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15 Best Cheapest Boarding Schools in the World


Top 15 Best Cheapest Boarding Schools in the World You Should Know.

Cheapest Boarding Schools in the World: The majority of the 500 boarding schools in the US charge a yearly tuition of $56,875 and there are roughly 500 boarding schools in the country. Especially for families that might not be able to afford such a sum, this is rather pricey.

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Cheapest Boarding Schools

You can enroll your child(ren) in one of the many reasonably priced boarding schools with good educational programs and residential facilities of the highest caliber.

With the help of this most recent boarding school rating, World Scholars Hub hopes to help you find the best inexpensive boarding schools.

There are a few boarding school statistics that you might find interesting to know before we get into the list of these boarding schools.

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Boarding Schools Overview

Because boarding schools have more activities than regular schools do, they are very distinct from regular schools. You’ll enjoy the incredible facts listed below:

·         Acceptance of international students

Most boarding schools accept students from other countries.

This in turn creates room for students to network and make friends with people from different countries around the world.

·         Provides home-like atmosphere 

Boarding schools are also residential schools, these schools create an atmosphere where students can comfortably live by providing standard boarding facilities.

·         Qualified and caring staff/teacher

Boarding teachers have a good educational background and advanced degrees.

However, these boarding schools also look out for staff who prostrates caring attributes and are also able to supervise your child/children.

·         Access to extracurricular activities

Boarding schools engage students in extracurricular activities, which may include athletic/sports activities, academic programs, moral teaching programs, and so on.

Moreover, this makes it easy for students to participate in various activities while in a boarding school.

·         Tuition fee discount for sibling

This is one unique fact about most boarding schools; there is a discount on tuition fees when you have more than one child enrolled.

List of Cheapest Boarding Schools in the World

Below is a list of the cheapest boarding schools in the world:

  • Oneida Baptist Institute
  • Red Bird Christain School
  • Sunshine Bible Academy
  • Alma mater International School
  • Lustre Christain High School
  • Colchester Royal Grammar School
  • Mount Micheal Benedictine School
  • Caxton College
  • Glenstal Abby School
  • Dallam School
  • St. Edward College, Malta
  • Mercyhurst Preparatory School
  • Saint John’s Academy
  • Bond Academy
  • Royal Alexandra and Albert School.

Top 15 Cheapest Boarding Schools in the World

1) Oneida Baptist Institute

  • Location: 11, Mulberry St Oneida, United States.
  • Grade: k-12
  • Tuition fee: $9,450

Oneida Baptist Institute is an affordable boarding school located in United State. This is a southern baptist and co-educational school established in 1899. The school aims to provide students with a cool and standard environment for learning, living and working.

However, the school provides high-quality Christian education, self-discipline, and leadership training and opportunity. At Oneida, the curriculum is designed to reach out to every student’s ability level.

In addition, OBI covers four major areas: academics, worship, work program, and extra-curriculum activities.

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2) Red Bird Christain School

  • Location:  Clay County, Kentucky.
  • Grade: PK-12
  • Tuition fee: $8,500

Red Christain School is one of the cheapest boarding schools in the world founded in 1921 by the Evangelical church. It is a private and coeducational Christian boarding school in Kentucky.

The school curriculum is designed to prepare students for college. However, Red Bird School provides the student with spiritual growth teachings, leadership teaching, and excellent academics.

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3) Sunshine Bible Academy

  • Location: 400, Sunshine Dr, Miller, USA.
  • Grade: K-12
  • Tuition fee:

Sunshine Bible Academy was founded in 1951. It is a private Christian and affordable boarding school for students in grades K-12. At Sunshine Bible Academy, students are equipped to excel in all subject areas.

However, the school provides a supportive learning environment for the development of basic skills, leadership skills, and academic success of its student.

In addition, SBA creates an opportunity for students to serve God as well as gain knowledge of God’s word.

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4) Alma mater International School

  • Location: 1 Coronaation St,Krugersdrop, South Africa.
  • Grade: 7-12
  • Tuition fee: R63,400 – R95,300

Alma mater International School is a coeducational day and boarding school located in South Africa. The school was established in 1998. It is also a college preparatory school that groom student to excel both in tertiary and in life.

However, the academic excellence and curriculum of Alma mater International School are highly recognized by top universities, this is an added advantage to its students. Moreover, the admission process is based on interviews and online entrance assessments.

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5) Lustre Christain High School

  • Location: Valley County, Montana, USA
  • Grade: 9-12
  • Tuition fee: $9,600

Lustre Christain High School was founded in 1949. It is a co-educational school that offers pre-high school programs.

However, LCHS is a Christian high school with a unique educational system. The school encourages students to also build good relationships with God.

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6) Colchester Royal Grammar School

  • Location: 6 Lexden Rd, Colchester CO3 3ND, United Kingdom.
  • Grade: 6th form
  • Tuition fee: no tuition fee

Colchester Royal Grammar School is a state-funded and tuition-free boarding school located in the UK. The school is a co-educational boarding for students in the sixth form with a boarding fee of 4,725EUR per term.  

However, the school curriculum includes formal learning and extracurricular activities. CRGS also aims at developing the confidence as well as the talent of the students.

At CRGS, year 7 and 8 student takes a  compulsory religious lesson as part of the personal development lessons.

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7) Mount Micheal Benedictine School

  • Location: 22520 Mt Micheal Rd, Elkhorn, United State
  • Grade: 9-12
  • Tuition fee: $9,640

Mount Micheal Benedictine School is a boy’s catholic day and boarding school founded in  1953. it is also an affordable boarding school for boys in grades 9-12.

Moreover, MMBS focus on building student intellectually, spiritually, and socially. At Mount Micheal Benedictine High School, students are equipped with leadership morals as well as good academical programs.

However, Mount Micheal Benedictine School admits students of any race without discrimination.

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8) Caxton College

  • Location: Calle Mas de Leon 5- Pucol – Valencia, Spain.
  • Grade: Nursery-grade 6
  • Tuition fee: $16, 410

Caxton is a coeducational private school founded in 1987 by the Gil-Marques family. It is an affordable boarding school that admits both international and local students.

Moreover, Caxton college makes use of the British standard curriculum, also, students are given the option of two homestay program which includes Full homestay and weekly homestay accommodation.

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9) Glenstal Abbey School

  • Location: Murroe, Co. Limerick, Ireland.
  • Grade: 7-12
  • Tuition fee: 19,500EUR

Glenstal Abbey School is a boy’s roman catholic secondary and independence boarding school. It was established in 1932. The school offers 6-7 days of full boarding school for boys aged 13-18.

In addition, Glenstl Abbey School provides a Christian learning environment that enables develop an independent and creative mindset for themselves.

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10) Dallam School

  • Location: Milnthorpe, Cumbria, England.
  • Grade: 7-10 years and grade 6th form
  • Tuition fee:  4,000EUR

Dallam School is a state co-educational day and boarding school for the sixth form grade. This is also a low-cost and affordable boarding school founded in 1984.

At Dallam College, students get to meet people socially, connect and as well develop self-confidence.  However, Dallam School provides a good academic system and outdoor/indoor curriculum that help train students into responsible individuals.

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11) St. Edward College Malta

  • Location:  Cottoner, Malta
  • Grade: Nursery-grade 13
  • Tuition fee: 15,000-23,900EUR

St. Edward College is an all-boys boarding school founded in 1929. The school accepts both international and local students. However, SEC allows the enrollment of girls who want to enroll for an international baccalaureate diploma.

In addition, St Edward College focuses on developing students’ leadership skills and as well their character.

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12) Mercyhurst Preparatory School

  • Location: Erie, Pennsylvania
  • Grade: 9-12
  • Tuition fee: $10,875

Mercyhurst Preparatory School was established in1926. It is a private and coeducational catholic secondary school in Pennsylvania.

The school is a member of the International Baccalaureate and also an accredited member of the Middle State Association for Growth protocol.

In addition, MPS aims at educating and developing its students, by offering a curriculum that creates a specific learning path for every student.

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13) St John’s Academy

  • Location: Jaiswal Nagar, India.
  • Grade: Nursery – class12
  • Tuition fee: 9,590-16,910 INR

St John’s Academy is a coeducational day and boarding school. The school was founded in 1993. The school has a separate boarding hostel for female and male students.

However, the school is well structured and affordable, they also provide education from pre-nursery to grade12. In addition, the school recognized its spacious building and infrastructure.

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14) Bond Academy

  • Location: Toronto, Canada
  • Grade: pre-school – grade 12
  • Tuition fee: 

Bond Academy is a private coeducational day and boarding school established in 1978. The school also allows the enrolment of international students.

Moreover, Bond Academy ensures the development of the students socially and academically by providing a supportive and standard learning environment. The school offers a free before and after school program, a weekly swimming lesson, character education, sport, and other extra curriculum activities.

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15) Royal Alexandra and Albert School

  • Location: Reigate RH2, United Kingdom.
  • Grade: 3-13
  • Tuition fee: 5,250EUR

Royal Alexandra and Albert School is a state co-educational boarding school for ages 7-18. The school focus on the development of its student skill and as well provide a secure environment for academic success.

However, Alexandra and Albert School was founded in 1758 in London. The school also prepares students for higher education.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cheapest Boarding Schools 

1) Can I find a free boarding school for my child?

Yes. There are free boarding schools you can enroll your child in. However these boardings are mostly state-owned boarding school with no tuition fee.

2) What is the best age to enroll my child in a boarding school?

Age 12-18 can be said to be the best age for boarding. However, most schools allow students in grades 9-12 to enroll in their boarding school.

3) Is it okay to send my troubled kid to a boarding school

Sending your troubled child to a boarding school is not a bad idea. However, t it is advisable to send the to a therapeutic boarding school where they will receive academic training and as well therapy for their negative and troubling behavior.

If you have any questions concerning Cheapest Boarding Schools in the World, please feel free to use the comment box below and ask us your question. We will be very pleased to answer you.

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