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Booming Trade Careers that doesn’t Require Student Loans


Booming Trade Careers that doesn’t Require Student Loans.

Booming Trade Careers: There are numerous lucrative trade vocations available today. Understanding and honing the talent that will enable you to have a career in the field is crucial. Continue reading this article for more information.

Booming Trade Careers

There are other opportunities if you want to shift careers but lack a college degree.

The booming trade occupations from various disciplines that high school graduates can train for and which can act as the initial step to a successful career are listed below.

List of Booming Trade Careers

1. Small Business Owner

Median Annual Wage: $51,470

Not everyone is cut out to be an employee; more often than not, high school graduates looking to go into business would prefer to be their own boss and manage their own enterprise.

Here, setting up your own business can be your ticket to hitting the goldmine.

Wholesaling, for instance, after having recorded a decent median annual wage is considered one of the most booming ventures entrepreneurs can take upon.

In addition, the US Census Bureau stated in their 2014 statistics that the wholesale trade made $454.4 billion, making this kind of business opportunity more attractive to entrepreneurs.

Learning the ropes of wholesaling is a long-term affair, but you only need to have a high diploma or equivalent education to get started.

2. Artists and Related Workers

Median Annual Wage (2012): $59,840

Nearly every company requires a design department, and this is only among the many opportunities artists can delve into.

As long as you can paint, draw, or sketch on a solid surface what your creative juices are telling you, you may be able to get a decent job doing what you love.

3. Aerospace Engineering and OP Technician

Median Annual Wage (2012): $61,530

Being a technician for aerospace and engineering operations involves the development, testing, and production of new aircraft and spacecraft.

They also expected technicians in the industry to maintain the equipment used in these processes.

4. Loan Officer

Median Annual Wage (2012): $ 59,820

Loan officers are known to approve applications for monetary help but apart from that, they are also expected to advise people who are seeking financial help and evaluate their credit status.

Loan officers can work at mortgage companies, banks, credit unions, and car dealerships.

It involves a lot of paperwork and logistics management, but these can be accomplished if one has good organizational and interpersonal skills.

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5. Network Specialist

Median Annual Wage (2012): $59,090

The interest in computers and how they work, topped with good interpersonal skills, are perfect starters for snagging a network specialist job.

The work involves dealing with a wide area network (WAN) and local area network (LAN), and the associated analysis, testing, troubleshooting, and network evaluation.

6. Web Developer

Median Annual Wage (2012): $62, 500

Anyone who uses the Internet to work knows that it’s important to have a reliable website and a stable connection.

As our dependence on this technology increases by the day, it also generates a lot of job opportunities not just for the younger generation but also for those who will learn it.

The demand for web developers, whose job entails everything about websites such as designing, creating, and changing them, is seen to have a steady growth.

7. Subway and Streetcar Operator

Median Annual Wage (2012): $62,730

The operators of one of the busiest transport systems in the country are one of the highest-paid in the country.

Interested applicants require no experience to apply and can learn everything they have to know the job, which is mostly about the operations of the trusty subway cars.

8. Makeup Artist

Median Annual Wage (2012): $64,450

The people whose job is to make sure theatrical and performance artists look perfect for the role also bring home big slabs of bacon.

As long as the makeup artists are skilled in applying makeup so that performers become the character their script requires, they have a shot at the job.

9. Electrical Power-Line Installers

Median Annual Wage (2012): $63,250

Just think that as long as we rely on electricity, we will always need people who can repair electrical power systems. Electrical repairers are also responsible for fixing and managing telecommunication cables.

10. Power Plant Operator

Median Annual Wage (2012): $66,130

Just like electrical repairers, there is stability in the demand for power plant operators. These workers’ main responsibility is the management and control of the systems distributing electric power, and they can learn and master this on the job.

11. Farmers, and Agricultural Managers

Median Annual Wage (2012): $69,300

This kind of job may not exactly be the kind that always requires employees to wear a suit and tie, but it is one of the best-paid jobs a high school graduate can get.

Working on the farm would mean managing the establishments that produce goods such as livestock, dairy, and crops.

12. Gaming Manager

Median Annual Wage (2012): $65,220

The gaming industry may be a regulated one, but it enjoys a steady yet slow growth in terms of revenue, which then translates to bigger incomes for gaming managers.

The scope of their job is to undertake the planning, directing, and coordinating operations in a casino or similar establishments.

13. Nuclear Technician

Median Annual Wage (2012): $69,069

Not every job in a nuclear plant requires a college diploma some of them can be snagged with an Associate’s degree such as a nuclear technician post.

These people spend their workdays providing assistance to engineers and physicists.

14. Dental Hygienist

Median Annual Wage (2012): $70, 210

The people who are responsible for keeping our teeth clean also get a fat annual paycheck. Apart from teeth-cleaning, dental hygienists also examine patients to check for teeth and gum diseases and recommend respective preventive care.

15. Elevator Repairer and Installer

Median Annual Wage (2012): $76,650

The skills required to become an elevator repairer and installer include mounting, fixing, and maintaining lifts such as elevators and escalators, all of which one can learn through the apprenticeship.

16. Nuclear Power Reactor Operator

Median Annual Wage (2012): $74,990

Besides nuclear technicians, operators of nuclear power reactors can also earn a sizable annual income sans a college degree.

These fellows are to move control rods, adjusting controls, starting and stopping the equipment according to a schedule, and recording respective data.

17. Commercial Pilot

Median Annual Wage (2012): $73,280

You read it right you have a shot at flying with a high school diploma under your belt!

However, being a commercial pilot will require on-the-job training where you will learn everything about flying and navigating planes and helicopters, as well as rescue operations and firefighting.

18. Detectives and Criminal Investigators

Median Annual Wage (2012): $74,300

This particular job may not require a college degree, but it surely necessitates above average analytical skills. Detectives and criminal investigators investigate suspected infringements of the laws provided by the country, state, or local government.

19. Air Traffic Controller

Median Annual Wage (2012): $122,530

Apart from having a spectacular view of the skies, air traffic controllers are also paid generously for their services. These people have the power to keep aircrafts safe by making sure that there is a safe distance between them.

20. Transportation, and Distribution Managers

Median Annual Wage (2012): $81,830

Those who have a knack for administration and management jobs can try their hand at being a transport manager.

This job entails keeping on tabs on transport policies implemented by the government, as well as planning, directing, and coordinating transportation policies.

The above-listed jobs prove that there are plenty of opportunities not just for college graduates, but also for those who have high school graduates and associate degrees.

The professions that require associate degrees would require enrolling and completing the necessary courses at a community college or associate’s college. Kindly share it with your friends after reading.

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