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Can You See Who Liked Your TikTok?


Can You See Who Liked Your TikTok? | Everything You Need to Know.

Can You See Who Liked Your TikTok: Yes is the quickest response imaginable! Who loved your TikTok video is visible. To find out who loved your TikTok video, adhere to the instructions provided in this article.

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Can You See Who Liked Your TikTok

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Can You See Who Liked Your TikTok?

Can you see who views your tiktoks

Previously, on the TikTok app, the easiest method to see who liked your videos was to keep an eye on your notification tab.

You could access this tab by tapping the “Inbox” icon at the bottom of the screen.

This made it very challenging to quickly see who liked a certain video. However, changes have been made since then.

Now, whether you view TikTok from your phone or computer, follow the steps below to see who liked your TikTok videos.

1. Using a Phone to Check

The process for finding out who has liked your TikTok videos is the same whether you use TikTok on an iPhone or an Android device. Just log in to your TikTok account and do these.

‣ Open the TikTok app, then tap the Profile icon in the lower right corner.

‣ Tap the video you want to learn more about on your profile page.

‣ On the right side of the screen, tap the Comments symbol.

‣ You ought to review all the remarks that viewers have left on your film. Tap Likes at the top of the comments.

You may now see every person who has liked your video. You can tap any user to view their profile page or follow them by tapping the Follow back button.

2. Using a Computer to Check

On the mobile app, you can see exactly who liked each of your videos.

However, when using TikTok on a web browser or the desktop software on a computer makes it a little more difficult to tell who loved your TikTok videos. 

This is due to TikTok not including a Likes tab in the computer’s Comments view. You must instead scroll through your inbox of notifications.

‣ Launch the TikTok App or web browser on your computer.

‣ Select the Inbox icon located above the account symbol in the upper right corner.

‣ Select “Likes.”

You may now see all the TikTok users who have liked your videos by scrolling through your likes.

How Do I Check My Video Viewers on TikTok?

You may find out how many people have viewed your videos by opening the app, tapping on your profile picture, and then going to your account.

Each of your videos will have a number next to it that shows how many people have seen it. Every time you reload the website, that information will be updated.

Will TikTok Users See if I Unlike their Videos?

No. Other TikTok users cannot see you ‘unlike’ a video–or a remark on a video– (i.e. the heart will move from red to white again).

They will not be notified either. The only time this is noticeable is if you are the first person to like a video and then dislike it before it receives two likes.

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How Do I Find a TikTok I Commented On?

There are three ways to find a TikTok you commented on.

Method 1: Find From Activity Section

‣ To begin, other users must like or reply to your TikTok comments in order for you to locate them.

‣ You should go to the “All Activity” area if your comments are liked or replied to.

‣ You’ll see that TikTok notifies you when someone likes your remark. You may access your earlier TikTok comments section by clicking on the post.

Method 2: Find In Liked Videos Section

‣ Go to the profile page after you’ve opened TikTok.

‣ You’ll see a heart-shaped symbol below the edit profile only option that only you can see.

‣ When you touch on TikTok, it will display you a collection of videos that you enjoyed previously. You can see the comments you’ve responded to from there.

Method 3: Find In History

‣ To use TikTok, go to the upper left corner and click on the three lines.

‣ Select options from the drop-down menu.

‣ You’ll be able to see your TikTok comments if you tap history.

Can People See that You Liked their TikTok?

Yes, when you like someone’s video, they will receive a notification that this person also liked your video. By clicking on the video, you may also discover who enjoyed it.

Can People See When a Comment is Disliked on TikTok?

Unlike previous YouTube dislikes, the number of dislikes received by a remark will be concealed. Only the individual who gave the thumbs down will see it.

According to TikTok, in order to prevent fostering ill-feeling between community members or demoralizing content creators.

Is there a Way to Check a Person’s Most Viewed TikTok?

There is no such thing as a view history. However, you may see a list of the videos on TikTok that you’ve liked by going to your profile and clicking the heart button above your posts.

Are TikTok views per person? Yes, one account per person equals one view, as well as other engagements; this is how practically every social site works.

Can You See Who Views Your TikTok?

To answer if you can see who views your videos on TikTok, the answer is No! TikTok lacks a feature that lets users see which TikTok accounts have seen specific videos.

This means that, while you won’t be able to know who is watching your videos, your viewing habits will remain private.

What Counts as a View on TikTok?

Different social media platforms track views in different ways, but TikTok makes it simple: it tallies a view the moment your video plays.

We count all-new views whether the video auto-plays or repeats, or if a viewer returns to watch it many times.

Does YouTube Tell You Who Liked/Disliked Your Comment?

The anonymous nature of the like/dislike button on comments.

This implies that YouTube does not keep track of who likes or dislikes a remark, and even if it did, that information is kept private, even from the channel owner.

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