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How To Get Free UK Number For WhatsApp Verification


How To Get Free UK Number For WhatsApp Verification -2022.

Free UK Number For WhatsApp Verification: You can now get free UK number anywhere and use it for WhatsApp verification, this article will give you all the insights you need for getting a UK number for WhatsApp and other social media or instant messaging accounts.

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Free UK Number For WhatsApp Verification

Do you know that Getting a UK phone number is one of the most difficult things to do if you’re not a citizen of the United Kingdom or someone living in the UK. And being an outsider, there might be different reasons why you want to have a UK number for yourself.

How To Get Free UK Number For WhatsApp Verification

Getting a free UK number for WhatsApp verification is actually easy and if you follow the steps below, you could find yourself having a UK number without your presence in the UK and with this number you can make calls with your friends and loved ones without having to spend huge on international calls.

The free UK number you’ll be getting is a virtual phone number i.e it doesn’t come with a sim card and one of the ways you’ll get this number is through the use of Virtual Phone Number Apps on your Android or iOS device.

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Methods To Create A Free UK Number

The UK number you’ll be getting is virtual and to get a virtual number these days, you’ll need to download and install a few apps that provide virtual phone numbers or you visit the websites that offer them. But in this case, we will go with apps.

We will give 2 methods you can use to get a free UK number, all you need to do is download the apps stated under any of the 2 methods. While they’re free to download, sometimes they charge users who wants to get a UK number from them. UK numbers are premium so most times they’re not available for free.

Method 1. Create UK Number for WhatsApp Verification via Numero

Numero is a virtual phone number app for both Android and iOS users, and it’s an app you can use to create a virtual number from over 70 different countries. This app automatically gifts out a free USA number but if you’ll be getting a UK number from them, you’ll need to pay a small token and you can also earn free credits to make calls at a cheaper rate. With the Numero app, you can get yourself a UK number for WhatsApp verification.

Free UK Number For WhatsApp Verification

Steps To Create UK Number on Numero

Steps To Create UK Number on Numero

  • Firstly, you’ll need to download the Numero app on your Android device, you can download faster via the app button displayed below.

Download QR-Code

Numero eSIM: Virtual Number

Developer: Numero eSIM

Price: Free+

  • Launch the Numero app once the installation is completed, then enter your mobile number inside the registration box and also set your country code to the right one.
  • Once you’ve entered your phone number, you will be signed in and you’ll see the app interface. Then on your screen, click on Phone Numbers > United Kingdom > then search the area you want the UK number from.
  • After that, you’ll need to pay 4 Euros to get the number ( I already explained that UK numbers are premium and getting them for free is very rare)
  • After making your payment, the UK number will be assigned to your account, you can now earn free credits and make calls with the number. You can also use the number for Facebook verification, WhatsApp verification, Twitter and other social media accounts.

Method 2. Create a Free UK Number on TollFreeForwarding.com

TollFreeForwarding is a virtual phone number directory and it’s one of the best websites where you can create a virtual phone number for almost every popular country from any of the known continents. On this website you’ll get free trial access to create a free UK number then you can now upgrade your account later if you want, here’s how to create a UK number on TollFreeForwarding.

Free UK Number For WhatsApp Verification
  • Open your browser and visit TollFreeForwarding the official website, you’ll be automatically taken to the page to create a virtual UK number.
  • On the page, you’ll see 3 boxes, click on the second one and change the 808 UK toll and select any of the available cities in the box. Then click on the free trial button placed below.
  • Then fill in your details and also select the country you’ll like your calls to be forwarded to, and also select the purpose of the UK number you’re creating. agree with terms and conditions, then click on continue.
  • After clicking on Continue, an email will be sent to the email address you provided, therefore check your Inbox or Spam box to verify your email address.
  • After clicking on verify email from the email sent to you, you’ll be taken to a page that says Try or Buy.
  • Fill in your Contact Information then scroll down and click on Free Trial.
  • After that, you’ll need to enter a payment method to activate your UK number. You’ll only be charged after 30 days and you can choose to cancel your account before then.

How to Use UK Number For WhatsApp Verification

After you’ve finished creating your UK number from any of the given methods above. Now follow the steps below to learn how to use that Uk number for WhatsApp.

  • Open the WhatsApp app and go to Settings, click on the Account option, and you will see the option to change your WhatsApp Number.
  • Click on that and enter your current mobile number and also the new number you’ll like to replace it with
  • Click Done, and wait for the verification code that’ll be sent to your UK number, check your Numero app or TollFreeForwarding inbox to get the OTP code that was sent
  • Enter the OTP code and wait for your WhatsApp number to be replaced with your UK number. You’ve successfully created a UK number for your WhatsApp.

If you have any questions concerning Free UK Number For WhatsApp Verification, please feel free to use the comment box below and ask us your question. We will be very pleased to answer you.

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