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Dadeschools Student Portal & Wifi Login Page | www.dadeschools.net

Dadeschools Student Portal

Students and parents can easilly create and log in to Dadeschools Student Portal Login and Wifi. All you need to do is follow the steps accordingly.

Parents and students might sometimes ask the question

What is the password for Dadeschools students?

Before any parent or student have the Dadeschools students password to login into the portal, they must first of all create a student account first. You either register as student or a parent. To register, you can follow the simple steps below;

  • Visit the Login page http://www.dadeschools.net/students.asp
  • Select Register on the Login page
  • Choose what you want to register as; either Student or as Parent
  • Accept the “M-DCPS Acceptable Use Policy” by ticking I agree box, by the bottom left.
  • Tab Next to continue.
  • Fill the registration form and tab on Register to complete your Registration.

NB: 24 hours is the time it takes before newly registered students can change their initial password in the Password Management/P-Synch system.

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How to Log into the Dadeschools student portal

How to Log into the Dadeschools student portal

You have to follow the procedures below to login to your Dadeschools Students Portal:

  • Visit the Dadeschools login portal http://www.dadeschools.net/students.asp
  • Scroll to the Menu Option at the top right-hand corner of the page, to see the student Portal link.
  • Alternatively, you can scroll down the page and locate where you see “Login to Student Portal
  • Input your Username
  • Input your Password (all in the spaces provided for each of it).
  • Tab on “Login” to access your portal.

N/B: All students are required to Create their student account before they can have access to login to the Dadeschools Students Portal. The steps to create a Dadeschools Students account as stated above.

How do I log into Dadeschools WIFI?

To log in to Dadeschools Wifi;

  • Visit the page http://wifi.dadeschools.net/wireless_faqs.asp
  • At the sidebar, you will see; Connect to Wi-Fi
  • You will options like “Student, Parent/Community. Choose the one that relates to who you are.
  • Next, Follow the instructions to connect to wifi.

How do I change my Dadeschool password?

If you’ve lost or forgotten your password or for any reason want to change password, then follow these steps-by-step guide to retrieve or change your login password.

  • Visit the Login page, just like you want to login
  • Select the option with “Forgot Username/Password?” as seen below the Username and password spaces, this will then take you to the next page for resetting or retrieving your details.
  • On the next page, there are a list of options to choose from. They include; 5 options to choose from. Choose the one that relates to your registration identity.
  • When once that is done, enter your Dadeschools Students ID: and click “Continue” to reset your password.

If you have any questions concerning Dadeschools Student Portal & Wifi Login, please feel free to use the comment box below and ask us your question. We will be very pleased to answer you.

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