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Top 8 Best Korean Dramas Based on Webtoon in 2022


Top 8 Best Korean Dramas Based on Webtoon in 2022.

Top 8 Best Korean Dramas Based on Webtoon: There are many korian movies but we have list out some top best Korean Dramas Based on Webtoon in 2022 for Korean webtoon lovers.

The genres offered also vary, from drama, comedy, romance, horror, to action. The storyline that is provided is not much different from the original webtoon. A number of well-known Korean actors and actresses will also star in this Korean webtoon drama.

Top 8 Best Korean Drama Adapted from Webtoon in 2022

1. All of Us Are Dead (Webtoon: School Attack)

All of Us Are Dead played by Yoon Chan-yeong, Park Ji-hu, Cho Yi-hyun, Lomon, and Yoo In-soo. Directed by Lee JQ and Enes Kim, All of Us Are Dead is based on a webtoon entitled “School Attack”.

It talks about a group of students who are trapped in their own school. They have to save themselves from dangerous zombie attacks.

2. Hellbound (Webtoon: The Hell)

The Korean drama Hellbound stars Yoo Ah-in, Park Jeong-min, Kim Hyun-ju, Won Jin-ah, and Yang Ik-june. Hellbound, directed by Yeon Sang-ho, is an adaptation of the popular webtoon “The Hell”.

Hellbound talks about supernatural events experienced by people who meet the angel of death. The presence of a new religious group and its extreme followers say that this incident was a powerful will.

3. DP (Webtoon: DP Dog Day)

Deserter Pursuit (DP) is played by Jung Hae-in, Koo Kyo-hwan, Kim Sung-kyun, and Son Seok-koo, and directed by Han Jun-hee. The series is adapted from the webtoon DP Dog Day by Kim Bo-tong which won 10 million viewers.

DP tells the story of a Deserter Pursuit soldier named Joon-ho, whose job is to track down military defectors. The DP will be filled with images of the mental torment and suffering of the young soldiers who chose to flee.

4. Love Alarm Season 2 (Webtoon: Love Alarm)

Love Alarm 2 tells a story about an application called Love Alarm which can detect feelings from a radius of ten meters. The new Love Alarm feature can tell who the user will like.

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5. Navillera (Webtoon: Navillera / Like a Butterfly)

Navillera is the latest Korean drama on tvN and Netflix, played by Park In-hwan, Song Kang, Na Moon-hee, and Hong Seung-hee. This drama is based on a webtoon entitled Nabillera or Like a Butterfly written by Hun and illustrated by Ji-Min.

Sim Deok-Chool (Park In-Hwan), a 70-year-old man, has an unfulfilled dream of becoming a ballet dancer. He also joins a ballet company and meets Lee Chae-Rok (Song Kang), a 23-year-old man who is interested in ballet because his dead mother was a ballet dancer.

6. Taxi Driver (Webtoon: Deluxe Taxi)

Webtoon Deluxe Taxi will be adapted into the Korean drama Taxi Driver which will air on April 9, 2021 on SBS. This Korean drama, played by Lee JeHoon, Esom, and APRIL’s NaEun, tells the story of a “revenge” taxi. Kim Do-Ki (Lee Je-Hoon) is a luxury taxi driver for the Rainbow Taxi company, which offers revenge services.

7. Imitation (Webtoon: Imitation)

The next Korean webtoon drama entitled Imitation has been awaited by many K-Pop fans. This drama is centred on three groups namely TEA PARTY (Jung MiSo, MinSeo, Lim NaYoung), SHAX (Jun, Chani, JongHo, HwiYoung, Park YuRi, Ahn JungHoon), and SPARKLING (YunHo, SuWoong, SeongHwa, San).

8. I Know But (Webtoon: I Know But)

The next Korean drama that will air in 2021 is I Know But from the same webtoon title. Song Kang will take on the role of JaeEon, a handsome college student who was not previously interested in dating. Meanwhile, Han SoHee plays NaBi, who likes JaeEon but doesn’t want to show her feelings for him.

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