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Bik Data X Creates a Mission-Driven Blockchain Solution that Revolutionises Infrastructure in a Company


Bik Data X Creates a Mission-Driven Blockchain Solution that Revolutionises Infrastructure in a Company.

Bik Data X Creates a Mission-Driven Blockchain Solution that Revolutionises Infrastructure in a Company: The idea of blockchain changing the world comes from the concept of decentralization. It’s the pseudo creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, who created the currency bitcoin that led to the discovery of blockchain technology.

Bik Data X Creates a Mission-Driven Blockchain Solution

In reality, the change has already begun. Many enterprise companies are already implementing their very own version of blockchain. The Bik Data X ecosystem is very simple, the plug-in connects to legacy systems, takes all the data “live or dormant” per business and monetizes the business on the blockchain via smart contracts on four parallel networks: Ethereum, Cardano, BSC, EOS. In essence, Bik Data X has developed a fully encrypted system based on business data while adding a new way of earning for enterprises around the world.

Bik Data X Creates a Mission-Driven Blockchain Solution

Bik Data X adds a dimension that didn’t exist before: it uses the value of the companies, and it creates a unique token or cryptocurrency for them, which can be used to determine the company’s worth based on the performance of the coin and its respective earrings. The tokens in turn form a tokenization strategy that acts as a payment solution and mechanism within the business itself, allowing tokens to be utilized for payment settlement and fulfillment.

Bik Data X innovatively merges the old with the new in both business and technology, forming something that truly benefits its clients, while exposing an entirely new audience to investment and trading options. Through the utility factor of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, it combines the two into an enterprise resource planning system that’s revolutionizing the infrastructure and organization of a company’s data, turning expenses into assets. Bik Data X is taking businesses and blockchain into the future.

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Bik Data X was created by Ayman Kabalan, who has 20+ years of extensive experience in database systems, and has partnered with high-caliber individuals in the space of international banking, finance, payments, and international sales to kick off the inception of the Bik Data X team. The team has awareness that the biggest unrealized asset a company has is its data and the storage of it. Bik Data X is creating a new asset class that empowers businesses around the world to use their data to generate profits and level up their sustainability efforts.

With the increased adoption of cryptocurrency, a platform is needed that makes a mark on revolutionizing infrastructure and organization of data in a company. To learn more about Bik Data X, visit their website.

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