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Australian Federal Police (AFP) Operations Officer Salaries


Australian Federal Police Operations Officer salaries | Average Australian Federal Police salary.

Australian Federal Police Salary: The Australian Federal Police salary can be paid depending on the city you are assigned at and if you are full-time or part-time as there are hourly, weekly, monthly, and yearly pays to suit the Police forces.

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Australian Federal Police Salary

Police officers’ salaries vary drastically based on experience, skills, gender, or location, and below you will find a detailed breakdown based on many different criteria.

The Popular Jobs And The Average Australian Federal Police salary

Australian Federal Police salaries in Australia:

There are different sectors of the Australian Federal Police which varying salary ranges which are discussed and highlighted.

Major Salaries Includes;

Commander -v$115,258 per year

Data Scientist – $109,128 per year

Investigator – $89,850 per year

Operation Officer – $86,022 per year

Payroll Officer – $87,749 per year

Social Worker – $97,931 per year

Technical Officer – $104,670 per year

Member Service Representatives – $89,383 per year

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AFP Salary According To Department Includes

Administrative Assistance Department

  1. Executive Assistant – $73,096 per year
  2. Support Staff – $91,367 per year

Human Resources Department

  1. Director Of Recruiting – $105,190 per year
  2. Personnel Officer – $85,712 per year
  3. Safety Specialist – $99,400 per year
  4. Senior Human Resources Associate – $99,891 per year

IT Operation & Helpdesk Department

  1. Network Engineer – $100,264 per year
  2. Systems Administrator – $97,535 per year

Information Design & Documentation Department

  1. Data Analyst – $98,176 per year
  2. Technical Analyst  – $99, 891 per year
  3. Intelligence Analyst – $93,912 per year
  4. Business Intelligence Developer – $105,962 per year

Legal Department

  1. Legal Senior Lawyer – $93,915 per year
  2. Lawyer – $90,363 per year
  3. Litigation Lawyer – $90,372 per year

Nursing Department

  1. Registered Mental Health Nurse – $99,891 per year
  2. Registered Nurse – $98,058 per year

Security & Public Safety Department

  1. Police Officer – $114,555 per year
  2. Technical Security Threat Intelligence Officer – $81,234 per year

Salary Entitlement For The Australian Federal Police

Certain entitlements may vary between categories of Australian Federal Police employment depending on your work location, type of work, working pattern, and access to flexible work opportunities.

However, standard salary entitlement and benefits include:

  • Eighteen (18) days of paid personal leave per year
  • Sixteen (16) weeks of paid maternity leave (after 12 months of service) for each confinement.
  • Paid long service leave after 10 years of continuous Commonwealth service
  • Entitlement to housing, transport, and other benefits.

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