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AQA Exam 2022/2023 Dates, Fees, Timetable and Results Checker


Assessment and Qualifications Alliance (AQA) Examination 2022/2023 Dates, Fees, Timetable and Results.

AQA Exam Dates, Fees, Timetable and Results Checker: Assessment and Qualifications Alliance (AQA) is one of the main examination boards in the UK and currently accounts for more than half of the GCSE and A-level qualifications that are taken and marked there each year.

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AQA Exam

AQA Examination is a great importance to every people to undertake and get a higher result in your certificate after your exam.

The subject experts set exam papers that test how well students can demonstrate that they have acquired the skills, knowledge and understanding set out in the specification.

What Is AQA Exam

AQA, known as the Assessment and Qualifications Alliance, is an awarding body in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland which compiles specifications and holds examinations in various subjects at GCSE, AS, and A-Level and offers vocational qualifications.

AQA is one of five awarding bodies which are recognized by schools across the country and is also recognized by the regulators of the public exams systems for England, Wales, and Northern Ireland to offer GCSE, AS, and A-Levels in the United Kingdom.

As well as AQA A-level courses and AQA GCSE courses, they offer a range of qualifications such as AS-levels, Tech-levels (now known as T-Levels), and Technical Awards for all the listed qualifications are highly valued by employers and universities around the world.

AQA Subjects

These are the subjects offered by AQA

Accounting Applied General Art and Design Bengali Biology Business Chemistry Chinese (Mandarin) Citizenship Studies Computer Science and IT Dance Design and Technology Drama Economics Engineering English Entertainment Technology Entry Level Certificates (ELC) Environmental Science EPQ Food French Geography German Hebrew (Biblical) Hebrew (Modern) HistoryItalian Languages Law Mathematics Media Studies Music Panjabi Performing Arts Philosophy Physical Education Physics Polish Politics Psychology Projects Religious Studies Science Sociology Spanish Statistics Tech-levels Technical Awards Unit Award Scheme Urdu

Latest Update On AQA Examination 2022

  1. Ofqual has also confirmed its plans for grading standards for the summer 2022 exam series for there will be more generous grading of exams this year compared to a normal exam year to provide a safety net for students
  2. Because of the ongoing impacts of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, there are some changes to how GCSE English Literature will be assessed in 2022.
  3. They’re reducing the total exam time for GCSE English Literature from 4 hours to 3 hours and 25 minutes.
  4. AQA is reducing the total exam marks available from 160 to 130.
  5. Students will have to answer 2 out of three questions.

Entry Dates For The AQA Exam 2022

Exam seriesSeries and year codeEntries deadline dateDeadline for very late entries/amendment fees payable/withdrawal refunds
November 2021 series BABA218 September 202125 September 2021
November 2021 series BBBB214 October 202125 October 2021
November 2021 series BGBG214 October 202125 October 2021
January 2022 series 1A1A2221 October 202115 December 2021
March 2022 series 3G3G2221 January 202221 February 2022
June 2022 series 6A6A2221 February 202221 April 2022
June 2022 series 6G6G2221 February 202221 April 2022
  • £37.55 per unit/component for GCSE, AQA Certificates (except Level 3), ELC, FCSE, Functional Skills, FSMQ Foundation and Higher, Level 1 and Level 2 projects
  • For AS, A-level, AQA Certificate Level 3, FSMQ Advanced Level, AQA Certificate Level 3 Applied General qualifications and Level 3 Tech-level qualifications:

            £43.45 per unit/component (review of marking)

            £51.75 per unit/component (priority review of marking)

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AQA Past Questions

Make use of the AQA past questions to study for the upcoming exam so that you can excel, for the past questions are of great guide.

SubjectsAS and A-LevelGCSE
 BiologyAQA past papersAQA past papers 
Mathematics AQA past papers
chemistryAQA past papersAQA past papers 
PhysicsAQA past papers 
BusinessAQA past papers 
SociologyAQA past papers 
PsychologyAQA past papers 
Combined science: trilogy AQA past papers
English Language AQA past papers
English Literature  AQA past papers.
GeographyAQA past papersAQA past papers
HistoryAQA past papersAQA pst papers

Timetable For AQA Exam

The confirmed timetables on this page are definitive so make sure to refer to them.

AQA Results Days in 2022

Exam seriesQualificationsResults day
March 2022Functional Skills14 April 2022
June 2022AS and A-level Level 3 Certificate Functional Skills Level 3 Extended Project18 August 2022
June 2022AQA Certificate Entry Level Certificate FCSE Project GCSE25 August 2022

Exam certificates

AQA send certificates to schools about eight weeks after results day for they show the final, confirmed results.

Check that you have all the certificates you expected and any unclaimed certificates must be stored securely for at least 12 months, then destroyed confidentially or sent back to AQA by the school.

In general, the Website link is AQA 

Login here – aqa login.

If you have any questions concerning AQA Exam, please feel free to use the comment box below and ask us your question. We will be very pleased to answer you.

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