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Australian Federal Government Jobs Application -Apply Now


Australian Federal Government Jobs 2023/2024 Application Form Portal – Apply Now.

Australian Federal Government Jobs: The Australian Federal Government employs over 2 million people across the country, and new career opportunities are recently arising. We will provide all necessary requirements and procedures on how to apply.

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Australian Federal Government Jobs

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Australian Federal Government Jobs are way better than Private sector jobs, hence if you wish to work in Australia, then this is the right post for you to explore.

The Australian Federal Government comes with a lot of opportunities for they offer attractive salaries with other perks, and you also get to advance in your career.

Now proceed below to get all the available Australian Federal Government Jobs, and do not hesitate to apply.

About Australia Federal Government Jobs

Australian Federal Government jobs also come with great benefits and can serve as an essential stepping stone in a person’s career.

Having a public sector job on your resume is a great way to distinguish yourself from other applicants and increase your chances of getting hired for other jobs in the future.

The Australian Federal Government jobs offer a permanent position with full benefits, better location, and security for all of its employees.

There are different types of Australian Federal Government jobs that job seekers can consider, and they include;

  • Local – these jobs typically involve working on local councils. These positions span all of Australia’s metropolitan and regional areas, so there are many opportunities available for workers of all kinds.
  • State – This includes jobs for both state and territory governments, such as the ACT, NSW, QLD, NT, SA, TAS, WA, and VIC. These jobs are based in a variety of hubs throughout the state.
  • Federal – government jobs in Australia are often Canberra-based. However, many can also be found throughout other parts of Australia for workers in various fields, from healthcare to IT.

Departments In The Australian Federal Government (To Get Jobs)

  1. Australian Digital Health Agency
  2. AirService Australia
  3. Department of Defense
  4. Defense Housing Australia
  5. Department of the Senate
  6. Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
  7. Australia Bureau of Statistics
  8. Department of Agriculture
  9. National Museum Of Australia
  10. Australia Criminal Intelligence Commission and many more

Benefits Of Australian Federal Government Jobs For Workers

There are several benefits attached to working in the Australian federal government sector, which make it distinguished from the private sector.

They include;

  1. The Australian Federal Government Jobs offers an attractive salary to its workers.
  2. There are compensation schemes for Federal Government jobs
  3. There are vacation, personal and sick leave
  4. There are retirement scheme
  5. Security
  6. Health insurance
  7. Thrift Savings Plan
  8. Life insurance
  9. Employee Assistance Programs
  10. Child and Dependent Care

List of Available Australian Federal Government Jobs

There are several Australian Federal Government Jobs that have been compiled below, ensure to navigate through them and apply for any that suits your interest.

They include;

1. Australia Institute of Health and Welfare

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare is Australia’s national agency for information and statistics on Australia’s health and welfare.

The vacancies are

  • APS4 Payroll/Finance Officer – salary ($70,271 to $76,109).
  • AIHW Temporary Employment Register (Indigenous Affirmative Measures) – salary($54,044 to $144,915)
  • AIHW Temporary Employment Register – salary ($54,044 to $144,915)

2. Australian Federal Police

The Australian Federal Police is the national and principal federal law enforcement agency of the Australian Government with the unique role of investigating crime and protecting the national security of the Commonwealth of Australia.

The vacancies are

  • Intelligence Operations – Team Member –  salary ($78,467 to $92,243)
  • Executive Level – AFP Forensics Coordinator – salary ($156,413 to $156,413)
  • Program Manager – salary ($92,243 to $99,929)
  • Executive Level – Enterprise Learning & Performance – salary ($156,413 to $156,413)
  • Digital Producer, Communications and Government Relations, ACT Policing – salary ($78,467 to $92,243)
  • Investigator (Professional) – International Operations Centre – salary ($67,208 to $78,467)
  • Senior Digital Engagement Officer – salary ($99,929 to $110,255)
  • Register of Interest – Executive Assistants (Band 3 & 4) – salary ($67,208 to $92,243)

3. Australian Bureau of Statistics

The Australian Bureau of Statistics is the independent statutory agency of the Australian Government responsible for statistical collection and analysis and for giving evidence-based advice to federal, state, and territory governments.

The vacancies include

  • Statistical Analyst APS4 – Wage Price Index – salary ($68,122 to $76,624)
  • Data Analysis Specialist – salary ($76,729 to $86,073)
  • Mathematical Statistician, Data Scientist and Data Collection Methodologist (APS6) – salary ($84,476 to $95,401)
  • Director – Data, Middleware and Analytics – salary ($129,569 to $149,780)
  • Director – Business Analysis, Testing and Development Operations – salary ($129,569 to $149,780)
  • Data Graduates, Australian Government – Register of Interest – salary ($60,000 to $73,000)

4. Department of Defence

Defense Australia is a department of the Government of Australia charged with defending Australia and its national interests.

There are over one hundred and forty vacancies in this sector, however just little will be mentioned below;

  • Director Decision Support – salary ($123,159 to $147,828)
  • HR/Administration Officer – salary ($61,630 to $76,215)
  • Administration Officer (Physical Training Centre) – salary ($54,105 to $60,825)
  • Printing Officer – salary ($76,611 to $82,059)
  • Multi-agent AI Researcher – salary ($69,811 to $95,873)
  • Combat System Research Engineer – Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – salary ($69,811 to $95,873)
  • Security Advisor – salary ($83,928 to $95,873)
  • Project Scheduler – salary ($83,928 to $95,873)
  • Senior Integration Engineer – salary ($106,074 to $119,651)
  • Discipline Lead – Multifunctional Antennas – salary ($123,159 to $147,828)

5. Department of Home Affairs

The Department of Home Affairs is the Australian Government interior ministry responsible for national security, law enforcement, emergency management, border control, immigration, refugees, citizenship, transport security, and multicultural affairs.

There are over fifty vacancies in this sector, however just a little will be mentioned below;

  • Border Force Inspector – salary ($103,424 to $121,292)
  • Assistant Director Complex Identity Advice – salary ($103,424 to $121,292)
  • Project Support Officer – salary ($81,879 to $96,873)
  • Regional Compliance Director – salary ($122,547 to $159,473)
  • Director – Cyber Policy and Strategy – salary ($122,547 to $159,473)
  • Assistant Director – Web Operations, Development & Enhancements – salary ($103,424 to $121,292)
  • Senior Public Affairs Officer A – salary ($134,877 to $159,473)

6. Department Of Health

The Department of Health aims to enhance the health and well-being of all Australians by providing effective health and human services and fostering sound, sustained advances in the sciences underlying medicine, public health, and social services.

There are over twenty vacancies in this sector however, just a few will be mentioned below;

  • Policy Officer – salary ($79,002 to $85,437)
  • Director, National Health Emergency Preparedness and Planning Section – salary ($129,665 to $153,516)
  • Director – National Incident Centre Operations Section – salary ($129,665 to $153,516)
  • Departmental Officer – salary ($88,439 to $99,772)
  • Executive Director – salary ($149,826 to $171,939)
  • Assistant Director (Several Positions) – salary ($108,680 to $123,951)
  • IT Security Analyst (Several Positions) – salary ($79,002 to $85,437)
  • Senior Midwifery Advisor – salary ($129,665 to $153,516)

How To Apply for Australian Federal Government Jobs

  • Search for a job at the application link given below when directed to the official website.
  • You can use the search box, which is divided into various categories, to filter the job of your interest.
  • Review the job advertisement and role description.
  • Make sure you meet all the requirements before proceeding
  • Select the ‘Apply Online’ button.
  • Complete and submit your application.

Apply Now

Salary Of Australian Federal Government Employees

RankMinimum SalaryMaximum Salary
SES 3$247,687$540,600
SES 2$199,189$326,400
SES 1$164,152$237,462
EL 2$118,376$190,230
EL 1$101,955$142,087
APS 6$80,669$94,930
APS 5$73,636$79,841
APS 4$67,100$73,256
APS 3$59,237$65,270
APS 2$52,004$59,065
APS 1$45,952$51,583

If you have any questions concerning Australian Federal Government Jobs, please feel free to use the comment box below and ask us your question. We will be very pleased to answer you.

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