some of the brightest stars in the night sky.

532. Pancake: Just like dogs, pancakes always bring a smile to our face.

533. Panda: This playful name is fun for black-and-white dogs.

534. Panther:For black dogs, take a little inspiration from our feline friends.

535. Paprika: For ginger-coated dogs, spice things up with Paprika.

536. Parker: Your dog will love that “Park” is right there in their name.

537. Pat: Short for “Patrick” or “Patricia”—your call.

538. Patches: Pups with unusual markings make perfect Patches.

539. Paxton: An English name meaning “peace town,” Paxton is a preppy unisex choice.

540. Peanut Butter: Why not name your dog after their favorite treat?

541. Pebbles: Try this mini moniker for toy breeds.

542. Penguin:
Hilarious for any dog, Penguin is especially cute for black-and-white pooches.

543. Pepper:
For a name with a spicy personality, consider Pepper.

544. Percy:
Short and sassy, Percy calls to mind a very pampered pooch.

545. Peyton: Although now common for baby girls, football legend Peyton Manning proves the name’s versatility.

546. Phoenix: Whether you’re name-checking Arizona’s capital or the mythical bird, Phoenix is just plain cool.

547. Pickles: This name comes with a pedigree. In 1966, Pickles the Collie was credited with finding the stolen Jules Rimet Trophy, which had gone missing in England before the FIFA World Cup.

548. Piglet: If you have the type of dog who will eat anything, Piglet might be appropriate.

549. Pip: Traditionally short for Philip or Philipa, this English nickname has an old-timey charm.

550. Pistachio: Nutty puppy? Consider Pistachio!

551. Popsicle: Pay tribute to summer with the frozen treat.

552. Porkchop: If you grew up watching the cartoon “Doug,” you’ll remember Porkchop was the beloved pup of all the Funnie family members.

553. Presley: While the name Elvis is decidedly male, Presley is a unisex way to reference the King of Rock ’n’ Roll.

554. Pudding: Whether your pup has a vanilla or chocolate coat, Pudding is a spoonful of sweetness.

555. Puffin: Why name your dog after a bird? Because Puffin (or Puff, for short) is super fun to say.

556. Pumpkin: As a common term of endearment, Pumpkin is always a gourd choice. (See what we did there?)

French Gender Neutral Names

If you are just putting to birth and you are confused about the kind of gender-neutral baby names in the french language to give to your lovely babies, the following are unisex French names ideas that you can consider for your baby. check them out below:

Gender Neutral Baby Names

557. Alvia: Meaning “noble war”. It has become one of the most popular unisex French names and the people with this name are friendly, sensitive, intuitive, creative, and they use these in attracting people to themselves.

558. Auberi: Meaning “someone who is powerful and kind-hearted”

559. Avignon: Meaning “the one who came from France”. it’s the name of a place

560. Aveline: Meaning “a little hazelnut tree”

561. Bijou: Meaning “a jewel”

562. Belot: Meaning “the name of a card game”

563. Celestina: Meaning “one who is celestial or heavenly”

564. Chandelle: With variations like Chandell and Chandler. It means an everlasting candle

565. Coeur: Meaning “the heart” – which is the most vital organ of the human body

566. Coty: Meaning “an individual who is protective, helpful, shield”

567. Clarence: Meaning “bright and clear”

568. Cheney: Meaning “growing from the oak grove”

568. Cosette: Meaning “something that is small and minor”

569. Dominique: With Domenique, Dominic, and Dominica as its variation. The name means “One who is special and unique”

570. Davignon: Meaning “dearly loved person”

571. Dejah: Meaning “a pleasant person and someone who is fun to be with”

572. Deor: It has Dior as its variation and it means a “beloved or golden baby”

573. Delphine: Meaning “a dolphin”

574. Eden: This refers to the same biblical garden of Eden which means “delight”

575. Elie: Meaning “the Lord is my God”

576. Esmée: With Esmae as its variation, it means Much-loved one.

577. Fayette: Meaning “a little pixie”

578. Felice: Meaning “great happiness”

579. Fortunatus: Meaning “to be happy”

580. Fleury: Meaning “a flower”

581. Georgette: Meaning “someone who works on the soil, seed, and plants”

582. Gervaise: Meaning “one who works for the spear”

583. Geneviève: Meaning “a female”

584. Gabriell: With a variation like Gabrielle. It means a heroine of God

585. Gene: Meaning “one who is wellborn”

586. Holly: Meaning “a plant with red berries”

587. Hilaire: Meaning “to be joyous”

588. Jordane: This is the biblical river Jordan and it means downflowing

589. Kari: With Kare as its variation. It means black-haired when used as a female name and when used as a male name, its means strong and tremendous in Scandinavian

590. Keziah:Meaning “one who is always optimistic”

591. Leonidem: Meaning “someone born with the qualities of a lion”

592. Lavern: Meaning “a woodland or the land of trees”

593. Lilian: Meaning “my God is a vow”

594. Lior: Meaning “the light is in me”

595. Louison: Meaning “one who is illustrious at combat”

596. Leone: Meaning “a lion”

597. Lilou: Meaning “lily blossom”

598. Loan: Meaning “Light”

599. Lois: Meaning “a more desirable one”

600. Michon: Meaning “a gift from God”

601. Matiese: Meaning “someone who is a gift from God”

Gender Neutral Baby Names

602. Marley: Meaning “one who is from the land of lakes”

603. Morgan: Meaning “of the sea”

604. Marquette: Meaning “a landowner”

605. Mortimer: Meaning “a still water”

606. Myrl: It has Merie as its variation. It means “of the sea or a blackbird”

607. Maxence: Meaning “the greatest one”

608. Mirabelle: Meaning “Desirable”

609. Nicollete: Meaning “Triumphant One”

610. Noelle: Meaning “one who is born on Christmas”

611. Noémie: Meaning “amusing and lovely”

612. Nikola: Meaning “the victory of the people”

613. Noe: Meaning harmony, relaxation, concord

614. Noa: Meaning “Movement”

615. Outacite: Meaning “this is another name for a man-killer”

616. Platt: Meaning “one who originates from a flat land”

617. Parrish: Meaning “a guardian, loyal person”

618. Remy: Meaning “a remedy or a cure”. It can also mean a person who is an oarsman

619. Rivera: Meaning “one who lives near the river”

620. Rosette: Meaning “a pleasant little giggle”

621. Rusti: With Rusty as its variation. The name means “someone with a redhead”

622. Sofiane: Meaning “one who walks fast”

623. Sasha: Meaning “a helper or a defender of mankind”

624. Shantel: With variations like Shante and Shantell, it means “a stony place”

625. Savon: Meaning “a soap maker”

626. Sinclaire: Meaning “one who prays”

627. Spencer: Meaning “the dispenser of provisions”

628. Stella: Meaning “the star of the sea”

629. Sydnea: Meaning “one who originates from a wide Island”

630. Simone: Meaning “someone who is heard”. Simone is both a French and English girl name but it is used as a male name in Italy

631. Therese: Meaning “a  harvester”

632. Travis: Meaning “to cross over”

633. Tre: Meaning “a name given to the third-born child”

634. Troy: Meaning “the son of a foot soldier”

635. Valery: Meaning “Strength”

636. Wallace: Meaning “A Welshman”

Gender Neutral Baby Names

637. Yael: Meaning “a savage goat”

638. Zuri: Meaning “one who is beautiful and that is good-looking”

639. Jacquelyn: With variations like Jacqueline, Jacklyn, and Jaclyn. The name means “may God protect”

640. Jackie: It is derived from the name John and it means “God is gracious”

641. Jacques: Meaning “one who supplants

642. Jamari: Meaning “a warrior”

643. Janine: It is a variant of Jeannine meaning “God is gracious”

644. Jean: The feminine form of John, meaning “God is gracious”

645. Jeanne: With variants like Jeannie, Jeannine, and Jean. The name means “God is merciful”

646. Joell: Meaning “Jehovah is God”

647. Jeannette: Meaning “God is gracious, merciful, or gracious”

648. Jazzmyn: Meaning “Jasmine”

649. Jocelina: Meaning “a member of the German tribe”

650. Janvier: Meaning “January”


In lieu of gender-neutral baby names which can be given to any gender, I guess you have now made up your mind with the choice of finding the right name to give to your lovely baby.

So, whether you have just delivered a baby or you just conceived, there is a need to give a befitting name to your baby.

If you have any questions concerning Gender Neutral Baby Names, please feel free to use the comment box below and ask us your question. We will be very pleased to answer you.

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