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Barnard College Acceptance Rate & Admission Requirements


Barnard College Acceptance Rate, Barnard College Admission Requirements, Barnard College Requirements for International Students, …See more details below;

Barnard College Acceptance Rate

With respect to the high percentage (over 11.8% to 13%) in acceptance rate, Barnard College is a selected pick for flying color students. With a high acceptance rate, you will be sure that, Barnard College is the most selective women’s college in America.

Barnard college was founded in the year 1889, making it 132 years ago by Annie Nathan Meyer after Columbia’s University refusal to accept females into its university doors, leaving it open only for men.

Barnard College is only for the female gender; there is a lot of focus on liberal arts and sciences education. Barnard College is situate at 3009 Broadway, New York, United States of America. The college is less than an hour drive from one of the popular airports in New York, John F. Kennedy (JFK) International Airport.

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Barnard College Admission Requirements

The necessary requirement for application materials, a student should possess before acceptance into Barnard College:

  1. Applicants application should include personal information like personal essay, the school that he/she attended, extracurricular activities, and senior year class schedule.
  2. Applicants have to pass through the “Barnard Writing Supplement.” This is expected to be submitted with other documents. Supplemental essay questions are subject to change yearly.
  3. Applicants are to pay a $75 non-refundable application fee or request for a fee waiver. This should be submitted via the platform in which the applicants are applying. If opting for fee waiver, applicants are to select the fee waiver option, and ask their high school counselor to complete the waiver form. If any applicant’s counselor is unable to complete the waiver form through his/her application platform, such applicant may submit the waiver directly to Barnard College admission.

Note that Barnard College will be glad to accept waivers from the Common Application, NACAC, SAT, or ACT. If a form is unavailable, the College will also accept a letter from such applicant’s counselor requesting a fee waiver that explains the financial hardship.

  1. Applicants are expected to submit their official high school and college transcripts: The transcript should be sent by applicants’ high school counselors.
  2. Secondary school reports and high school profile documents should also be submitted by applicants’ high school counselor in addition to the transcript.
  3. SAT or ACT scores are usually exempted since the outbreak of COVID 19. There is a temporary test optional policy because of COVID, which has exempted the 2021-2023 batches.
  4. For updated information on Barnard College SAT and ACT, feel free to view Barnard’s college standardized testing policies on their site.
  5. Applicants are to submit a high school counselor letter of recommendation. However, if this is not feasible by a school counselor due to large student caseloads, a teacher letter of recommendation will do.
  6. There should also be two additional letters of recommendation from core academic subject teachers. These recommendation letters should either be English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Science, or Social Studies (History, Economics, etc.) teachers. It is advisable that these selected teachers be from your last two years of high school.
  7. However, recommendation letters from 10th grade teachers will also be considered.
  8. High school counselors will also need to submit applicants’ mid-year reports; the counselor is expected to submit the applicants’ first semester senior grades.
  9. Official TOEFL, IELTS, or Duolingo English Test Scores: Aside from standardized test scores in areas like SAT/ACT, there is also a requirement for TOEFL/IELTS/DET scores. This is extremely important for students whose primary language is not English or who do not study in a school where English is the primary language of instruction.

Barnard College Acceptance rate and requirements for International Students

All international student (citizen of a country other than the United States of America); are to follow the the Application Requirements below:

Barnard College Application Requirements

Barnard College Transcripts and National Exam Results

  • Applicants must request that their high school and/or college send an official transcript or exam results via e-docs or mail. Please note that certificates or copies of certificates are not to be submitted because they are not required.
  • Students with transcripts or official documents not issued in English need to provide certified English translations along with the official documents. The applicant’s school may be able to guide such applicants to third party organizations that regularly provide these translations.
  • Students who apply for admission during their last year of secondary school should clearly state the name of the certificate or degree they expect to receive and when they will receive it.
  • Students who have taken external national or board examinations should submit examination results as well as transcripts for each year of secondary-level study. Kindly note that students are not to submit other academic or activity certificates.

Barnard College Standardized Testing Requirement:

Due to the challenges being faced by the outbreak of COVID-19, students applying for admission will not be required to submit scores from the SAT or ACT exams.

However, if students have taken the SAT and/or ACT exam and would like Barnard College to review their test scores, they may then submit self-report about their highest scores via the Common Application, Coalition Application, or the Barnard Applicant Portal. Barnard College will super score their SAT and ACT composite scores.

Kindly note that Barnard College will adopt a one-year SAT and ACT temporary test optional policy. Kindly view the updated policy on Barnard College website.

Barnard College English Language Proficiency Requirement

  1. English proficiency is required by the students. Hence, students may be required to submit scores from TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) and IELTS (International English Language Testing System) or DES.
  2. (Duolingo English Test). Note, this can be waived for applicants who identify English as one of their first languages or have attended a school in which English is the primary language of instruction all through the duration of their secondary school career.
  3. Students are expected to be enrolled in or have completed the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program or A Level curriculum taught in English.
  4. Applicants can request and schedule a virtual Interview to supplement the application. Interviews would be available both in-person and online in the future.
  5. Supplementary portfolios (optional): Applicants may decide to submit supplementary portfolios containing photo, drawing, painting, sculpture, music, dance, film, theatre, or creative writing for review. This may not be reviewed by Barnard Faculty or Admissions committee during high volume periods.
  6. Additional letters of recommendation: Students may request letters of recommendation from up to two additional sources outside the required letters of recommendation. More additional letters of recommendation is recommended. However, they must come from a different perspective than your previous letters, such as a part-time job supervisor, a research mentor, or club advisor.

Cost of Attendance for Barnard College

 Resident      Commuter

Tuition and Fees: $60,087 $60,087

Room and Board: $18,486 $1,800

Books/Supplies:   $1,150   $1,150

Miscellaneous:    $1,370   $1,370

Total Basic Budget:    $81,093 $64,407

The above is the full cost of attendance for Barnard College. At the end of a full academic calendar year, students must have paid either $81,093 as a resident or $64,407 as a commuter.

For a resident paying a total fee of $81,093; $60,087 is for tuition and fees, $18,486 is for room and board, $1,150 is for books/supplies while $1,370 is for miscellaneous.

For a commuter paying a total fee of $64,407; $60,087 is for tuition and fees, $1,800 is for room and board, $1,150 is for books/supplies while $1,370 is for miscellaneous.

Conclusively, Barnard College is built on a luxuriant campus in New York City. It comprises bold, brilliant women who are dedicated to changing the world. It seeks to provide generations of promising young women with an outstanding liberal arts education in a community where women lead. The college is one of the most sought after liberal colleges in the world. It was highly ranked among United States of America’s Liberal colleges of “Best Value” for the year 2021. It was also ranked the 19th best liberal arts college by Forbes. At Barnard college, all the needs of students are fully and satisfactorily met.

Barnard College Acceptance Rate & Admission Requirements


Is there any financial support from Barnard College?

Yes, Banard College offers financial support depending on the total educational costs incurred during the full academic year. The Financial aid office will use the 2021-2022 budgets to determine the eligibility of each applicant. These budgets are called the Cost of Attendance.

Are there interesting clubs to join in Barnard College?

Yes! You can either join a club or apply to start your own club. There are about 80 clubs that help you explore your identity within Barnard’s diverse and international student body.

Inclusive are: Pre-professional organizations and drama clubs, Literary meet ups and climate action organizations, The Student Leadership Breakfast Club, Cultural & International Clubs, Career and Professional Club, Impact & Volunteering Clubs, Performing Arts Clubs, Media Production & Writing Clubs, Self-Development & Interest-based Clubs, Student Leadership Organizations,

As a liberal school, would there be a performing art club?

Yes, joining the club can help you get your imaginative juices flowing. In the club, you can sing with the Bacchantae a capella group, perform with Control Top or Third Wheel.

You can also join the King’s Crown Shakespeare Troupe and get involved in the not-for-profit’s free, roving performances. You can even join the Mcintosh Activities Council via the Student Leadership Organization to help steer campus life, and also be creative in organizing loads of fun traditions on campus.

You can decide to run for student government or just be active in the Student Government Association where you get a chance to work as well as network with other students, administration, and faculty to push for change.

What are the popular departments in Barnard?

Africana Studies; African Studies major and African Studies minor (This is a multidisciplinary approach to the study of the history, politics, cultures, and literatures of Africa and of the African Diaspora in the Americas, Caribbean and Europe.)

American Studies, Anthropology, Architecture, Art History, Asian & Middle Eastern Cultures, Biological Sciences, Chemistry

Classics and Ancient Studies, Comparative Literature, Computer Science, Consortium of Critical Interdisciplinary Studies, Dance, Economics, Education, English, Environmental Science, European Studies, Film Studies, First-Year Seminar, First-Year Writing,

French, German, History, Human Rights, Italian, Jewish Studies, Mathematics, Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Music, Neuroscience & Behavior, Philosophy, Physical Education, Physics & Astronomy, Political Science, Psychology, Religion,

Science & Public Policy, Slavic, Sociology, Spanish & Latin American Cultures, Statistics, Theatre, Urban Studies, Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies.

What you can benefit as a student of Barnard College;

Barnard College provides financial aid for students.

Barnard allows students to discover their own capabilities. They also prepare them to flourish and make a difference in the world.

Students are spurred to think critically, read seriously and write clearly. Both students and teachers also partake in discovery.

Students are provided with resources to take advantage of opportunities as new fields, new ideas, and new technologies emerge.

Students are well prepared in a way that helps them thrive in different cultural surroundings in a competitive world.

Once admitted, every student will receive the individualized support that is an essential part of the Barnard experience.

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