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Ashford Student Portal Login – Login the official Ashford Student Portal, accessing Ashford Parent portal & Library Login. See more details below.

Ashford Student Portal Login

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Accessing Ashford University Student Portal Login

Ashford University Student Portal Login

To access your Ashford University student Portal, follow the easy steps below:

Accessing Ashford Parent Portal Login

Ashford Parent Portal Login

On the Ashford Parent Portal page, you will see a message that reads “Welcome to the Ashford School Parent Area”.

This is where you find all the things a Parent of Ashford School requires”. Follow the guide below to access and login to Ashford Parent Portal:

Accessing Ashford Library Login

Visit Ashford Library Portal and login Via https://library.ashford.edu/

More About Ashford University

University of Arizona Global Campus, formerly Ashford University, is a public online university located in San Diego, California. Ashford University was acquired in 2020 by the University of Arizona, becoming the University of Arizona Global Campus.

Ashford University Contact

This is the number you can use to make live chat 1.866.711.1700 Live Chat

Ashford university Degree Time Range

Ashford university Degree Time Range

Those that have zero existing credits and stay enrolled can characteristically expect to finish their online bachelor’s program in about four(4) years.

But, Students that already have their first degree may have credits to transfer. By approved credits transfer, you are likely to graduate in a shorter time range.

Ashford University Degree Cost

The kind of online college degree program you choose determines the cost of a degree program at Ashford University.

The List below is an overall summary of the projected costs of tuition associated with Ashford University degree programs.

Undergraduate Program Tuition$510.00/credit
Master’s Program Tuition$635.00/credit – $740.00/credit
Doctoral Program Tuition$1,082.00/credit
List of Ashford University Degree Programs

Ashford University Degree Programs

Ashford University offers both associates (AA), bachelor’s (BA & BS), master’s (MA & MS), and doctoral (Ph.D. & PsyD) online college degrees.

  •     Accounting & Finance
  •     Business
  •     Communications
  •     Criminal Justice
  •     Education
  •     Health Care
  •     Information Technology
  •     Liberal Arts
  •     Political Science
  •     Social & Behavioral Science

See list of courses below, in their alphabetical order.

Academic Success Habits (ASH)Finance (FIN)Information Systems (INF)Philosophy (PHI)
Accounting (ACC)Freshman Experience (EXP)Instructional Design and Technology (IDT)Physical Education and Health (PED)
Anthropology (ANT)General Education (GEN)International Leadership (INT)Political Science (POL)
Applied Behavioral Science (ABS)Geography (GEO)Journalism (JRN)Project Management (PRM)
Art (ART)Gerontology (GRO)Law Enforcement Administration (LEA)Psychology (PSY)
Business (BUS)Health and Human Services (HHS)Leadership (LDR)Public Administration (PPA)
Communications (COM)Health and Wellness (HWE)Liberal Arts (LIB)Real Estate Studies (RES)
Complementary and Alternative Health (CAH)Health Care Administration (HCA)Linguistics (LNG)Research (RES)
Computer Graphic Design (CGD)Health Care Studies (HCS)Management (MGT)Science (SCI)
Criminal Justice (CRJ)Health Information Management (HIM)Marketing (MKT)Service Management (SRV)
Cyber & Data Security Technology (CYB)Health Promotion (HPR)Master Health Care Administration (MHA)Social Science (SSC)
Doctoral Capstone (DOC)History (HIS)Master of Public Health (MPH)Sociology (SOC)
Early Childhood Administration (ECA)Homeland Security and Emergency Management (HSM)Mathematics (MAT)Spanish (SPA)
Early Childhood Education (ECE)Honors College (HON)Military Studies (MIL)Special Education (ESE)
Early Childhood Development (ECD)Human Resources Management (HRM)Nursing (NUR)Speech (SPE)
Economics (ECO)Human Services Leadership (HSL)Organizational Leadership (ORG)Sports and Recreation Management (SRM)
Education (EDU)Human Services (HUM)Organizational Management (OMM)Technology (TEC)
Education Curriculum and Instruction (ECI)Finance (FIN)Information Systems (INF)Technology Management (TMG)
Education Preparation Program (EPP)Freshman Experience (EXP)Instructional Design and Technology (IDT)Web & Mobile App Technology (WEB)
English (ENG)General Education (GEN)International Leadership (INT)Philosophy (PHI)
English Language Learner (ELL)Geography (GEO)Journalism (JRN)Physical Education and Health (PED)
Environmental Studies (ENV)Gerontology (GRO)Law Enforcement Administration (LEA)Political Science (POL)
Academic Success Habits (ASH)Health and Human Services (HHS)Leadership (LDR)Project Management (PRM)
Accounting (ACC)Health and Wellness (HWE)Liberal Arts (LIB)Psychology (PSY)
Anthropology (ANT)Health Care Administration (HCA)Linguistics (LNG)Public Administration (PPA)
Applied Behavioral Science (ABS)Health Care Studies (HCS)Management (MGT)Real Estate Studies (RES)
Art (ART)Health Information Management (HIM)Marketing (MKT)Research (RES)
Business (BUS)Health Promotion (HPR)Master Health Care Administration (MHA)Science (SCI)
Communications (COM)History (HIS)Master of Public Health (MPH)Service Management (SRV)
Complementary and Alternative Health (CAH)Homeland Security and Emergency Management (HSM)Mathematics (MAT)Social Science (SSC)
Computer Graphic Design (CGD)Honors College (HON)Military Studies (MIL)Sociology (SOC)
Criminal Justice (CRJ)Human Resources Management (HRM)Nursing (NUR)Spanish (SPA)
Cyber & Data Security Technology (CYB)Human Services Leadership (HSL)Organizational Leadership (ORG)Special Education (ESE)
Doctoral Capstone (DOC)Human Services (HUM)Organizational Management (OMM)Speech (SPE)
Early Childhood Administration (ECA)Finance (FIN)Information Systems (INF)Sports and Recreation Management (SRM)
Early Childhood Education (ECE)Freshman Experience (EXP)Instructional Design and Technology (IDT)Technology (TEC)
Early Childhood Development (ECD)General Education (GEN)International Leadership (INT)Technology Management (TMG)
Economics (ECO)Geography (GEO)Journalism (JRN)Web & Mobile App Technology (WEB)
Education (EDU)Gerontology (GRO)Law Enforcement Administration (LEA)Philosophy (PHI)
Education Curriculum and Instruction (ECI)Health and Human Services (HHS)Leadership (LDR)Physical Education and Health (PED)
Education Preparation Program (EPP)Health and Wellness (HWE)Liberal Arts (LIB)Political Science (POL)
English (ENG)Health Care Administration (HCA)Linguistics (LNG)Project Management (PRM)
English Language Learner (ELL)Health Care Studies (HCS)Management (MGT)Psychology (PSY)
Environmental Studies (ENV)Health Information Management (HIM)Marketing (MKT)Public Administration (PPA)
Early Childhood Administration (ECA)Health Promotion (HPR)Master Health Care Administration (MHA)Real Estate Studies (RES)
Early Childhood Education (ECE)History (HIS)Master of Public Health (MPH)Research (RES)
Early Childhood Development (ECD)Homeland Security and Emergency Management (HSM)Mathematics (MAT)Science (SCI)
Economics (ECO)Honors College (HON)Military Studies (MIL)Service Management (SRV)
Education (EDU)Human Resources Management (HRM)Nursing (NUR)Social Science (SSC)
Education Curriculum and Instruction (ECI)Human Services Leadership (HSL)Organizational Leadership (ORG)Sociology (SOC)
Education Preparation Program (EPP)Human Services (HUM)Organizational Management (OMM)Spanish (SPA)
English (ENG)  Special Education (ESE)
English Language Learner (ELL)  Speech (SPE)
Environmental Studies (ENV)  Sports and Recreation Management (SRM)
English (ENG)  Technology (TEC)
   Technology Management (TMG)
   Web & Mobile App Technology (WEB)
A-Z of Ashford University Courses

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