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French Foreign Legion Recruitment 2022/2023 Application Form


French Foreign Legion Recruitment 2022/2023 Application Form Portal.

French Foreign Legion Recruitment: The French Army and the French Foreign Legion is that the Legion accepts people from each country, not only from France but also from all around the world.

Get into the French Army despite the fact that you may be a foreigner for that’s why the French Foreign Legion Recruitment is put in place to help foreigners out.

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French Foreign Legion Recruitment

The Foreign Legion (French: Légion étrangère) is a corps of the French Army with a specific command and comprising several specialities: infantry, cavalry, engineers, airborne troops, also created to allow the incorporation of foreign nationals into the French Army.

In order to supply the Foreign Legion with the required volunteers, the Recruiting Group promotes volunteer service by targeting the world public. This work informs potential candidates and leads to a pre-selection process followed by a contract of engagement at Aubagne.

Criteria To Join The French Foreign Legion

  1. You must be vaccinated
  2. For applicants from the European Union who hold the nationality of one of the countries in the SCHENGEN area, be the holder of a national identity card or a valid passport.
  3. For applicants who are not part of the SCHENGEN area, it is mandatory to be in possession of a valid passport (only).
  4. No school diploma required
  5. At a minimum, know how to read and write in the mother tongue.
  6. Be over 17 and a half and under 39 and a half on the day of presentation at the information desk.
  7. Bring all useful administrative documents: residence permit, photocopy of family record book, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, birth certificate extract, etc.)

Access them on their official page  – https://www.legion-recrute.com/en/administrative-conditions

Documents Needed For The French Foreign Legion Recruitment

  • Driver’s license
  • Proof of education or diplomas
  • Proof of military service (authorization to serve in a foreign army depending on the country)
  • Document showing state of identification and services for candidates who have served in the French or foreign armies
  • For applicants under 18 they should provide a parental authorization with their passport
  • A birth certificate or extract with filiation will be required before the end of the first year of the contract.

Recruitment Process For The French Foreign Legion

  1. Applications are currently on and ongoing firstly
  2. Volunteers have to pass the selections in a recruitment center, which takes around 3-4 weeks.
  3. Once they went through the sport tests, IQ tests, medical tests and interviews, they sign a contract for 5 years.
  4. Afterward the recruited volunteers go to Castelnaudary for the four months long basic training, during which they’ll obtain the famous “white cap”, the Képi blanc.
  5. The Green Beret remains the Legion’s “battle uniform” headgear.
  6. Following the basic training, Legionnaires join one of the 11 regiments of the French Foreign Legion.

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REMINDER: The Foreign Legion does not take any steps with a view to obtaining a VISA or authorization to leave the territory of candidates for employment.

Salary in the French Foreign Legion

A legionnaire (as well as a corporal) is housed, clothed, fed, and medically cared for free.

Your salary depends upon your rank, qualifications, place of service, and years of service.

Foreign Legion pay examples (the most basic salary dating back to 2010; they are increased by 8-10 % now):

RANKSERVICE1°RE2°REP *3°REI **Foreign theater ***
Legionnaire10 months1205 €1460 €1433 €3567 €
Caporal03 years1226 €1480 €1452 €3626 €
Caporal-chef10 years1303 €1607 €1600 €3939 €
Sergent07 years1351 €1648 €1650 €3929 €
Sergent-chef10 years1779 €2095 €1945 €4186 €
Adjudant17 years2007 €2140 €2180 €4748 €
Adjudant-chef21 years2078 €2427 €2477 €4818 €

Current Operations of the French Foreign Legion

The current operations of the Foreign Legion are:

  • Sahel area – Operation BARKHANE
  • Lebanon – Operation DAMAN
  • French Guyana – Operation HARPIE
  • French Guyana – Operation TITAN
  • France – Operation SENTINELLE
  • France – Operation RESILIENCE

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